~F/ 5'6 Liposuction back flanks (Left/right),tummy & chin/neck ( 5 Areas ) **Breast Lift and Aug sch. 2/21

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Center For Cosmetic Surgery ~ I went in for my...

Center For Cosmetic Surgery ~
I went in for my consult 12/9 and they were on point and so helpful.
Today went in for pre op ( paperwork etc. 12/12 ) questions.
Dr. Sassan was on time, and VERY informative. I've done my homework and
his work is amazing. The price can not be beat anywhere for his expertise.
I will lateer in March/April be getting a TT,Breast Aug and Lift . I dont have the recovery period I need because of work events so I opted to get lipo until then. I'm actually ok , with my shape but, as you know working out when you get older the lbs dont just drop off like they do when you're younger. I could snap my fingers and lose 10 lbs. … Always been active . ummmm, not so much now and after having my son, you really gotta stick woth it. Ok, excuses out the door , I need lipo :) ! I decided to get my tummy,back flanks ( bra line ) and under my chin ~ I'm really excited. They got me in before I have to leave for the holidays and I'll have enough time for the swelling to go down a little ( I'm assuming ) before the New Year . My procedure is on the 18th next Wed.. I'll post pics. I already took some today band will take a lot to post. I really appreciated looking at everyones pics to gage an idea of "is it worth it" & the doctors work. Update soon...
I just

If I'm doing my flanks will I notice difference in lower back above my bottom ?

so just after taking more pics just now and looking… think I need to add my lower back. Few questions for those who have had this done before ~
When you did your flanks ( left/ right bra line ) did your doctor include lipo on your lower back ~
Is it worth to do if I'm already getting my tummy ,will results show "all around" ( I know everyone is different, this is all in general )

Did you wish you had done lower back or notice difference in lower back
so, it didnt matter anyway

Lastly, I see stories where is says "trunk" done. I'm assuming that's alllll the way around ~ maybe I should just do that… ?
I know I need to decide before Wed., when I go in so any and all suggestions would be great :)

this time tomorrow night…

just picked up my meds and tomorrow is y lipo day YAY !…Im going to do video and pics so, I'll post as much as I can…not nervous, just want to see how much I swell and bruise. Excited.

~ chin wrap pic 12/18 ( morning after surgery )

here is the first pic , chin wrap it's just basically a "headband w/ velcro.

BEFORE and not even 24 hours AFTER pics ~

just came home from my next day post appt. , I have ZERO bruising. Very numb on my back and swollen, my son just came in from school , I said. Hi , love how was your day ?
He said, Mom your face looks swollen . Well, thanks ! lol here are a couple quicks. I'm wrapped up on the sofa right now, debating if I can make my nail appt. …
My chin headband is still on for 3 days, then nights only for 3 weeks or longer
my tummy wrap for 5 days and then as much as possible,
sticky sponge underneath 3 days. I can take a shower tonight too that'll be interesting. Did a bird bath this am and wanted to choke myself. I'm not in pain , more sore. Getting up and down I dont even want to think about I feel EVERYTHING.

It's been 1 week and 4 days ! here are a pic…

...I feel GREAT ! I'm so happy I finished my antibiotics, they had me even more tired. Here are a few pics. I'm still numb on my lower pelvis and flanks. Sore and swollen but, it has got A LOT better. I notice a difference every morning I wake up, I feel stronger. setting my dates soon for breast lift & aug and fat transfer to my buns. end of Feb. and minor rhinoplasty .

2 weeks today pics ~

I feel soooo much better. Still, very tender on my back and lower tummy. Sweeling has been better, I GREATLY underestimated liposuction it's REAL surgery. All, the post I saw of people up out n about are those doing one area. I have a huge tolerance for pain, had ZERO bruising and still it was A LOT to bear. I'm still swollen on my tummy and back flans it's still numb also, but much better. I had help and you will need it . I was literally rolling out of bed . Here are a few pics today 1/1/2014 !! and Happy New Year ! ( I'll post before and after chin/neck soon, still numb under and swollen )

2 weeks 2 days

2 weeks 2 days ( pic ) feeling amazing.

still tender on my lower tummy. Under my chin numb and flanks are
numb. Planning my breast aug and lift in 2 weeks if I get the go ahead from my doc.
I couldn't do t all at once with work and my travel sch, holidays. That was fine, Im actually happy
I dint do it all at once lipo was WAY more recovery than I thought...

