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Dr. Pousti, San Diego, CA Starting off as barely...

Dr. Pousti, San Diego, CA

Starting off as barely a B but slightly too big to be an A. Hoping to go big C-small D. Predicting 350-400cc silicone, under muscle, subareolar incision from consult.

Dr. Pousti was ready to answer any and all questions with complete professionalism and seriousness. He always stressed the importance of choosing the right doctor. He primarily does BAs (he said something like 600/year). His office was clean, well organized, and made me comfortable. His staff is amazing, they make you feel excited and so normal about everything you're considering (when other people you tell about it can make you feel the opposite). I tried on different sizers-So fun! Also got to do the Vector imaging and got to see what I could potentially look like after surgery. The BEST part is I got to meet other patients of his that were having follow ups. They were in great spirits, confident in the work he's done on them, and were honest about their experience which was nothing but positive. I scheduled my surgery same day and cancelled my other consults. He was definitely the one!

I got to meet with one of the nurses. We took before pics and went over the to-dos and not to-dos before/after surgery. I signed paper works and asked questions which were always encouraged to have. I got my prescriptions so i can have them ready and filled ahead of time. I made my "boobie board" which has pics of what I want and don't want. Dr. Pousti has it in the surgery room to reference which I love. He came in at the end of the meeting to answer any questions and to quickly go over what I wanted and what to expect. It was quicker than my first visit but good. I'm expecting a call from the surgery center and from him the day before surgery. You really feel cared for by him and the staff, so excited!!

Surgery day:

Pictures of my boobie board and wish boobs for surgery

Almost there! Need words of wisdom!

3 more days till the big day! People keep asking me if I'm nervous. I'm mostly excited but they're making me nervous by always asking! Would love some last minute advice and words of wisdom :)

Posting before pics before the big day..

Surgery in an hour!

Just got gowned up with an IV in. Definitely a little nervous. Just looking forward to having it done and over with. Know I won't regret it. Surgery center is nice with friendly staff. Waiting on the anesthesiologist to talk with me then to see Dr. Pousti before any meds are given to me to go over final things and get drawn on. Can't wait to be on the other side! Posting before pics..




Not even 24hrs later

So surgery went smoothly. Dr.Pousti held my hand as I went under. I gave him more pics that morning but didn't see the boobie board I made for the surgery in the room but I know he knew what I wanted regardless. Originally we talked about around 350-400cc but ended up getting 302 and 325 (might be off by a few cc?) because of my frame and tight skin. Totally trust the decision. They already look like they're going to be a good size under my surgical bra and jacket.

Told the anesthesiologist I get sick with anesthesia so she put anti nausea in my IV as well. The nurse in recovery also gave me zofran for nausea. Unfortunately that didn't work too well as once I got home I threw up the only bit of water I drank after surgery. I was nauseous after I tried eating dinner as well but managed to keep the little I ate down. Only ate 3/4 a piece of bread and a couple bites of souP yesterday bc I kept feeling sick after. To be completely honest I was miserable. Being in pain and nauseous made me emotional and just over it.

My boyfriend woke me in in the middle of the night a few times to give me water and food and my meds. He's amazing and has done so much to make sure I have everything I need and that I'm okay. Woke up a few times to him leaning over me making sure I'm breathing normally. I'm waking in day 2 feeling a bit better. Definitely hurts to move but laying down I feel pretty normal just some pressure. Switching over to Tylenol because the Percocet makes me so sick. Rough first day but optimistic about the rest! :)

Moving into Day 2

So the first 24 hrs were rough. I've never been able to tolerate prescription pain meds and that held true yesterday. Was still in pain and super dizzy and nauseous. Actually couldn't get out of bed without feeling horrible. Moved over to extra strength Tylenol only now and seems like so far is better. I'd rather still be in a little pain than still in pain and nauseous. Here's to hoping for a smoother recovery now!

Had my first post op

Nothing was taken off but they checked incisions and said no complications. I told them how I've been getting dizzy and almost migraine like symptoms and they said that's still from the narcotics in my system. That made me happy bc I was beginning to feel like something was wrong and I was never gonna shake that awful feeling. Waking up day 3 feeling better so far. Make sure you ladies are eating lots of protein, drinking water, and deep breathing! Wish I did more of it sooner and it probably would've helped. Next post op is in a week where I start massages. Can't wait for that one ????????

