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I have anticipated to write a review on here of my...

I have anticipated to write a review on here of my very own! Finally, here it is :)

I'm 23, 5'1 and 98lbs... in other words, VERY petite. Proud mother of a 3yr old beautiful daughter. Before pregnancy, I was 32B. After my blessing, I am now a 32A.

MY STORY: I didn't consider a BA until just the beginning of this year. I was never confident and always self conscious of myself followed by an ex-bestfriend who would always say I wasn't pretty. My self consciousness lead me to hiding myself (naked wise). You may know, lights off, not fully naked, restricted place in your body he can't touch?.. that's me. Buying new bras is HELL! I'm a very private person outside of this website, so being in an aisle looking at tiny A bras is embarrassing, they are mostly located in the teen section! And most with cute little girl designs :( I'm a grown woman dammit! (Sorry for the curse word). Going up to a cash register with your picks and the cashier is a guy..? :( I would drop my picks and walk out the door. I shared this with my daughter's dad numerous of times, but I would get mixed signals whether he really understood or not. When I thought of doing this BA, I couldn't come close to sharing this thought with anyone and I was very scared to bring it up to him. What I did was, I joked about it first to see my families reaction. They seemed supportive about it, so I talked more serious and they're reaction stayed the same. Supportive. My approach to my daughters dad, was and still is through text. I get scared. Scared of what? Any disappointing look, look of disapproval.. sadly, he did seem disappointed at first even through a text I felt his energy. Followed by, "I like all natural." which brought me to tears because I wanted to do this for us.. thought it would help both of us. Well, the thought didn't end there. I kept my thoughts and feelings to myself. One day I saw myself completely naked in the mirror and I felt unhappy and (strong word) trapped in this body. I text my daughter's dad again and told him, with him or without him, I'm doing this. So he sounded more supportive and began to ask questions such as what if? why? And more why's? to every answer after that. He was finally concerned and accepted that it was for me and I felt unhappy but does not want part in it. Which truthfully girls... It sucks and I'm sad about it. He told me he supports it and won't talk negative about it. That its my body and self appearance is important but he will only help with our daughter and anything else I need after. It angers me because I needed him now and when/if he falls in love with these new puppies (which I'm 99% sure he will) ... Well.. I can only shake my head at him right now. His actions now is what is making me sad.

MY GOAL: But anyway, I went to two consultations with my mom. And I've had two online-consultations. Out of all, I feel best with Dr. Pousti and I haven't met him yet. He is in San Diego and I live in Los Angeles but I've talked with him over the phone and his really sweet.
Due to my small frame, I'm aiming for a full B - small C size breasts. Silicone and unders. That ranges from 240cc's to 280cc's. I want moderate profile but surgeon suggests high will achieve best what I am looking for. I want a very natural look as my expectations are not to impress or rule the world with massive bowling balls in my tiny body lol. Just what's proper for my frame :) . Ive emailed back and worth for a few weeks with questions and concerns and he even accommodated my request for December 21st. Once he made it happen, I secured my date with deposit and will pay my balance in full tomorrow. Work doesn't know I'm doing this. For all they know, I'm taking a week off to be with my family this Christmas. Which minimizing my new appearance will be tricky when I come back.

MY PLANS SO FAR: My mom or older sister will go and come back with me. My daughter will stay with her father. Still have a lot of planning to do. Having trouble on what exactly it is that I will need for before and after. I'm a very anxious and nervous person, hopefully there's something to calm this down. I haven't slept well in two days from the surreal thought and feeling.

That's it for now. I'll write tomorrow again after I've paid my balance in full and share anything they ask. Feel free to ask any questions and I'm soo happy I'm sharing this journey with a crowd who really cares. :)

Made my payment in full on Saturday. They gave me...

Made my payment in full on Saturday. They gave me instructions on what to do,what not to do before surgery. I have to constantly take my mind off of it because it keeps me up at night.
on the bright side, Ive caught my daughter's dad glimpsing over at my breasts a couple imes when i lift my arms up to tie my hair or when i wear tight shirts. He has also been very "handy" at grabbing them more than usual now. When I woke up this morning, his hand was on top of my right breast grasping it so i knew he wasnt asleep lol. Seems as though his liking the idea without making me feel content that there was ever something wrong with them. Which I appreciate.

I havent gone bra shopping. I was advised to buy two to three sports bras in different sizes and not to remove any tags. Once Ive recovered enough to get off the surgical bra, try on the sports bras ans return/exchange the two that were too lose or too tight. Great idea aint it :D

Oh! I almost forgot, my surgery is set for 2:30pm so Im upset over that time heres why.. Im not allowed to eat after midnight the night before surgery so that means my stomach will be empty for 14 HOURS! and thats only before surgery.. Ive read reviews that youre not suppose to eat for a couple hours after surgery either, maybe just a cracker. I really really dont want to suffer the feeling of starving. I was in labor for 29 HOURS and i wasnt allowed to eat anything prior to labor. I felt as though I was gonna die! lol i chuckle at the thougjt of disappearing right before my surgeon's eye on the operation table from how skinny I am. lol. I will bring this concern up though in hopes for an earlier time. has anyone else had this same concern?

