35 Years Old, 2 Children, 5'2, Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Flanks - San Diego, CA

After 2 in person consultations and 1 online/phone...

After 2 in person consultations and 1 online/phone consultation with a Dr. In Tijuana I opted to stay local. One doctor suggested tt with waist lipo and another one tt with flank lipo. I am going with the one with flanks since he said he usually removes fat from the waist when he performs the procedure.
I am around 142 lbs right now but would like to lose some weight if possible. My procedure is not until December so I hope I can get down to 135 lbs. My oldest child was 8.5 lbs when born and caused the more damage to my belly area. I even had a little flap at the end of my pregnancy with the youngest, who was only 6.5 lbs.
No one knows about my surgery other than my husband and I am not sure if I feel comfortable letting anyone know. I have anxiety so I think the whole world is watching and judging me lol. I am not sure how I will handle telling my children. I feel like I need to make a hernia up because it is embarrassing to me telling them I am getting a tummy tuck.

Before pictures

I finally took the courage to take some pics. I hate looking at my body. Even when I lost 15 pounds and got down to 128 lbs my belly looked like this. Having big babies on a small 5'2 body is no joke! Pregnancy was actually wonderful and I loved being pregnant and having a round belly and a healthy baby. But now that the babies are done and over, they left me like a deflated balloon, lol.
I have an apple shape so most of my weight gain goes to my middle area which fills my skin apron with fat! I look look like a human with a chicken body. My legs and arms are currently my skinniest feature.

My belly and legs last year at around 129-130 lbs

Apron still there.

Second consultation

I went for a second consultation today. This time I brought my husband along because he will be taking care of me and he better be informed too.
I was a little nervous and felt I just needed to talk to the Dr. again to get all my doubts cleared. I am glad I did as now I am 100% sure of my decision.
So some of the questions I asked are just how extensive the scar will be. What exactly was going to be liposuctioned. Who to call after hours. I even asked if there was an emergency and the light went out, if they had emergency procedures in place. I know I went to the extremes here but since I tend to get anxiety I really needed reassurance.
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