26 Yr Old 5'1 120 Lbs with Tuberous A Cups to 425cc HP Mentor Silicone- San Diego, CA

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I have always been self-conscious of my breasts...

I have always been self-conscious of my breasts and dreamed about breast augmentation ever since I discovered I was stuck with an A cup. I hated that they were small, far apart, cone shaped, and lacked upper fullness. I did a lot of research and there are a lot of surgeons (not all board certified) that can do a BA at various prices ranges. I met with three different doctors in La Jolla but I wanted a surgeon that was overqualified, experienced, professional, and to do the job. After meeting with Dr. Batra I knew he was the one. Look at his profile and work. If he can reconstruct a face he can probably do a BA with his eyes closed. I am petite and a runner and wanted something that was in the big C range that would fit my body and still allow me to run comfortably. Although I was hesitant at first, Dr. Batra suggested 425cc HP (about a D cup) and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Batra and his staff (especially Nikole) were so helpful and accommodating. After doing research I decided I wanted my implants inserted through a Keller Funnel. Dr. Batra doesn't typically use the Keller Funnel for his BA's (I am assuming because it is fairly new procedure) and didn't have them on hand but understood how I really wanted it and his assistant Nikole went out of her way to order me one just for my surgery. Not only was my surgery a breeze but had little to no pain, never bruised, and no bleeding,. I am currently 4 weeks post op and feel and look great. My breast fit my body perfectly. I can't wait to get back to running and exercising so I can show them off in a bathing suit this summer. I highly recommend Dr. Batra and his office and would definitely go back for future procedures.

Before (A 36) Pictures

After Pictures

I am 4 weeks post op and am have only bought 1 VS wireless bra and am currently a 34D or 36 C. The only intense pain I felt was the nipple sensitivity and the shooting pains about 2 weeks after the post op. They were so sensitive I had to wear band-aids and then I bought nipple petals at Nordstrom. They were a life saver.

4 week update

The third week after my surgery I experienced some booby greed and wished I would have gone at least 450cc's but later realized that bigger boobs would mean more to support and bounce around when running. Today I had my 4 week check up and was excited to hear that I was able to start doing some lower body workouts. I have always had body weight issues but I am careful with my diet and run about 4 miles a day and do reformer pilates. I am definitely experiencing some post op depression because I have gained weight and lost a lot of my muscle tone. I am 5'1 and most of my weight goes to my arms, belly, and face. My boyfriend is incredibly fit and has very little body fat and every time I see him workout at night I get sad knowing I can't join him. I currently hate the way I look in clothes because I feel fat and I also hate not being able to go to the beach with my friends because I am not in bathing suit shape. I knew I would have to put off working out for about 8 weeks going into the surgery, but I didn't realize that I would be depressed over it. I sometimes wish i would have gone bigger but my boyfriend says once I loose the weight the girls will look bigger on my smaller more fit body. I hope he is right.

I was finally able to remove the glue off the bottom of my breasts but as I was rubbing it off I heard popping sounds and freaked out. I assumed they were air bubbles because nothing seeped out of the incisions. When I went in for my check up I asked my PS and he said it was normal. Has any one else experienced this?

5 weeks post op

So I have had my first breakdown after my BA. I know it's still early but I'm sad that my 425ccs look so small. They were supposed to be D's and when I look at other girls on this site that have the same amount of cc's, height, and weight and look big I get pretty depressed. I know everyone carries their girls differently and I understand it's still early but I feel they look small know that I am no longer swollen . I used to fill in my 34 D and now I have some room. I wish I would have gone bigger but I doubt I am going to get a revision to go up to 475 or 500. I don't think its worth the money and trauma you put your body through .

9months post op

On Feb 15 It will be my 9 month anniversary with the girls and I love them. The doctors don't lie, wait at least 6 months before you splurge on bras. I started out a 36C/34D and now I'm a 34DD/32DDD. I was in shock because the bra size sounds huge (for someone that came from a 34/36a) but they honestly don't look that big in shirts . I love my size they look natural and proportionate to my 5'1 body. I am a runner and they don't get in the way or bounce around (with the help of a good high support bra).

The girls with workout clothes

Me and the girls 3 years post-op

It has been a while since I posted any reviews but here I am. Life has been busy, I moved to Arizona for graduate school, gained some weight, and will be 30 this year. I can not wait to get a real job so I can move back and get the girls redone. I did everything in the book to reduce the risk of capsular contracture but it still happened to me in my left breast. It's not horrible but it is starting to get tight and uncomfortable when I work out and is especially uncomfortable when I lay on my stomach. Do I regret the procedure? No way! Do I regret the size? yes. I honestly wish I would have gone smaller like a 350 instead of 425 and less round. I am not the type to flaunt them and I am not in an environment where I can wear anything low cut (therapist for children). I attached some pictures so you can see what the capsular contracture looks like and how much harder, higher, and pointier my left breast looks like.

Dr. Batra was professional, helpful, and cares about his patients. Him and his staff answered all of my many questions and go out of their way to make sure their patients are beyond satisfied and comfortable before, during, and after their procedure.

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