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I have my surgery scheduled for January 14, 2013....

I have my surgery scheduled for January 14, 2013. I have been wanting to get my breasts done for about 8 years but was too scared to actually commit to making the decision and moving forward.

I Live in Los Angeles and there are so many plastic surgeons here, some of the best and alot of not so good ones. After doing TONS of research I set up multiple consults this past year. A couple years back I saw a doctor in Santa Monica and then put my boob dreams on hold.

Here are the doctors I went to visit:
#1 Dr. Steven Teitelbaum in santa monica- He is amazing! He has been front and center in the gummy bear breast implant world and he really does the best job I have seen. He is amazing at what he does but he is expensive $$$ . I was quoted about $12000 for gummy implants with a peri-areola lift. I have constricted breasts. This consult was maybe about 4 years ago or so. Let me also add that I was receiving a discount. If I had the funds I would have stopped checking out doctors and stayed with him. I did not continue looking for surgeons and gave it a break for a while.

#2-George Sanders in Encino- He was the first doctor I visited when I decided I would finally get my breasts done. He and his staff are very very nice and he had such a calm demeanor. I told him I wanted natural and he explained all of the different profiles to be. At ths time I didnt know that I had "constricted breasts" just that my nipples were lower then I thought they should be and I didnt have full breasts on the bottom. He didnt mention lowering my crease or releasing any of the skin, I think he was going to do a peri lift and low profile implants. I forgot what I was quoted but it was much more reasonable then tietelbaum ...maybe 10,000$ ?

#3 Dr. Kim in Beverly Hills- He does gorgeous breasts! They tend to look a little fake but thats because they are TOO perfect, not a bad thing. I LOVED his staff and he was very to the point but not in a brash way. I went back and fourth with him via email a couple of times and he was very fast to respond and if I had chosen him as my doctor I know I wouldnt be ignored if I had any questions. He said I may not actually need the peri-lift and we could wait to see when I was in surgery, which I liked. He said he could lower my crease a little but would really prefer not. He did let me know that my implants would be somewhat high because of my high crease. He let me know about bottoming out, which was a great thing to learn. He was also pretty reasonable in cost especially for beverly hills. I think $10,000-11,000.

#4 Dr.Da Lio in Los Angeles- He works at UCLA plastic surgery. I had been referred by a friend and after doing extensive research he is amazing at what he does. He does not have pictures online and does elective breast augmentation but is well known for rebuilding and working on women who have had/have breast cancer. He was the first doctor to actually catch and explain that I have a mild form of "tuberous breasts". That if my left breast was like my right then it wouldnt be such an extensive surgery but since my left is a bit different. The tissue needs to be rearranged for better shape in addition to the implant, when lowering the crease he does internal stitches sort of like a internal bra ( I think) to ensure no bottoming out. He is extremely thorough and so amazing and what he does, it really is impressive. He is so expensive! I was quoted $12,500 or $13,500, i forgot which one. I payed $200 or $250 for the consult.

By this point I felt very conflicted and was debating on going back to see Dr.Teitelbaum in hopes that over the past 4 years he had maybe lowered his price. Before I made an appointment I saw so many reviews on Dr.Pousti. He was not in Los Angeles and I felt like it would be inconvenient and silly to drive to San Diego for a plastic surgeon when there are so Many great ones 5 minutes from my house. I decided it couldnt hurt and to test the next doctor to see if they are on their game like Dr.Da lio and let me know if I need a "tuberous" breast surgery rather then a standard augmentation.

#5 Dr.Pousti in San Diego- Came to see Dr.Pousti and the staff (vanessa, I LOOOOVE) is so friendly. Dr.Pousti came in the room and he gave me about an hour an half of his time for the consult! He had me meet pne of his patients and she was awesome. Showed me his work and they looked fabulous! She was maybe in her mid 40's and we all know boobs in their 40's and 20's look very different. I am in my late 20's so to see an older woman with breasts I want was amazing! Anyways, Dr Pousti and his staff won me over. He knows his stuff and passed my "test". I was going through some medical stuff that they were aware of and even though I had not committed to having him as my plastic surgeon he took the time to personally write me an email wishing my surgery (the medical stuff) had gone well. He remembered when and remembered me. The kindest man ever.

After mulling everything over I have decided that even though inconvenient I am going with Dr.Pousti. I could not feel more comfortable or safe with any other doctor, and the other doctors didnt have Vanessa :) She is so genuine and I just like her as a person. I know I am in good hands and thos boobs he does are beautiful! I will keep everyone posted on everything right before trhe surgery and after.

I had my surgery exactly 7 days ago and they...

I had my surgery exactly 7 days ago and they already look great. I could not have had a more enjoyable surgery experience and If I thought I totally adored and loved Dr.P before the surgery now its tripled. He really is one of the most genuine people. I am not one of those people that require great bed side manner, I have more the attitude if they do great work and their people skills are lacking I am still going to the very competent doctor. I feel so so lucky to have had him as my doctor and to have the opportunity to just meet him in general.
Enough about how amazing he is. The first couple of days were painful but I had anticiapted MUCH worse. After the second day I was up and about and the thing that has made me the most uncomfortable is the bra. If I knew ahead of time I would have purchased a post surgery bra (with a band) beforehand and ask him if that would be ok. I recently ordered one for $80 and I would pay that or more to have a more comfortable bra for the next 4-6 weeks. Dr P understood exactly what I had wanted and he delivered. It has only been 7 days but honestly I didnt think they would even look as great as they do at 7 days as when they are fully healed. I had a constricted breast so I went in with a pretty realistic idea of what my end results could be and he somehow managed to surpass my realistic idea significantly with beautiful real looking breasts.

Researching. He is by far the best doctor I have met thus far in my life.

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