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I've been researching on this site for a long time...

I've been researching on this site for a long time now, and I get extremely frustrated that I can't seem to find the information I need! I live in San Diego, and I want to get a BBL close to home. I would consider close anything less than a 2-3 hour drive.

I'm interested in an aggressive lipo procedure with a lot of CCs. I want a dramatic result with a good shape (don't we all?). I can't seem to find any doctors near me that impress me with their before and after photos except Dr Campos. I'm not 100% against crossing the border for the procedure, but I have to admit the idea scares me. I would feel much more comfortable staying state side.

I've seen some of Dr Dass' patient results and like those, but it seems like he charges $10,000+ for the procedure. Is there a surgeon in Southern California that can perform an aggressive BBL for around $7,000??? Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

Made my deposit with Dr. Fisher!! Now I need some help from experienced BBL patients...

I tried finding options closer to home, but couldn't find the results I think I would be happy with. I finally decided to just suck it up and travel to get the results I know Dr Fisher can give me.

I've been communicating with Lia from Vanity. So far so good.

I have to say, the more reviews I read the more nervous I get. Is the staff truly as bad as some reviews say? I don't understand how they can just cancel/reschedule your surgery on last minute notice, especially for clients flying in from all around the country for their dates!

Also, is the recovery house awful? My boyfriend is going to stay with me the whole time, and he is VERY particular. If we stay at a nicer hotel instead, will the nurses and the massage people come to me, or would I need to go to the office or somewhere to meet them every day?

I need some really honest feedback on the recovery house. If we get there, and it's gross or crowded he will be so upset. He is really nervous about me doing this, but is trying to be as supportive as possible. I just don't want any bumps in the road, so if anyone who has stayed there reads this please share your experiences. It would be so much appreciated!

Dr Hazani And Coordinator Are The Bomb!

Ok all, I am already almost 72 hours post op, but just going to start writing a review. I had no intention of writing one for privacy reasons, but after a horrific experience with Dr Fisher & Vanity, followed by phenomenal experience with Dr Hazani and his team, I feel compelled to share. I’ll try to break these down into smaller pieces for easier reading. First, let’s talk about Dr Hazani and how amazing he is! I live in Southern California and had been planning my trip to Miami for about 7 months. After a dozen mishaps and cancelations (on Vanity’s part) and other issues (I’ll get into these later), I had made it to the day of my flight. My flight departed at 2 pm. I received a call at 1130 am to cancel my surgery!!! I begged and cried and called my coordinator and anyone else I could think of to no avail. I canceled my flight ($$$) and my companions flight who was coming from Michigan ($$$), canceled the hotel, recovery house, rental car….All while so upset I was crying. Again, more on this later. Let’s focus on Dr Hazani’s greatness. I was determined to get this done since I was financially and mentally ready and had the whole month off from work and school. I started looking at the doctors I had considered in LA prior to picking Dr Fisher. I came across Dr Hazani reviews and was blown away by his results. Check out his credentials too! He’s very impressive. I called his office and spoke to Debbie. She jokingly said if I could make it the next morning at 7 am they could fit me in; otherwise, nothing for some time. I think I caught her off guard by saying “I’ll be there!” haha. You guys, Debbie is unbelievable, incredible, fantastic…I could go on and on. She is THE best. I called in around 430 pm and by roughly 7 pm she had everything in order for my surgery the next morning at 7 am. She stayed late to get it done, and she spent a lot of time on the phone with me making sure I understood everything and was comfortable. This is all I have in me for now. Kneeling in this position is tough, so I’ll have to finish the next part after laying down for a while.

Day of Surgery

Since all of this was planned so last minute, I only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Laid down at 10 pm and woke up at 2 am to shower and hit the road. I was able to get one of my good friends to go with me – thank the lord. Picked her up and made it to Beverly Hills around 5 am. My appointment wasn’t until 7 am, but had I come later there’s a risk of hitting LA traffic which is terrible. When I got there they were already running behind because the first patient was late. My appointment wouldn’t start until 8-8:30ish. No big deal.

Everyone was so incredibly nice. The surg techs were very welcoming and answered all my questions. The anesthesiologist came out and did a consult with me. He was great. He wasn’t even going to be in my surgery, but I have Lupus so he wanted to talk to me about medications. I filled out paper work, and we napped for about an hour in the car before coming back in.

Had my pre-op appointment around 830 am. Normally, he does this a few days prior to surgery, but everything was a little different due to our quick scheduling. He took a lot of time. He took photos, marked me up and tried to show me what to expect for results. He said I’m pretty skinny for this procedure. I’m 5 2” and about 144 pounds. I’m blessed that I carry my weight pretty well, so most people think I have less fat than I do. By those numbers though, you can see I have a lot of fat to give! I told him if he thinks I won’t have enough fat for major results than go all out. I don’t want Nicki Minaj or Kim K results by any means, but I want a booty! He said he would do as much as possible.

Had a consult with my anesthesiologist who was very personable and made me comfortable with everything. I had to wait a while for the surgical room to get prepped, but then it was my time. I was extremely nervous, so the anesthesiologist joked around with me. Next thing I remember is the recovery room.

