24yo, 5'9 1/2", 95lbs, No Kids, 415cc HP Textured Silicone, Under Muscle Inframammary Incisicion - San Diego, CA

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Hello Realself!!! So, I’ve been wanting bewbz s...

Hello Realself!!! So, I’ve been wanting bewbz since I found out mine were not going to get any bigger than peas! I’m so glad I found this site and that so many ladies on here that have been so kind as to flash their boobs for the world to see so all of us wishfuls can imagine that being us! A little about me: I’m 24, 5’9 ½, 95lbs, 32 A/B depending on the bra, 24-25in chest, no kids, no other boobie concerns.
I have had 2 consultations because I felt like if I wasn’t happy with the work, I would only have myself to blame for not getting another opinion. So glad I did!!! The first one left me so depressed, that I didn’t even want fakies anymore because he said he could only do 330cc MAX (I don’t want huge, but at least a noticeable difference for the price of $7k).
In the end, I chose another MD and to get 415cc HP textured round silicone, under muscle, crease incision. I don’t know if that’s too big for my frame, but I’d rather go bigger than smaller. Let me know what you think! I tried on 415cc (left set of pics & also the other pics in different outfits) and 385cc (right side of pics). I’m scheduled for surgery on 7/26!

Wish Bewbz

Here are some pics of my favorite goal bewbz. I've kindly asked my Fairy Bewb Surgeon if I could get something like these, and she said "sure, I can do that". Especially when I showed her what I liked from her own work (I've included those in the pictures). So, I thought posting the goal pics and comparing them to my own progress afterwards would be helpful. You know, just in case I freak myself out about if I'm "dropping & fluffing" enough, or getting worried about the look of frankenbewb for the first weeks or so, wondering "OMG what have I done?!" when I'm in pain, or whatever else I can think of to drive myself crazy.

Day of Surgery & PostOp Day 1

Now that I'm coherent, I can write a proper update without falling asleep with my phone in my hand lol. So yesterday I went under the knife. I wasn't as nervous thanks to some good ol' Xanax. Check in was at 6:30am. Saw Dr. Saltz and her smiling face made we feel less nervous. We went over the last of the details. I told her if 415cc didn't fit, then I'd be OK with 385cc. Went to the table, chatted with the anesthesiologist and the surgery nurse who were both very friendly. And then I woke up at home lol. I vaguely remember the ride home. Apparently, I walked up the 20 stairs to get in the house by myself lol. I don't remember that. I just remember waking up in my bed around 12pm. My boyfriend has been helping me with everything. He noticed that I had steri-strips on. At which we started to worry because I'm very allergic to adhesives (it causes burns that turns into scars. I had been in contact with Dr. Saltz's nurse who promised me they wouldn't use anything. But it all worked out. We called the number they gave us to reach Dr. Saltz who said it was OK to take it off. So we did. Burning a fresh incision sounded like it could've been bad.

Fast forward to today: Pain has been an 8 or so since then. Definitely a lot of stiffness and bruising. Dr. Saltz has me doing some overhead exercises to stretch out my chest/ side bewbs every 1-2hrs. Boy, does it hurt, but feels so good too. Its definitely hard to take a deep breath. She also wants me to squeeze them together with towels, but its too painful to do too much of that. Showering was difficult. My boyfriend had to wash me lol. There weren't any rules for showers nor for switching to a sports bra nor for sleeping. Regardless, I've chosen to sleep at a 45° angle for the first week and to sleep on my back for the next week. I woke up every few hours to adjust or take medicine but other than that I did OK.

I have a wee bit off googly nips, but I'm not worried about it. Yet...haha. I just need to relax and stop being a perfectionist and let my body adjust to having 2 huge bags of silicone in there.

BTW: Anyone have advice about the white band? It hurts pretty bad.

PostOp Day 2

Not much of a change today. Morning bewb was no joke, but I got it together in about an hour after waking up. Eating, walking, massaging, and doing my exercises helped. Of course my meds helped too. Still taking the max I can take when I am supposed to and icing. Still needed help showering, but things are getting better day by day slowly. Here are some pics from post-shower tonight! (Right bewb is still much higher and much more swollen than left, but again, she was smaller).

