425cc Sientra shaped - 31 yrs - no kids - 118lbs 5'7" - San Diego, CA

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A week out before heading to San Diego to get my...

A week out before heading to San Diego to get my breast implants done! I will be choosing anatomical implants, duel plane, 300cc-350cc. I'll just have to wait and see what works best on me! Going for the natural look since we are in bikinis 24/7 here on this island. So excitedddddd!!

Dr. G from San Diego has been consulting me through this. Prior to him, I saw 3 other doctors on the island and I didn't connect with any of them. Since I have a mild case of pectus excavatum, it has been hard trying to find someone that understands the right outlook I am going for. I want a natural look, not too big... just enough to fill out the loads of swimsuits I own!


SO far I've been researching on what to bring with me on the trip to keep it minimal.
-zip ups/button down shirts
-gel ice packs
-cocoa butter
-travel pillow
-bendy straws
-pill organizer
-dry shampoo

I'll be buying loads of snacks and water/sprite when I get there to have at the ready!

Anybody have other recommendations on what helped you get prepared?

Did it!

So this morning I woke up at 4am to get ready for my surgery. I didn't really sleep a wink because I was soo nervous. The nurses were incredibly sweet and I got to have a great one on one with the anesthesiologist. Went under with no problem! I woke up still in a dream state thinking about which size to go with LOL!

I can't say enough great things about the process so far. They walked me through my meds about 3 times and also with my gf that is helping me out for the next week or so.

There's been minimal pain...it really just feels tight on the top of my chest. I will be wearing a bandage for the next 3 weeks vs a normal 1 because the top of my rib cage kid of protrudes out and up. This will help me settle and drop a lot better.

The pain meds (oxy, valium) have been a tremendous help. Makes me drowsy but i seem to be an amazingly talkative right now haha. Wiping myself in the bathroom is a bit hard. Ive been snacking on little things like cheerios, had the vitamin c 1000mg drink, some multi vitamins, some noodles and tons of water. I've got everything set up in the room for easy access to the pain meds and anything else. Im staying in a hotel room for another night before heading out to my friends house. The support is totally needed! I don't know whatt I would've done without her here to even open up my pain bottles.

I would recommend exercising your legs well in advance if you are thinking about this. it's all about the legs! You can't force yourself up with any of your arms and you just have to wiggle/squirm around on your butt to get up.

Now for the big reveal! It happens tomorrow morning. I am super excited!!!
The doctor went with 425cc in both breasts using the Sientra shaped implants. It never dawned on me that the anatomicals for Sientra and Menor were very very very different! Look into the implant shapes if you love the anatomical styles. It was eye opening to realize that what I wanted was exactly what SIentra provided...not Mentor. You get the fullness at the bottom and minimal upper cleavage that still slopes and creates a natural looking breast.

Ahhh can't wait! So far everybody says they look incredible and they are stoked for me! We shall see..... :D I added wish boobs for now

Here they are!!!

My big reveal was this morning with dr. G and his beautiful crew. I'm so happy I almost cried. They did such an amazing job and gave me exactly my wish pic looks. I still need to wear the band at the top for about 3 weeks just to help my implants settle down. My rib cage is wanting to push them up so I need to counteract those babies!

I still am doing really well really well. I am taking my medication on time and not missing a beat especially with the pain ones. Again I have been snacking on Cheerios and bread and lots of water just to be sure to coat my stomach. Today is the first day that I will be taking my exlax. I haven't had a bowel movement in 2 days but I'm a little gassy because of the water haha. Not too bloated but I do have a serious case of hiccups and he said it has to do with me narcotics. So to combat that I have been drinking a lot of water upside down until it almost goes into my nose and then it goes away.

There are slight swelling on my left bottom breast and a little bit more with my right one. This will all go down with time so I have been icing it for 20 minutes on and off. The swelling of the top will also reduce with time. He said in about 4 months I should be looking pretty fine :-)

Post op 1 day 425cc sientra shaped

Day 2 post op!

Feeling so much better today. I have been sleeping and a big blue recliner and today I moved to the futon. I'm still using my travel pillow for my back pillow and it has been a lifesaver.

They do not feel as tender as they did yesterday. I have been icing these puppies and I stopped taking the Valium because the hiccups were just too much to bear.

I switched over to a size up in my sports bra today and that felt like such a huge relief. I still have the top bandage on me that will be there for the next 3 weeks. I literally feel so so good. My girlfriend took me to get chicken noodle soup and a fruit bowl this morning. With that I took another exlax and I have officially my first bowel movement in 2 days. I really attribute that to just drinking lots of water and having lots of fruits and incorporating a few greens.

The swelling on my right side near the incision looks so much better. I was a little frightened looking at it yesterday but the doctor showed me that that would go down and sure enough it has gone down substantially. I have been gently icing it and on the top. Has someone came out with a ice bra yet?? I can't stop dreaming about one hahaha

Day 3 post op 425 sientra textured

More day 4 post op -425cc sientra shaped

4 month update!

The girls are settling in nicely! It's been 4 months now and am starting to get that boob greed. I find myself trying on push ups and down padded bras where as I wouldn't touch them beforehand. Oh well! Lol. I still really love them :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

This whole experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. Dr. G and his staff was incredibly knowledgeable and so caring. I can't say enough good things about it. They took their time with me and really wanted to make sure that my end results were exactly what I wanted and that is exactly what I got! I traveled all the way from Hawaii to see him because I knew he would be able to produce the results that I wanted and he really explained differences between implant companies as well as sizing way beyond anyone else had ever cared to explain to me. After this experience I can't think of another person I would ever go to instead of him.

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