17 Years Old.. Great Breast Reduction - San Diego, CA

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I'm 17 years old and I cannot wait for my breast...

I'm 17 years old and I cannot wait for my breast reduction next week. I'm a very confident young girl but my breasts are my biggest insecurity, and pretty much biggest health problem(back pains) I don't have a tiny frame, but I'm quite average at 140 and 5'6. I wear about a size 6, and I spill out of my 32DDD bra. I can remember being 14 in physical education and trying to run the mile but spilling out of my 34D bra. I thought it was normal for that to happen to girls with boobs after puberty but now I'm beginning to realize how much bustier I was compared to everyone else. All my school dances were so difficult to shop for because I had to shovel my breasts into the dress, or wear a dress that just didn't fit right, and ordering online was NEVER an option(you'll see the inserted picture....)...They just kept growing and by the time I was 15 my back was killing me. I went to the chiropractor a ton, they took X-rays and told me my back was beginning to curve. I didn't realize until much recently that my back pain were from my breasts. I'd begged my mom about the procedure for so long and finally one day when we were shopping and trying on sports bras she noticed how saggy my breasts were for a 17 year old girl and let me make my consultation appointment. I did not go through insurance because my mom wanted me to go to the surgeon whom she got breast IMPLANTS from 15 years prior. Yes, my mom used to have AA breasts and somehow I got bigger than a DDD. My consultation was scheduled for the 16th of September but they had cancelations so I was able to come in on the 3rd. It's crazy to think I have my surgery scheduled for next week when I was supposed to have my CONSULTATION on the 16th! I wouldn't have even had my consultation yet! My doctor told me I was a good candidate for this surgery. He wanted me to go home and think a while to make sure I want this surgery and I had no second thoughts. I called and booked the soonest surgery slot available right when they opened the next day. A few days later I had my pre-op and got my prescriptions(Percocet, nausea meds, and an antibiotic) and my mom and I filled out all the papers. My breast reduction is scheduled for the 22nd(a week from tomorrow) and I could not be more stoked! I am hoping to reduce as small as I can for my body type. I want a full B cup or a small C.

1st day post-op

I feel so good and happy. Was super loopy yesterday but the procedure was so much easier than I expected. General anesthesia through my IV and boom ten seconds later I was out. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room asking for them to send my mom back so she could hold my hand. Once I got home I was able to eat a lot and take my oxycodone. Faded in and out of sleep. I couldn't sleep through the night last night, but it's understandable considering I just got this procedure. If I'm laying down, my pain is not bad at all, just lots of pressure. I'm not draining too much fluid which is awesome because then I'll be able to get the drains out soon. Still in shock that my large boobs are gone! I haven't seen them fully yet but they're tight and swollen. No more squishy or sag!!

Drains out!

Drains are out. It's funny that the most pain I've had this time is being numbed for the drains to be taken out. I'm healing crazy fast so I got my drains out 2 days post op when they could've stayed in for two weeks. First time really moving around a lot was today going to see my surgeon to get the drains out so at my appointment I got lightheaded and the nurse had to lay me down and fan me. The ride home seemed long just because I wasn't feeling my best. Now I'm in bed resting just took a Percocet. Still really happy about how everything is going. Dr. Pousti has been so awesome and sweet and is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He's really proud of the job he's done on me which makes me feel really good. He even gave me flowers today at my first post op appointment :)

6 days post op

6 days post op and feeling really good. I got to look at my breasts and I am in love with them!!!! They are so cute... Not in too much pain just a little sore.

16 days post op!

Feeling good, everything is getting better. I still love my new breasts. At first I was worried that they were too big still, but they are so cute and perky so there's no way to hate them! I'm so happy. Only complication is a superficial tear in the bottom of my left breast, it doesn't hurt, it's just oozy and angry looking compared to the right. I also have rashes from itching my skin so much from when they took the adhesive off from around my nipples. I tried to take benadryl last night and it didn't really help the itch but it definitely knocked me out for the night! That was nice because the past two weeks I think I've developed insomnia because I can't fall asleep or stay asleep. Which is understandable because I am a stomach sleeper, so I can't really get comfortable on my back. It's so crazy that even with all this padding around my boobs to keep them protected, I still look smaller in my shirts than before. When I look down at my chest, it seems big, but when I look in the mirror they're little and perky. I realized its because they used to sag so much I didn't get to see them up so high and perky! I got 364 grams taken out of the left and 289 out of the right. I'm so pleased with how everything is coming along.

Some before pictures!

Here are some pictures from before where you can tell the size and sag

21 days post Op (warning, pretty gross photo)

Overall, I've had a great recovery. I must've used my arms too much because I got a superficial wound opening at the bottom center of the anchor. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's right where the vertical and horizontal incision meet. It doesn't hurt too much, and my doctor has checked it twice and hasn't put me on antibiotics yet. It definitely looks nasty though, but it's supposed to heal on it's own.I have a nonstick adhesive that I'm supposed to keep on it, although hence the 'nonstick' part, it does not like to stay on the wound, especially with all the ooziness.

Scar management came!

Very excited about my adhesive sheeting for my scars.

First time in a real bra!

A little over 3 months post surgery and I finally put on my first real bra! 34C and I feel so nice! Although I seriously wouldn't mind being flat, I'm so satisfied with the results.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr. Pousti he is straightforward and won't do anything that won't satisfy me. He is very helpful and caring. He treats his patients with great respect and even called me the day before and after my procedure. I would recommend him to anyone in the area looking for a plastic surgeon. All the ladies in the office are amazing too. They are so sweet and genuine, I feel like I can talk to them about anything! Dr. Pousti performed wonderfully on me and I would recommend him to ANYONE for ANY procedure!

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