10 months post op 595 hp silicone-San Diego, CA

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Scheduled to have my breast augmentation in two...

Scheduled to have my breast augmentation in two weeks. I am very excited. I can't say that I'm very nervous- Maybe when it gets closer I will be. Dr. Pousti and his staff have been very reassuring, and gone above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns. I currently am a 34A-hoping to go to 34 D or DD silicone. (5'5" and 130 lbs) I'm leaning towards 550cc (which is what I liked best trying on at the office). I'm a bit nervous that it will look too large. I keep hearing that the biggest regret most women have is not going big enough.

Less than two weeks to go!

Ordered some sports bras today! (cheap ones since I'm not 100% sure on my new size) It is starting to become real. I wonder when the nerves will finally start to hit me? I still just really excited!

Taking more "before" pics today

Taking more before pics. I can't wait to take my after pics, in the same bikini tops :) These bikini tops used to be tiny on me! I lost 80lbs after having my second child, and along with it went my boobs :(

Second guessing myself (size)...

Ok, I'm starting to really question myself about the size I want to get. I really want the 550cc range but I'm reading that larger implants can cause more complications and possible revisions in the future. Is this true?? I'm also wondering if maybe that size will look too big on me. Ughhh I don't know. Starting to stress about this. Only 9 more days! I need to do more research...

One more week!

Feeling better about sticking with the DD or 550cc size range. I think the nerves were starting to take over. This time next week I will have amazing boobs! I found some old bras last night from when I was breast feeding. They are HUGE on me. I'm sure they will fit me next week!

My big boobie sports bras arrived today!

Got my sports bras I ordered last week! Of course, I had to try them on to get "before" pictures. I'm really getting excited it's only 5 days away! The only thing I'm a bit worried about is my son has started saying "hold me" a lot this week. (He is 20 months old) I won't be able to soon! That will break my heart :(


I am being super paranoid about germs this week. I'm so worried about catching a cold and having to reschedule my surgery. I know it can be dangerous to go under anesthesia if you're sick. I'm trying to avoid going places where there's lots of people, lol. I'm feeling a bit guilty for not taking my kids out to do something fun this week before I'm in my recovery phase and we won't be able to do much. Maybe im a bit too paranoid?? Idk

Ok here's the beginning of my story (since I haven't told it yet). Growing up I always had boobs. I never thought I would ever get breast implants. I've always been at least 34C since I can remember. I've never liked the shape of my boobs. I've never had great cleavage. (Fullness was always at the bottom of my boobs) I gained about 30 lbs after I turned 20 and started working full time. I held on to that weight for the past several years, which put me at a 34D. I've had two babies, and I recently lost 80lbs after my son was born (pregnancy weight and then an extra 40lbs). I am smaller now than I was in high school. Unfortunately between the weightloss and the babies my boobs disappeared. I didn't think about getting a BA until a few months ago. I was very happy with my body except for my boobs. I started researching it and realized we could afford it. So-I scheduled my consultation and here we are! 3 more days to go!


Ahhhh!!!! It's Tomorrow!!!! Very excited and nervous :\

I have boobs!!!!

Not feeling too great right now. I'll post more later. I can't wait to see them!!

My BA story

I woke up running late to the surgery center. I had to be there at 6:15. I start driving my car and it starts acting really funny. In a panic I call my husband (I'm afraid to get on the highway with it!) I drive around the neighborhood a few more times with him on the phone, and my car now seems to be driving fine (whew!) I drove myself and he picked me up later so we didn't have to wake up our toddlers at 5am. I get there on time and wait to be called back. The nurses there were very friendly along with Dr.Pousti, and they calmed my nerves. We talked about size and my goals one more time, and then I went back to surgery. Dr. Pousti assured me that everything would be great and I would love my results! I was taken back to the operating room, and before I knew I was awake and surgery was over! I didn't feel too bad right away. Just really sleepy and a little nauseous. It felt like I was engorged (a lot like breast feeding). The pain was manageable. They gave me more medicine and it helped with the nausea. I was on my way home shortly after. I got home and tried to eat a pb and j, which was a mistake. I should have started with soup. I took another Percocet and I threw up shortly after. To make a long story short, Percocet does NOT agree with me. Yesterday was pretty rough. The doctor switched me to Vicodin, and I'm doing better on that. I didn't sleep very well last night, but I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I'll update again soon!

I hope I get better sleep tonight!!

Last night I could not sleep. I would doze off for like 10 minutes and wake up. I did this all night long. Finally, I woke up around 1am and couldn't take it anymore, so I took a vicodin. It helped, but still no sleep! I'm wondering if I should try the Valium tonight before I go to bed? I feel very zombie like today. VERY sore and swollen. I think I got caught up in the excitement of the new boobs and didn't prepare myself mentally for what recovery would be like :P I'm hanging in there though. I know it will get better. Very soon, I will look back on this pain as a distant memory and not even remember it.


Silly me, I guess I was so out of it, I didn't read my instructions. I didn't realize I could take the Valium with the Vicodin as long as I space it out an hour in between! The surgery center just called me, to see how I was doing. This is great news! Going to try it!

First post op appointment

My appointment went well. Everything is perfect. I ended up with 595cc high profile. They are still pretty high, but that's normal. I'm feeling a bit better today. The last few days have been really rough. I couldn't keep any food down with any of the painkillers. I'm switching to ibuprofen today with the doctor's permission.

Feeling much better today!

Finally feeling somewhat good today! :) It's true, the first few days are the worst. I'm glad I'm getting past the worst of it. Still very sore, but definitely manageable with ibuprofen. I'm up and moving around today a lot more than I have been. It feels great to get off the couch a little!

