Big Girl That Wanted Ginormous Boobs - San Diego, CA

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Its true I'm a big girl(6'2"/230lbs) that wants...

Its true I'm a big girl(6'2"/230lbs) that wants ginormous boobs and I search all over and Dr. Pousti was recommended all over the internet, I couldn't find a bad review-I looked. No one out there wants to install implants bigger than 850cc and thats what I got 12 years ago, so its time to upgrade. I had to fly in from Seattle to have the extra large breast implant procedure, everyone at Dr. Pousti's office staff is friendly and amazing. They take the time to actually listen to you and address any and all concerns you may have no matter how silly you may think they are, there's not a bad question. They want you to be informed, confident and relaxed about the decision you're making. I've decided I would like to go somewhere between 2500cc and 3000cc. Dr. Pousti said that will most likely not be a problem, he can't guarantee the size because we may not have room in my chest, he said he will make me look fabulous! He wants me to be happy with how I look. I can't wait for surgery tomorrow, I know he will do an amazing job!

Exactly what I wanted!!

The day of surgery, I was still very nervous but everyone on his staff was very happy, reassuring, and excited for me to have my procedure done by Dr. Pousti, who is very well know for doing breast augmentation revisions with extra large overfilled implants. Dr. Pousti did a few rows of internal sutures for a internal bra to correct the placement and help support the weight of my extra large implants. After twelve years my muscules and skin had done a lot of stretching and sagging. My implants didn't stay where they had been placed years ago(which made me sad). Dr. Pousti is the most wonderful doctor I've ever had the pleasure of working with, he or his support staff call you to make sure you're at home and comfortable and how your recovery is progressing(I had a pain issue and the doctor called me personally and took care of it right at that moment, not when he felt like it) he make the whole experience about what you want and what you can have done safely to your body within your physical limitations. With that being said I was hoping for 2500cc to 3000cc- When I woke up I was very excited to learn we achieved 2680cc in each breast and with the internal sutures, so my breasts full and very perky. I may not even have to wear a bra all the time, which for anyone with larger breasts is a thrill.I really do love my new boobs xoxo Sara and again thank you so much! I attached so pre-surgery pictures her because I forgort in my intial review.

Dr. Pousti was wonderful to talk to and was very thorough when he explained the procedure and answered all the questions I had. Extra large overfilled implants and Implant revision is something that he specializes in which is wonderful because its hard to find. He told me he would make me look fabulous and I cant wait till the end result. He wants me to be happy with how I look. I can't wait for surgery tomorrow, I know he will do an amazing job!

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