35 Years Old, Needing a Butt to Go with These Boobies!!! - San Diego, CA

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So Like the rest of you I've been relentlessly on...

So Like the rest of you I've been relentlessly on this site day in & day out. I ran into a few challenges leading up to where I am now, but as of today my surgery is scheduled for February 27th. I had my BA back in 2005 and knew I would have to exchange them one day. So while I was looking for a dr for that I decided to research the BBL, because I've always wanted to replace the booty that I lost after children and age hit me. I work out weekly, and eat pretty healthy but just can't seem to get my booty back. So I finally had the courage to get my consultation and move forward. Now convincing my fiancé was a different story. I almost had to cancel my surgery and lose out on a ton of money. But he finally listened to what would make me happy and is on board. So, 10 days from now I'll have new boobies and hopefully a FAT ol' bootay!!!

9 days until surgery...

So I'm 9 days out until my surgery date. My preop is scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd. I've started to order some post op supplies and I can tell I'm beginning to get more nervous by the day. My fiancé is still giving me a hard time about the BBL but there's no backing out now or I'll lose out on a TON of cash. I hope we don't call off the wedding because of this.

6 days until my surgery... Nervous & Excited

So in 6 days out until my surgery this Saturday. My preop is scheduled for Tuesday. And I have to say my nerves are finally getting to me. But there's no turning back now. My boyfriend is still not fully on board but he's gonna have to deal with it. Here's some pics I'm gonna show the dr about the results I hope to accomplish. I've put on 7 lbs in 2 weeks, I feel so yucky.

Preop today

So I went to my preop today. My surgery is exactly 4 days away. Everything was cleared by the dr and I'm ready to go. We took measurements and took a bunch of pictures. I was so excited I forgot to show him my wish pics. All of my items have arrived in the mail as of today which is great. Now I just have to make it through these next few days without having a panic attack. I'll keep you loves updated.

2 days until my Sx.

So I'm 2 days out until surgery. I'm off today so I decided to wash all my sheets and do all my laundry and cleaning now so that I don't have to worry about it while I'm recovering. I started on my Bromelain, Iron, and dulcolax as of yesterday. I'm naturally not regular with my bowel movements so I'm taking extra precaution with adding iron to my body. Don't wanna be backed up constipated and in pain. No Bueno. Picked up my Percocet and antibiotics from the pharmacy too. Now it's just a countdown waiting game until Saturday. I was originally scheduled for surgery at 10 am and now I'm at 12:30. Not to happy about that, although I am the on BBl surgery that day. Not to mention my BA as well. Dr says he's saving the best for last but I'm hoping he's not gonna be tired and he can stay patient and focused during my procedure because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANY REVISION... But that's all for today ladies. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll be taking a lot of pics of how my body looks now because as of Saturday I'll be saying goodbye with the old me and welcoming in the new and improved me...

Today is the big day!!!

So I'm heading down to the surgery center as I'm typin this ladies!!!! It was hard kissing my babies goodbye. A lot of thoughts started to run through my mind about if it's worth it or not. Nerves getting to me. I'll update with some pics once I'm there and changed.

I made it to booty and boobie land!!

Hey ladies. So I'm 1 day postop and feeling ok. Not much pain just veeerrryyyy still. Still really sleepy so this post will be short and sweet. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better after my postop appt with the dr. I managed to take a few pics for you guys. I'm super padded up and swollen in the pics. I promise to keep updating, knowing you real self sisters were my motivation everyday.

2 days postop

Hey dolls. So I'm 2 days postop. Been really sleepy. The pain was the worst today. But I wouldn't call I pain mainly really uncomfortable and stiff. Hard to get up and down. My neck hurts bad from having to sleep in my tummy. I cut up my beach chair so that I could lay on my back at times but I won't use that for more than 2 hours at a time. I also use a lot of pillows to help prop and position me. I have lots of swelling but it has already gone down a lot. The arnica tea and tablets are helping. I also rub the arnica gel on me 3 times a day. I promise to give a more in depth posting as soon as I feel up to it. But here's some pics I took after my awesome much needed shower today.

Holy poopland

Ok ladies. I had my first Massage today and let me tell you it was the best painful pleasure feeling I've ever felt. And within 20 minutes after my Massage I took the most massive poop everrrrr. I though I was gonna blow up the bowl. That massage was everything. Tho I feel like I paid waaaay to much. I may be driving down to TJ for my massages with Maripaz. She comes highly recommended and reasonable. Especially because you need massages weekly. I can't afford $150 a week. I'm still swollen but it has gone down tremendously. I'll post more pics tonight after my shower. Let me stress how important it is to keep your garment on. I swell like the pillsbury dough boy when I leave it off for longer than 20 minutes....

Pics from 3 & 4 days out.

Hey ladies. Swelling is going down a lot. Still badly bruised on my thighs tho. I try to lightly massage myself where I feel lumps and while I have my faja off. Which I don't keep off for too long. All in all I feel like my recovery is going great. I get up and walk around a LOT! I actually feel better when I do. So here's some pics from 3&4 days out. Today is my 4th day.
Chula Vista Physician

Consultation went great. Dr spent a lot of time with me answering every ? And believe me I had a lot!! Met with my coordinator who was amazing as well, and decided to go with them.

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