27 Year Old Mother of Two Wanting 275cc Mod+ Unders - San Diego, CA

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I joined this site not long ago. I decided I...

I joined this site not long ago. I decided I wanted a breast aug long before I started my research. Something about researching it seemed so daunting and overwhelming. I felt guilty for wanting it done, too, so never wanted to give it credence by seeing a doc or seriously investigating it. So i talked to a few friends who have had incredible work done, and finally decided, "to hell with it.. I'm going for it." Turns out two of my friends who do not know one another went to the same practice. So there I began. I saw three doctors total, and went with one my girlfriend had gone to. (she has the type of job that when i was told she had fake boobs, I didn't believe it for months. Thought people were screwing with me.)
The doctor I am going with is Dr. Lori Saltz in La Jolla, CA.

I breastfed both of my kids, but faired pretty well in my mothering career. I'm still young, but theyre not so bad. What i want is a little bit of a fill, so that my boobs look correct with the rest of me and my big butt. I work out quite a bit, but there aren't any workouts for boobs.. and eating cheeseburgers wont deposit fat there! Cruel world.

Dr. Saltz took my thoughts into consideration and is very confident that a 275 mod+ smooth silicon implant under the muscle will fill me out in the exact way i desire. I am currently a 34B, and really do not want to do bigger than a C. I know that is relative, but i completely agree with the doc. If anything i want to go with 250cc, but she really recommends the slightly higher implant to fill everything out. I have decided to let 250-275 be my range and she and her nurses can decide in the operating table.

Overall i am incredibly nervous but excited. I am still feeling guilty for taking so much time away from my husband and kids during recovery for such a vain and elective procedure, but I think I just need to let that go. I want to have my daughter see me walk around in a bathing suit or even work out clothes with my head held high and shoulders back. Smart n' sexy.

New boobs!

Today went amazingly well!
I had to wait until 3pm for my appointment because of babysitters and coordinating my kiddos. I don't recommend that. My whole day was filled with anxiety and worry. I couldn't eat, but that wasn't an issue because of nerves.

I went to the operating room at about 3:30, and was out an hour later. The sedation wasn't weird, and waking up felt fine too. Not much pain. Lots of pressure!! I have only taken half a Percocet at this point and it's fine. I took a muscle relaxer because my back to sternum is so sore. I would like to avoid narcotics as much as possible. I had to chow down when I got home. Hopefully I don't regret eating before they recommended, but that was about an hour ago and I still feel great.

I took a small peek and I love them! Can't wait to get a full view. They are very numb and soft. I can hear and feel the implant when I move my arms, but nothing alarming.

I'll post tomorrow! Hopefully it stays this uneventful :)

So. Much. Pain.

Tip: take a large dose before long stretches of sleep. Oof.

Woke up in less pain

I was taking half of a Percocet to manage pain. Thinking I'm some sort of tough girl :) missed a dosing and had woken up in immense pain. Now I'm just taking the full dose at the correct time. Like I'm supposed to! Haha. But I'm not weird or groggy and that's what I wanted to avoid.

Anyway. I'm very nervous to take the bra off, but I want to see them so bad! From what I can see now they look how hey looked when I was nursing which is great. They don't look foreign.

The force is strong with these ones

Today is better than yesterday. I feel like I can actually stand and my incisions aren't going to explode open. My back is hurting- probably from the pressure while lying down.
Still not moving around too much. If I don't have to, I'm not going to. There is literally no other time in my life when I am required to do as little as possible so I'm taking advantage.
Still taking pain meds, and don't plan on stopping today.
Laxatives are a must, but I was able to avoid zofran.

Took some bikini pics, and fell in love. Can't stop thanking my husband for supporting me through this.

They look so perfect right now, and I wonder what they will look like in a few weeks. I didn't have to wear a binder or anything because, as my nurse said, "Dr. Saltz makes her pockets very precisely" meaning they won't move around a lot. I think I like that. They do move to the side and down when I stand or lay, but they're not sitting too high on my chest. I am so happy.
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