27 Year Old Breast Lift - San Diego, CA

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Since I could remember, I've always had a more...

Since I could remember, I've always had a more developed chest. That being said, I've experienced an increased rate of ptosis as compared to friends with smaller breasts. I've always been self-conscious with the appearance of my breasts and always wanted them lifted and the excess skin removed. I have recently lost close to 20lbs and I decided to get the surgery since my weight has been stable. I'm not one to just jump into things and I knew I wanted the best doctor in my town to perform my surgery. So many months before my actual surgery date I started interviewing doctors...7 to be exact! Yes, I know it seems like overkill but I wouldn't have changed anything I did to narrow down my options for my surgeon! As it turned out, the doctor I chose was the 2nd to last doctor I consulted with. I was very pleased with him as he offered to do some liposuction on my lateral chest, arm-pit flab, and around to my back in order to achieve a more pleasing look to the finished product. It was nice to see a doctor that looked at the entire picture instead of just the breasts! In addition, I also had him include liposuction to the underside of my arms, as it has been really hard to lose that fat. The pictures posted are of me pre-surgery.

27 Year Old Breast Lift Post-Surgery

This update is for the first week post-surgery (breast lift and liposuction). Luckily for me I experienced little to no pain from the breast lift and liposuction. I was told my multiple people in my doctor's office (including the doctor) that after the first couple days I'd feel hardly any pain in my breasts, and that it is the liposuction that takes a good amount of time for pain/soreness relief. I was all ready to take my Percocet and valium (if needed) when I got home, but to my surprise I didn't experience any pain...just soreness, which I opted to relieve with only extra-strength Tylenol. My breasts didn't hurt, mild tenderness and soreness due more than likely to swelling rather than the surgery itself. However, the liposuction was very sore as if I had experienced a very intense workout at the gym. For the first two days I spent most of my time laying down in my bed or on the couch, but I was adamant on walking throughout the day in my house to help with circulation (usually several laps 5-6x/day). Each day gets a little better; I am not totally sedentary as I was the first two days. Soreness of the areas of liposuction get a little better each day. I continue to do my laps around my house but am also venturing outside for short periods of time to try and combat cabin fever! Overall, I would say I am healing up pretty well for my first week of my breast lift and liposuction. I have had two follow-up visits to my doctor's office and they have given me reassurance that everything is looking how it should. These pictures are from the first week post-surgery.

2 Weeks Post-Surgery

It has been 2 weeks since my surgery. My surgical bandages were taken off and I was able to get the nurse to take a couple pictures before they were covered up again. The removal of the surgical bandages wasn't bad like I thought it may be. My nurse also removed the sutures from the liposuction areas. After cleaning up the incision marks she taped them up with brown tape, which will be used for the next 4-6 weeks in order to minimize stretching of the incision lines and provide a protected barrier. I am still in my surgical bra all day. The swelling and bruising has decreased significantly and the soreness has decreased drastically. I am only sore in the liposuction areas when I move a certain way. It looks as though my breasts are starting to settle and I am very pleased with the results so far.


Just wanted to add this picture as a side-by-side comparison from pre-surgery to 2 week post-surgery.

One Month Healed

It's been one month since my surgery and everything is healing up great! The majority of the swelling in my breasts has gone down but I'm still retaining fluid in certain spots where the lipo was performed. The incision lines are looking very good so I hope my scarring is minimal.

One Month Post-Surgery Picture

6 Weeks Post-Surgery

It's been just about 6 weeks since I had my surgery and things are healing up so nicely. The puckering around my incision lines have smoothed significantly since the first time I laid eyes on them and they have settled down beautifully! I am still slightly tender in the lipo areas but the fluid has significantly decreased. My doctor said I will really appreciate the lipo results at around 8 weeks. My breasts have been a little itchy because my skin is dry and it's hard for me to moisturize everything because of the tape, but I'm surviving. My big issue at this point is the constant sleeping on my back. I definitely am not a back sleeper, I prefer my side, stomach, or a combo of the two. It hit me really hard this past week, to the point where it was really hard for me to fall asleep. And it sounds silly but it's mainly mentally draining on me...it sucks physically too. I called the office and they said after 6 weeks it's usually ok to start sleeping on your sides. I will wait until I have my next appointment this week to get the go-ahead. I am also going to ask them about starting up my exercising (I know I need to start light but just getting back into the gym will be mentally helpful too).

Fitted after breast lift

I got re-fitted last night, it's about 7 weeks post-surgery. My size practically stayed the same. Depending on the bra, I can fit a 36D or a 34E (those two sizes are about equivalent). I opted to buy 4 new bras (3 standard and 1 sports bra), and I am going to start going through all my other ones to see how they fit (some definitely will be donated due to a bigger cup that I needed in certain ones before my surgery).
I am happy to be in normal bras now and not the surgical one. The nurse also said I can go braless at night when I sleep but they recommend wearing something for support so the lift lasts longer (either a supportive cami or a light bra with no underwires). Currently I'm wearing my surgical bra to bed but will probably switch to something lighter soon.

7 Weeks Post-Surgery

It's almost been 8 weeks since my surgery. I just saw my doctor and everything is healing up great! I will be continuing with the tape on the incision lines for one more month so that the scars heal up better. I have started moisturizing with Aveeno lotion and then taping after it has absorbed. I have started wearing normal bras with underwires and have started going to the gym. I have been cleared to start running but spread out my runs within the week (not consecutive days); however, I think I will hold off the running for a couple more weeks and stick with brisk walking and weights. The areas of lipo are still numb and my doctor says I still have a couple more months until the final results reveal themselves.

Scar Therapy

On January 6 I started using biocorneum that was recommended by my doctor for scar therapy. The first three pictures are of my breasts and liposuction scars before starting biocorneum and after I was finished taping. The last three pictures are of me on April 3 after using biocorneum for about three months. I used it twice a day (morning and afternoon). I am very happy with how light and soft my scars are from using this product! I am going to continue using up the tube of biocorneum until it's gone.

Close up of Scar

Scar is lightened and smooth
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