Its 11 days before surgery and Im having a little...

Its 11 days before surgery and Im having a little bit of anxiety. Im not that scared.. better yet Im excited and nervous. I saw a picture of breasts just like mine with the same small areola type and color.. but for a year after breast augmentation, the scars around her areolas are very visible. Her procedure was done with my same doctor. So Im pretty much stressing that. Any words of encouragement or anyone whos had theirs through the areola?? How visible have they become?

Boy has keeping distracted helped time fly BIG...

Boy has keeping distracted helped time fly BIG TIME!
Im soo ready to have this done Im ready for the new me. Having this done wont change my personality but it will add a new beginning. Ive taken it slow in preparing myself. Yesterday I booked my hotel room in San Diego. I emailed the office in hopes to get an earlier surgery time :/ .. i guess no luck? I havent heard from them back. Im feeling left to hang.

Ive been aearching online for sports bras tp wear but I dont know how to measure them lol im so skinny im used to small.. will i be a medium with the new me?

So normally I was going between 240cc's - 280cc's based on research I had made. Ive gotten convinced to go with 265cc's. seems about in between.

3 days left!.. tomorrow is my last day of work and...

3 days left!.. tomorrow is my last day of work and then Ill be taking the trip to San Diego. Im having my pre-op the day before surgery and still havent heard from Dr. Pousti's office. Will keep patient.

On Sunday I arranged the care of my princess while Im gone. I spoke with her father about it and he was a sweetheart. He will have his sister take care of her for two days while his at work. Then after a moment of awkward silence he asked "I cant talk you out of what youre going to do on Friday?"
i responded "Nope. Everything is set, theres no going back now."
He said "Well..... then at least let me say good bye to my babies."
and he got really "handy" with them again. Ive never really let him grab them as I was always uncomfortable. they were always the restricted area lol. But this time I let him, and felt no different. still felt uncomfortable.

Yesterday (Monday) I text him from work and I asked him if he wanted to go with me. Silly him, he thought I was going to Mexico to do this. He said he couldnt take two days out from work, which I understand. Then he asked if I was doing this somewhere close by, he can meet me right after work to take care of me. I explained the whole San Diego trip and when I would be coming back. He really seemed supportive and interested. He said he was concerned over my health but that he hears on more deaths on a plane than he does on surgeries and that he risks it more everytine he travels for work than me having this surgery.
After the discussion, I really thanked him for not being negative and he appreciated that. He brought up marriage and that he wants to make us official. Which I'm thrilled about.

On another note. I'm very excited. I have laundry to do but its not much and I doubt I'll go anywhere while I recover. The house is cleaned, there isn't much, or hardly, to do. While I've read how to prepare, I feel I have nothing to do lol. I dreamt I had boobies and they were loose. That I was able to feel the implant itself and it would shift inside me. Lol glad its a dream and hope it dont turn into reality. I fully trust Dr. Pousti. I truly believe his an amazing man and I feel privileged to be under his care soon. I will be taking my mom with me and have dinner with her the night before as my appreciation.
I'm So Excited! :D

Sorry girls for not updating... These pills are no...

Sorry girls for not updating... These pills are no joke, they make you drowsy.

FINALLY DID IT!! and YES, its amazing being on this side of femininehood!
I'm 9 days post-op.

As I mentioned I'm from Los Angeles, CA and had to travel to get my BA done. The trip was 2hours and a half, hit a bit of traffic. Had my pre-op the day before surgery and discussed size a little, I told him I wanted 265cc's and if he could fit a 280cc to do so... (Though I really hoped for the 265cc's the best.) but he knew right away what I wanted. Took pictures then got to meet with three other girls who had their breast augmentations with him, my jaw dropped at how amazing they looked, but it was their verbal reviews that made me want to cry at how blessed I felt to have picked Dr. Pousti.
My mom went with me, she was concerned and scared about the anesthesia more than anything. Dr. Pousti kept reassuring her that I was in good hands and that he was going to take care of me. It even warmed my moms heart.
The day of surgery, I had to show up at 12:30pm for prep and surgery time was at 2:30pm Sharp. They kept me warm during I waited with a heating tube, inserted my IV, and talked with my mom about how nervous I was, my hands were so cold and joked about my appearance of a boy with no make up. Then he walked in, marked me and talked to me to distract me from my embarrasment of small boobs, said I was going to be really happy and he was going to take care of me. He mentioned my left boob was slightly smaller than my right but said its not a problem. That made me smile. Then heand another WONDERFUL NURSE, I did not catch her name, but shes tall, said how cute I was and asked "I want to ask, may I hold your hand while you fall to sleep?" I smiled so nervously and so Happy, I want to cry just remembering. They walked me to the operating table and Dr. Pousti brought in a heated blanket, which I appreciated that. He sensed my fear and held my hand, I avoided contact with objects in the room to avoid panic, I stared up at operating lights, nurse held my other hand. When I knew the fluid was injected into my IV, I looked at the nurse then at the light above me, I looked at the doctor, he said "Think of a beautifull place." I thought of my daughter and wanted to cry. I looked back at the light and felt my eyes shutting, I tried to fight it for fun lol I'll admit. But it was amazing. Felt like I was gone for a min. I woke up and a nurse was right next to me and quickly told me where I was and what they did to me. I looked down to my breasts and thought "My god, that was quick. That easy. It wasnt scary." I nodded to the nurse and they brought in my mom. She was smiling and told me it took an hour and a half so she did a little shopping for me to eat. I was sooo thankful! She said she drove around to know exactly how to get back to the hotel. I Love You Mom!

