28 5'9 34B 425 HP Under - San Diego, CA

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Hello gals! This site has helped me so much! I'm...

Hello gals! This site has helped me so much! I'm 1 week away from my BA & very excited nervous and anxious at the same time! Hoping to be more full while still staying perky! I purchased some post surgery bras last night! This whole thing is becoming more real now! My boyfriend is definelty very excited too! (;

My wish boobies

Going in to talk to my surgeon one more time tomorrow before the big day! Going to address possibly getting a little larger on one side since my boobies are a little uneven! Also want to talk about which incision to go with. I was set on the nipple but want to make sure I won't have big ugly scars there since they're kind of small. I know it's silly.. But I also don't want my boobies to touch naturally, kind of creeps me out. So I'm hoping he can reassure some of my silly fears! Added some photos of the look I'm hoping to achieve and a couple I'm terrified of ending up with!

Tomorrow is the day!

I have my surgery scheduled tomorrow morning, arrive at 930, going in at 11! I'm feeling so many emotions right now it's crazy! I am very excited but also a little scared and nervous. My schedule got pushed up a couple hours so sadly my boyfriend can't be there with me when I go under, but will be when I wake up! That is a little uneasy for me but I'm sure it'll be fine! Victoria secret had bra's on sale tonight, 3 bra's for $60, so I bought 2 cup sizes larger hoping to fill it! The girl said I can exchange them later if they're too small! Yayyy!!! well I'm taking a Xanax and going to try to sleep! No food or drink after midnight! Ahhh can't believe this dream is finally coming true! So wild to think after years of not having a full chest I will actually have cleavage (; attached are last minute pre-op photos. I'll miss these perky little girls! Night all! Fingers crossed for a smooth and successful booby operation!!!

One day post-op!

So yesterday went really well! I GOT MY BOOBIES FINALLY!!! I actually felt great after and was all hopped up on dialaudid, that's some amazing stuff. I definitely moved around way too much yesterday bc I'm really paying for it today! Lots of tension and pulling in areas I didn't think there would be. Yesterday my sternum really hurt but nothing else did and today it's pretty much every part of my chest is brutally killing me! On pain meds, antibiotics, a calming medicine, and singular. I'm allergic to pain meds and will most likely switch to herbal reliefs once the puking kicks in. Having trouble keeping my eyes open to write this, hope it makes sense, I come in and out. The pain level is an 8 with meds. Attached are my day 1 pre-op pictures... I'm very excited with my results so far!!! But man do they hurt! ????praying for some relief of pressure ! Good night all xo
Dr. Brata

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