Wow the pain!!!! Maybe it’s because I was still groggy or confused but holy crap. I could not move for the life of me. I felt like wet cement, and all I wanted to do was readjust. I still had a catheter in. They said they had given me tons of fluids via IV but I had nothing in the catheter bag. They couldn’t figure out why, but eventually took it out for me. It hurt so badly. I was begging them to take it out.
They sent me on my way fairly quickly. They said everything had gone very well and that the doctor was surprised by how much fat he was actually able to get. (Told you, I’m fatter than I appear!!) I thanked everyone over and over. I was in a lot of pain and very groggy. They wanted me to stay at a hotel nearby for at least one night, but all I could think about was getting home. It took us about 3 hours to get back.

We stopped at a gas station because I had to pee so bad all of a sudden. Brought in all my pads, gauze and my pee funnel. For some reason I just could not pee. Then I started draining blood and fluid ALL over the floor, yikes! It was a disaster. My friend goes, “they wrote 1200 on each of your butt cheeks. What’s that?” I was like holy crap he gave me way more than he originally thought he could!

For the next 24 hours, I basically slept for an hour or two and then got up to walk around and/or take meds. I still have only slept a max of 4 hours at a time. Because of my medical history I have a higher risk of blood clots, so I’m trying to stay moving as much as possible.

Alright, all. I need a break again. More later or tomorrow. I have my first post op tomorrow morning, so I will for sure post pics then. I know that’s what everyone wants!

BBL Post Op Photos Dr Hazani

I'm day 5 post op in these photos. the swelling is still crazy. my waist (and vagina haha) should get much smaller with time. Pretty insane how much your body swells from this procedure. Also have foam pads in the garment.

Before Pics

2.5 Weeks Post Op with Photos

I had my 2 week post op appointment with Dr Hazani yesterday. I'm actually 2 weeks and 5 days post op as of today. Swelling has gone down tremendously since the surgery, and I think I'm starting to see a good idea of what my long term results might look like.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood the post op directions, and I only wore the binder for 5 days after surgery. The past two weeks I haven't been wearing it :((( You can see in the front facing pic that my belly is still very swollen and puffy :((( I hope it's not too late to start wearing the binder and cinch my waist back to how tiny it was at first.

I'm so worried it will have a negative effect on my abdomen results; although, Dr Hazani didn't seem as worried about it. He told me to start wearing it now, and he showed me some massages I should start doing daily now.

I pretty much feel back to normal now besides a few minor things. Incisions look great, and I don't think I'll have scars.

Dr. Hazani is THE BEST!!! If you are thinking about going to him, message me with any questions. I've had such a great experience with him. I'm happy to share anything!

Recommended Supplies

I figured I would write a quick list of the items I found most helpful for recovery. There are so many things you can buy when reading through all these reviews (which I did!), but only a few I found necessary.

1. Pee funnel - Go Girl or something similar. I bought mine on eBay, and it is absolutely genius. I'm still using this 2.5 weeks post op.

2. Arnica tablets - Got mine on eBay, but I'm sure you can get it at Sprouts or Whole Foods if that's easier.

3. Bromelain pills and/or pineapple juice

4. Reacher tool - I got mine on eBay, but saw some at Target yesterday. This is key, because your flexibility isn't great for several days. One of the biggest challenges is pulling up your pants, but with this it's no problem.

5. Loose comfortable pants. I've been living in 2 pairs of sweat pants and doing laundry almost every other day. You don't want to wear anything restrictive in order to protect the fat transfer. I put on regular clothes if I have to go somewhere in public for a while (still loose fitting though), but at home I'm constantly in these baggy sweats.

6. Pillows. I had an assortment of different sizes, shapes and textures which I found to be important. It’s so difficult to get comfortable in the first week following surgery, so it was good to have these to prop myself up in different positions. You’ll need one behind your back to support you when you sit as well.

7. Yoga mat(s). You’ll want to roll up a yoga mat to use the toilet and sit in general. I didn’t start driving until a week and a half after surgery, but the yoga mat is the only way I could. The pillows I had weren’t firm enough to keep my butt off the seat, but the mat worked great.

8. Antibacterial soap

9. Lots of clean wash cloths and towels

10. Neosporin for the sutures

11. Lots of gauze and medical tape for the incisions draining. I changed and cleaned mine several times a day, so I ended up going through 1.5 boxes each of small gauze pads and medium gauze pads. One roll of med tape was enough.

12. Something to put under the straps of the garment. The straps are so tight and start to hurt your shoulders. At home, I just folded up thin tank tops to put under them, but in public you’ll want something less bulky like a maxi pad.

13. Mederma or some other kind of scar ointment/cream. You won’t need this for at least a week or so, when the incisions close.

14. Several thin tank tops. I only have 3 that I’ve been rotating, so again doing a lot of laundry.

15. Easy to slip on shoe options. Flexibility is next to nothing for a while, so getting socks and shoes on is almost impossible.

I think that's all I would recommend. If you're wondering about any other supplies, feel free to ask. If I used it or wished I had it during recovery, I'll let you know.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr Hazani is phenomenal! He's straight to the point, but honest. He will not sell you a false dream about your results. He does amazing work and has a great staff (You gotta get with Debbie! She will make your life a breeze.) I'm very happy with my results, and Dr Hazani is fantastic with follow up. I've heard from him every day since my surgery, and I'm 6 days post op. Highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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