At the hotel, I felt tired and sleepy. She kept up with my meds and noted each time she gave me my meds. She set up alarms and woke up in the middle of the night to give them to me. She did EVERYTHING for me. Pain wasn't bad at all, nipples are sensitive still so I put bandages to keep them.from erecting and rubbing against my surgical bra. That can be a tip. :)

It's true, you feel better and better each day and day after day, you "believe" you can handle something simple but don't fool yourself. You'll feel useless and like you need to show your appreciation somehow, that a thank you is not enough. I cleaned the dining room to help my mom clean as my appreciation, she got a little upset and asked me to rest...about a hundred times lol.

Day 9 isn't bad at all. I asked what they went with. He said 280cc's wouldn't fit, he wouldn't even try or risk it, he said he went with 265cc's, no complications and they will be beautiful and just what I wanted. I was extremely happy to hear he went with 265cc's. It's exactly what I wanted!.. Don't know what profile he used yet, i forgot to ask. But I remember he said he can accomplish a moderate profile with no problem for a natural look. Again, what I wanted without me saying :). They look like moderate profiles though.

On another note: Me and my daughter's dad broke up. For the four years that I was with him, I felt insecure of myself and his actions didn't always helped improve my confidence. I found out his interest in "slutty" girls through text messages he was having with his best friend while I was away with slutty pictures and described what he would do to them, asked if he can get hooked up and he had carried that interest for a very long while. I finally have confidence and do not want to fall back or go back to hiding. I will NOT start my new life that way. Remembering he talked about marriage, made me cry. Before I found out, he said he was concerned that I would change after this BA... That I would turn.conceited and wear revealing clothes, and be "slutty" and he did not want that. I reassured him I will not turn into one of those, I respect my body and my daughter. Then I.found out this. Maybe to most ladies its not a big deal, I've been told. But it is to ME.

Sorry to vent on here. It related to my self esteem. Girls, I feel sad but I feel great! In starting my life with (for the very first time) CONFIDENCE! :D Will attempt to add fotos.

I'm so happy! Oh so happy!.. I LOVE them so much...

I'm so happy! Oh so happy!.. I LOVE them so much more everyday! They feel like I've always had them! Its about to be my 3rd week. I removed my steri-strips last night as I had a major cold sweat amd just in time too as a suspected that I may have wet them and I did. My mom helped me remove them and I got to see my insicions for the first time. One word: Scary.
They are a little swollen, I cant really tell how many cuts he made as I see three but my mom says she sees two on each incision :(. I can't really tell what is normal and what is not. I dont know what or if I can put anything on them to keep them clean. Any advice may help. I will call the office in a few minutes as well to see what is the proper care for them. Right now I have gauze over them so they dont rub against my surgical bra.

At week one, I was instructed to massage my breasts. So Ive done that since. My breasts have dropped some and are incredibly soft :). I've had no pain and I was able to stop my medication at one week post op.

I went out with friends for the first time this weekend and no one noticed! But then again, I was wearing loose fitting clothes lol. Though you can straight out tell they are huge when I wear tight shirts or when Im bear naked. But I love em! I don't know when or how I will be able to tell the difference when they fluff.. what does that really mean?? Lol.

As of now, my swelling is completely gone. As I mentioned, no pain at all. I started driving to work after two weeks. It was rather strange but drive as you would have at the DMV. I feel much more reliable. No problems with my daughter, I still refuse to pick her up but that's no problem with her. My mom is amazing! She has, since day one, been amazing at keeping me in check and checking my breasts so that everything is alright.

OH! And before I forget!. I was instructed to place waterproof bandages over my steri-strips so they don't get wet when I shower. Umm.. big mistake???.. I did just that and took a shower, but I didn't think how powerful the sealer is so water doesn't wash them off. They became stuck to my steri-strips! I couldnt remove them! So I panicked a bit and emailed Dr. Pousti. He assured me everything was fine as long as they were dry.
But for future info, please girls, do research this.
And i wanted to ask,how did you girls manage to shower? I was given the okay to remove them last night. Now I just need to know how to properly care for them.

Still trying to figure out where its safe to upload my before and after pictures. Until then, dont forget about me lol

Finally got to add some pictures.

Honestly, I'd like to redo my surgery.
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