PostOp Day 3

It seems like time is passing by so slow! I want perfect boobs like yesterday! But, so far, I am enjoying what I have. No regrets about anything so far. I like the size and shape, I only want more cleavage, but I know that will come with time. I will have to continue with my bewb squishing exercises and stretching of the chest muscles and wait for them to D&F.

I had my first postop appointment and only saw Ruth today (Dr. Saltz' nurse, who I love!), she looked me over and was surprised that I had just had surgery done and had minimal swelling for having such large implants put in, just tight muscles. She did note that Righty (with the mole) is bigger, but I am heavily right handed and it was a smaller breast so she said it would eventually catch up. She told me I didn't have to wear that damn white strap anymore since I don't have that much swelling. Thank goodness!!!! I hated that thing. Ice packs are truly your best friends ladies:)
She also gave me a refill on my meds (YASSSS) and a new bra, because the other one was suffocating my rib cage (which is already terribly bruised if you guys can tell from the pics). So now I'm a 36 band instead of a 32 possibly due to bruising/ swelling?
I'm also allowed to sleep on my side and back, but I'm going to keep sleeping how I've been because its hard to sit up in the morning. As for scarring and/ or stretch marks: I was told I shouldn't have stretch marks because of my complexion and if my scars turned out dark, they could lighten them via lasers. All-in-all, it was a really good appointment. My next appointment will be on August 10th and I will see Dr. Saltz to get my dissolvable stitches trimmed and check on more progress. I'll update again at the 1 week mark and then when after my next appt with Dr. Saltz, but in the meantime feel free to send me messages and comments and I'll message back:D

Hope this was enough details!


First Week Down...3 more to go before we start see real results!

This first week: 1) went by quickly contrary to what I said earlier, but I still don't see any changes quite yet, 2) showed me how quickly the body adjusts to change, 3) showed me how quickly the body starts to heal. I'm not sure if its because I didn't have a lot of swelling or what, but I feel like this is all going so smoothly. To which I'm grateful there have not been any complications thus far.
My scars are scabbed over, starting to get really itchy but I'm leaving them alone. I've started moisturizing my boobs with body lotion because they get really itchy as well and I don't want stretchmarks if I scratch them in my sleep. Boyfriend says they are a little swollen, but that we shouldn't really worry about it unless its got stuff coming out (ew).
I've started sleeping on my sides when I can. I'm able to wear over-the-head shirts with some ease. I wear a secure sports bra when I go out, but sleep in the surgical bras. I've also started driving. Feels like I'm doing push-ups the entire time lol. Other than that, no pain meds starting from 2 days ago. Just soreness and trouble sleeping (I miss sleep the most).

Advice: When they prescribe laxative, take it. When they prescribe nausea meds, get them just in case. I'm usually able to tolerate the hard stuff with ease, but I didn't poo for a week (sorry if TMI). Literally. A week. I was getting scared. And OTC Miralax didn't help for the longest time. When I switched from one hard medicine (for an unrelated condition) to a stronger medication (for the surgery), I had a bit of a problem with nausea. So, just FYI.

PS: Sorry about the mirror, needs to be cleaned when my arms work sufficiently again:P

Postop Problems. 2 Weeks

Alright, so I might have hit a snag. I am exactly 2 weeks postop today. I was instructed to sleep on my side early on to encourage pocket formation healing and have been successfully. Well, yesterday whilst sleeping on my side, I woke up lying on my chest. I was only asleep for about an hour, but immediately got up and felt a weird sensation in my breasts. It feels like a strain and pressure at the top and sides, and the bottom is numb (it was not before), and I feel the implant now, AND there is a visual change.

Trying not to panic. I'm super scared that I messed up my healing somehow. Things definitely feel different. I'm hoping things are normal, can be manipulated without surgery, or surgery can be done simply with simple recovery (and hopefully not expensive). The only good news I have so far is that I see my PS tomorrow. If there is anyone that has shared these fears, please let me know! Wish me luck!
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