Some advice on the beginning hard times

Gonna start by saying I never regretted my decision to get a BA for a second..but for the people who are anticipating getting the procedure done, these are the tops things to be aware of in case it's not exactly a breeze for you:

1) Sleeping is probably my biggest complaint. Make sure before you get the procedure you make a good set up to be able to sleep upright and comfortably. I woke up so many times the first two days and my boyfriend had to keep lifting me up to readjust. Which reminds me to also say make sure you have someone taking care of you that's able to help scoot you up in a bed and lift you up.

2) Morning boob is real. I'm super stiff and achy in the morning but I take some Tylenol and and move around a bit and it improves a lot.

3) Have extra strength Tylenol (or similar) on hand if you know/are unaware you don't do well with narcotics. After the first day I only took Tylenol bc the meds made me so sick and miserable AND I was still in pain. There was no point. Day 3 and beyond became more bearable but it was a process. The meds/anesthesia don't come out of your system after a few hrs...it actually takes a few days. Took me a while to recover from those. Deep breathing often and a high protein diet are sooo key!

4) Fight staying inside if you can help it. Fresh air makes me feel like a new person every time I step out. It's helped nausea multiple times.

5) They're not usually pretty at first, trust the process :)

Tomorrow marks 1 week. I started feeling completely like myself yesterday (crazy relief) and every day I can move my arms more and more without discomfort. Tomorrow I can officially lift my arms up if need be and have a few more freedoms. I have a follow up in 4 days to start massages. Can't wait!

1 week mark!!

So the nipples are definitely stretched a bit and looking down but that'll change when they drop. I always thought I'd hate them till they drop and look good but I really do love them already! Was worried 300/325 wouldn't be enough. Originally planned for 400 but sooo happy with the size! Seriously going to be perfect. EXCITED

Day 12

Started massages and feeling good! Officially can reach out and up. Pushing myself off of things and pressing down hard still doesn't feel good but besides that I feel totally back to normal. My nipples are still looking down and implants are high but they look great in clothes already. So happy so far! Wish I could speed up the drop and fluff process...

Week 2

Week 3!

Swelling has gone a lot and with that I feel like they look smaller. Hoping as they drop they'll look bigger..

1 month!!

Finally upgrading to sports bras for the next month. The surgical bra was getting really loose since the swelling went down. Happy so far but hoping they look just as-if not bigger when the fully drop. Being only 300cc worries me they won't be big enough but I know different sizes can look totally different on different people.

1 month more pics

Pics didn't post

Boobie blues

I hear this happens a lot but the more I look at myself the more I wish I had gone bigger. The surgeon said my skin was tight and anything bigger than 300cc looked fake and not what I would want. I trust him but I'm eager to see what they'll look like when they fully drop and fluff. I see a lot of pics of people after surgery vs after 3-6months and they look way bigger after time. Just worried that's not gonna happen with me. I'd get a second surgery but I would seriously hate to go under the knife/anesthesia again #1 and #2 my incisions actually look really good. I don't want to make them really noticeable by opening them up again. Ugh! Impatience! Anyone with encouragement and experience feel free to message/comment!

2 months!!

2 months!!

They look bigger in photos than real life I feel like. The right is definitely dropping faster and without clothes it looks a lot bigger than my left bc it's fuller at the bottom. I have lots of time in faith that they'll even out. Hope so at least. They put 25cc more in my right bc it was smaller than my left to start. Definitely still having the emotional ups and downs. They really don't look that much different than before in clothes so hoping that'll change when they drop. I'm also only wearing sports bras still so maybe with actual bras it'll be more drastic. Here's to more massaging, waiting, and watching!

3 months!!

Just had my 3 month post op. My right is definitely dropping faster than my left. I get a decent look with push up bras but over all still wishing I could've gone bigger. Darn tight skin and small frame! Talked about upsizing in the future and seems like a much easier procedure I just unfortunately have no idea of how I could get the funds for it. Trying to relax until they're completely dropped before worrying about another procedure. Definitely still recommend Dr.Pousti to anyone! Glad he went safety first just left wanting a little more..

4 months!

The right is definitely getting more full at the bottom and starting to look better. The left is still fairly high so trying to massage that side more. Wishing they'd just be final result already! Getting happier every day with the final result. I absolutely still have moments of boobie greed but the positive feedback has helped for sure. Have to remember how lucky I am to even have his type of result with no complications. ????????

A little bikini shopping ????

6 months


Still have moments of feeling they're too small but don't want to risk something going wrong if I did a revision. There's virtually no scar along my nipple line and they honestly look great. My left side still isn't as dropped as the right but I'm growing more patient :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful doctor, very happy with results even a week out from my BA! Read my full review on my page if you want all the details :) highly recommend!

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