2 weeks and 4 days PICS !

wow what a difference… I look at my other ics and can't believe how fast of a change not even at 30% healed ! still numb and swollen . So, I put on the my bikini that I did my original BEFORE pics in… I dont know you tell me ? 2 weeks and 4 days post op today ! do chin before and after pics soon too , still numb under my chin and swollen but, notice a huge difference. Im soooooooo happy I didnt get a TT. Yes, I still have lose skin that bothers me, but, I rather do Venus Freeze. pics….

DOING GREAT ! Had my post op appt today ~ and scheduled my BL and Aug for 3rd week in Feb. !

Feeling so much better ! Had my post op missed my 2 week I was gone for the holidays…
I'm about at 30& and still VERY swollen under my chin and neck. Feel achy and tender on my tummy but I'm on the mend. I cant stress enough on how I completely underestimated what I was having done and I think if I would have known I would have waited and waited to have more time to heal. Before the holidays was a kick n the ass… and I had tons of help. Anyway, take your time , order garments before hand and plan help for a WEEK IF you're getting more than one area done…I had zero bruising, can take pain and I was up n going but, I paid for it at days end and now…

Well, I sch my breast lift and aug. Learned a lot that I never knew and I book models so I've seen the good and the horrible,,, taken care og girls and have seen their stitches break with incision. I always thought that silicon was the best in ANY situation, feels more natural and that's not the case .
I'm a 38 D and have plenty of breast tissue, I never liked saline because I always saw the ripple bag effect. I thought most opted for saline because they were less expensive. Actually, YES silicon feels more natural but, they "sit" lower. Mot ripple effects come from on top of the muscle and not full bags and depends on your skin, breast size and tissue. I'm not the best candidate for silicon because I already have big breast and a lot of tissue. Gravity is ALWAYS working against us. I'm doing saline, under the muscle so, they sit higher which I need and no, you won't see the ripple because I have so much tissue. My doctor rocks ! Can't wait … updates & pics soon . Im working my ass off girls :)

and on another note THANK GOD I DIDN'T GET ARTEFILL !!!!

I don't have any wrinkles or laugh lines- yet . Always was told my my bestfriend ( esthetician )
that fillers are preventive and stay away from Botox. My doctor gave me a test shot and said Aretfill was permanent, he said think about it and we'll give you an allergy test, it was a little shot on my arm, I could feel the hardness and knowing that I'n sensitive to everything , decided for restylane . Welllll, the reaction can show up very fast or weeks later and has to be SURGICALLY removed. *raises hand* ALLERGIC. So, just a warning. Don't do any permanent fillers. I guess I can get a cortisone shot because it takes 2-3 sessions if you wanted it done, from what I read. I didn't ask very much because I didn't get it done. Very small spot ( nickel size ) Rash on my arm that keeps coming back and hoping they don't have to cut it out …. yikes. Calling my doc tomorrow.

1 month pics ~ swelling is much better...

still have numbness in my back a little and, tender in lower tummy. On the mend. Surgery again 2/21 then my nose in March… summer time fine on my way . Here's a pic :)


I just received a message the my pics looked SHOPPED . NO. FIRST, I would not post my GROSS before pics and then SHOP my after LOL. NO REASON. SECOND, I did this review because I liked seeing before and after. I HAD AMAZING results and wasnt THAT BIG sorry. If your experience with your doctor was bad , Im sorry. I have tats that I dont want shown and used THIS crop on here to edited them out, MY CHOICE nothing was CHANGED on my pics and you can see in the first pics I posted I covered with make up. So, I took my pics from the side. My doctor was amazing and I'm muscular and heal ( always have ) fast. "Pretend" I have bad lighting ACTUALLY I DID and didnt care to go from from to room at my parents house over Christmas with 20 family members in the house to post pics I was healing. Love my body THANKS :)
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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