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Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with...

Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with breasts. I prayed to God every day that I would have big boobs when I grew up. When I hit puberty, my mom (very conservative Christian with strict, to say the least, modesty rules) made me wear a bra all the time. Even at home. Eventually I was ashamed of my body. I would wear a bra to sleep in, all day, I would literally lock the door but keep my bra on until I was in the shower with curtain closed before taking my bra off and hide it under my towel in case anyone came in the bathroom while I was in the shower. I believe this may have stunted their growth and development as I am the only girl in my family (extended and immediate) to have small, undeveloped looking boobs. I have cried in the mirror every day since I was about 17 and realized my boobs were almost done growing. So here I am. An adult film actress (shocker), always playing the cute teen girl-next-door with constant remarks about my "cute little titties". I am extremely mature for, well honestly anyone of any age, and hate being treated like a kid. I want my body to match my personality and the tigress and seductress I know I really am. I want to intimidate people and look as "motherly" as people describe me to be personality wise. I want that classic womanly hourglass shape.
I finally took the steps to achieve my life long goals! Today (9/20/16) I went in for my pre op, following my consultation on 7/14 when I met Dr Pousti in La Mesa and his amazing crew. They are all so professional yet genuine and caring and personal. They care about every detail and answer any and all questions you may have, whether you ask them or they answer questions you didn't even know you had. They're always available and attentive and prompt to be there for any and all needs you may have. As well as just being generally pleasant to be around. My surgery is October 12th and I am ecstatic.
Dr. Pousti has been very positive and made me completely confident in beautiful results. I am not the least bit nervous. I am purely excited and so very thankful for him and his team and the ability to finally achieve the look and confidence that I have always lacked due to being made ashamed of my body. I am a 32 barely B, having been a C most of the time, but recently lost a lot of weight. People have literally argued that my breasts were A/B when they were a C, they were just widely distributed. But when in a bra they did not fit in a B, only a C and Victoria's Secret D. Now however they barely fill a B but are too big for an A. I almost never wear bras though so this has no effect on me.
I'm hoping to have large, natural, but as big as they can be, beautiful breasts when they are done settling. I do not want to have room for "boob greed" that I hear happens more often than not.
I will keep posting through out this journey! Now some photos(: Very lopsided. Different sizes and one is lower than the other. Ew.

Playing With Sizers

Oh these are from my consultation with Dr Pousti(: Looking to go as big as possible while still looking semi-proportionate

My dream comes true in a few hours

On my way to San Diego for my surgery in the morning! Thank God! My boobs seem to be shrinking lol I couldn't be more happy about this timing!! Got all my scripts, fruit and stuff, my bf is well prepped to take care of me as he always kind of does lol, he's excited, I've never been so excited about anything ever and am not even the least bit nervous! Didn't sleep a wink last night, don't know if I will tonight but I sure will try! Here are some goal photos! I'm gonna tell him to go as big as my elastic little boobies can take while still looking "natural" (lollll) and proportionate(:

Forgot to add my date got moved to the 11th lol YAY

Couldn't be more pumped that my date got changed to a day earlier??

I've been obsessed with boobs as long as I can...

I've been obsessed with boobs as long as I can remember. I prayed to God everyday I would have big ones when I grew up. I grew up to have very small breasts. 32B barely at the end of my weight fluctuations towards the end of my wait until the surgery date. Well God granted my wish of having the boobs I wanted by providing me with a job I could use to make the money to support my dream. I'd done years worth of research and found Dr Pousti. I looked at all of his work and adored it. I finally decided to look up where he was located and he just so happened to be in San Diego. I had moved to LA for (adult film) work a year and a half ago, so this was a huge blessing to me. I kept reading reviews like "I'd done years of research and consultations and I knew as soon as I met him he was the one, and he changed my life", and all sorts of variations of that. So I did it. I called and made a consultation. All of his staff and himself were so very welcoming and professional and friendly and made me feel completely at home.

Plastic surgery is an art form. Picking a PS is like picking a tattoo artist, they have their own style. He had the exact style I'd been dreaming of having for myself for years. We talked for a bit and I knew he and I were on the same page and he knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve the look I longed for. I laid my deposit down by the end of the consultation and awaited the surgery date as if it was my stress free fairy tail wedding day. That day I went in, not nervous whatsoever except for the IV, and everything went so quickly I hardly had a moment to really grasp the fact that it was happening. Next thing I knew I was groggy in the waiting room with a swollen chest. They gave me all of the medication I needed and made sure I was 100% ready to go...and I did. And I took my pain medications every 4 hours and Valium every 8, and not once was the pain excessive or unbearable. I felt amazing. I walked a lot (with the help of my amazing boyfriend) that day to keep my circulation flowing and just to get fresh air... and the 2 days after that I spent sleeping and going out for coffee and to bookstores every chance I could, just to go out. Because I have a whole new sense of confidence I could never have dreamed of (although I had hoped I would) having. I just went in for my first post op appointment and everyone was so excited for me! Genuinely. I could tell. I feel like a new person.  Though I had imagined myself getting 550ccs under the muscle, I told Dr Pousti over and over I know he is the expert and I want them to look proportional to my body and not to stretch them too much. I put the size completely in his hands. I came out with 375ccs under the muscle, which sounded really small, and made me very nervous... but they look amazing. I know I'm smaller than I see myself and that much bigger would not look proportionate to my size. I know he made the best decision, and I thank him so very much for that. He is a true genius and artist and professional. He and his staff have changed my outlook on myself and my life and given me the confidence I have always wanted, and I am eternally grateful. I can't wait to show the progress and the results as I know they are only going to get better with patience, time, and discipline. They already look incredible. They're perfect.  And he calls me personally everyday to check up on me and lets me know if I have any questions day or night to call him immediately(:  And if I want or need to go bigger later on in life, that's just another card I can pull and it will be that much easier. I know if I do, I will be going back to Dr Pousti.  Thank you all so much again for being so completely attentive, professional, comforting, knowledgeable, confident, sweet, and generally amazing. You've changed my life.

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op and almost 2 weeks after I was told I could start massaging. Everything has gone incredibly smooth so far! They're dropping and softening quite a bit and the more I massage them the more progress I see and feel daily, which is amazing. I've tried on a couple of my old swimsuits which were Victoria's Secret 32D and they look so good! Also tried on some wireless, padless bras from Tilly's (size L) and I couldn't be happier with how curvy they make me look! Every time I look in the mirror I'm in shock that these boobs are attached to me and I'm finally the woman I always dreamed of being(: All the rest and massaging are so important. Here are some photos!

From the front

Left one still riding really high and more swollen but I know that's 110% normal and I think they look and feel amazing! Massaging constantly!

New Pics Almost 5 Weeks

Haven't been able to get to 2 doctor appointments so far and it's driving me crazy. Hopefully next week. They look great though and I love them! Can't wait to get the bandages off lol
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, funny, comforting, confident, knowledgeable, caring, personable, I could go on forever, generally amazing

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