Tomorrow will be one week post op!

Time flies! I'm so glad I've almost made it through this dreaded week. It's been rough, but it really does get better pretty quickly. I think I over did it a bit yesterday. My left boob is pretty sore and my right is barely sore at all. Still feel pretty tight. I can tell they have dropped a little bit more. I really like what I am seeing!!! :D Finally able to be happy since I feel almost normal again. Im loving the new boobs! ;) (ps can't WAIT til I can burn this surgical bra-I hate it....lol)


Before and after

A few steps forward, then a few steps back...

Ugh I don't know what I did yesterday, or if this is just normal. My right boob feels pretty good. Still tight, but not very sore anymore. When I sit down (kind of reclined a bit on couch) neither one of them bothers me. When I stand up, the bottom of my left boob really aches, also getting sharp stabbing pains. Nerve pain maybe? I noticed it starting last night and figured I just over did it yesterday. It's still bothering me. I talked to doc office this morning, and they said its normal for one to hurt more than the other. I think I will ask again when they call tomorrow. Just when I thought it was getting better...:P anybody have this happen?? I'll be one week post op tomorrow. I realize its still very early to be pain free.

One week post op!!!

Feeling sooooo much better! What a difference a week makes! Tried on a couple different bras and bikini tops today. Still looks like they are pretty high but I can tell they are dropping some.

Another after pic

Pics, pics, pics!

Seriously think I've tried everything on in my closet today...haha!

10 days post op- feeling normal again! (Almost)

Feeling great! Pain is almost completely gone (except for lefty boob) They are much less tight, and dropping more and more-and holy cow they are getting bigger! I wonder what size I will be?? I don't think I even know what size is beyond a DD! Lol Is there a DDD? I don't even know.

Bikini top pic

Adios, surgical bra!!!! Yay!!!!

Went my second post op appointment today. I am don't have to wear my surgical bra anymore!! Dr.Pousti said I could burn it!! Haha-I just might! I can wear sports bras now (that are not too tight). I learned about massaging the breasts today.

Big belly! When does this go away??

Forgot to add...my belly is so bloated that I look pregnant! When does this go away?? Apparently this is common. Ugh anybody else deal with this? Anything I can do to de-bloat?

Wow back is hurting! These babies must be heavy!

Getting back into my daily routine since my husband is back at work. My back is killing me! Hopefully just my body adjusting to the added weight...

Ok, here's a pic of them...

My son elbowed me in the boob yesterday...

But I'm ok! Lol. He was sitting next to me on the couch, and bam! He is 20 months old though, he didn't do it too hard...whew. Two weeks have flown by! No pain anymore, just tightness. Even the tightness is getting better. I've been trying to massage the breasts as much as I can. I'm ready for them to drop into place, and for the tightness to go away. I kind of slept on my side last night-which was awesome! I really hate sleeping in my back.

18 days post op

Feeling pretty normal now. I still feel tightness in both breasts, but it's so much less now. Most of the tightness I feel is in the mornings, and it pretty much fades away throughout the day. I'm starting to sleep on my side. Very happy about that, since I hate sleeping on my back. My left breast still gets a bit sore, but my right breast pretty much is pain free. I can really tell a difference since I started doing the breast massage . They are dropping more, and just now starting to soften a bit. I can't wait until they feel completely normal . The recovery period has dragged out a lot longer than I expected it to. That's my fault though. I tend to get wrapped up in the excitement of things and not really think about all aspects of it. That being said , I am very happy with my new breasts and would do it all over again!

Now that I have these amazing breasts, I feel so motivated to start working out again. I can't wait until I can start running again!

Almost four weeks post op

Feeling great! Still have some tightness, but fades more and more every day. They are starting to feel softer, especially up top.

2 months post op (almost)

What a difference 2 months makes! I feel normal again. No pain, no tightness. They are really getting soft. Finally feel like they are a part of my body! I'm able to wear normal bras now. I think I'm a 34DD-maybe slightly larger. Very happy :)

Bra shopping

Soooo....apparently it's a little more of a challenge finding cute bras when you have larger breasts. It's ok though! Not complaining :) I went to Fredericks and found this strapless bra to go with my dress. (Unfortunately it doesn't fit underneath it) luckily it's cute, and I can wear it with other things!

Ladies who run/jog-what sports bras do you wear??!

It has been over two months post op, and I'm still uncomfortable when I try to go for a run. I tried an old tight under armour sports bra today, and the girls were still bouncing all over the place! Lol. I'm wondering if maybe it is still too soon to try and run. Recommendations please and thank you!


Thanks for the tips ladies! I have been running with two sports bras. It totally works! Yay! :D

It's been 3.5 months and I've forgotten that they are fake!

I LOVE them. I feel like they are a part of my body now. The surgery is a distant memory. They are mine now. By far my favorite part of my body!! :D

10 months has flown by!

Almost forgot about this site. Almost forgot about my implants because they feel 100% my own! Not much to update. It's been smooth sailing since 3 months post op. Only difference is now they look very natural-and perfect ;) My bra size did increase from a 34DD to a 34DDD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to Dr. Pousti by several people in my community. I went to the consultation pretty confident that I was going to choose him for my breast augmentation. I had read, and heard nothing but amazing reviews about Dr. Pousti. He most definitely lived up to my expectations. His staff was very friendly, and professional. I felt very comfortable, and they went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns I had. They called me every day to check on me after my surgery. I LOVE my new breasts. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone!

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