37, 1 Child, 440cc implant removal, no lift. So happy to be me again!

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Cant decide! I had a breast augmentation 3 years...

Cant decide! I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago, 440cc silicone under the muscle. Though I think they are absolutely beautiful I feel they are way to big. I don't like the weight and my right side seems to be constantly uncomfortable. Right off the bat I figured I would go back for smaller implants but 6 months after the surgery I got pregnant (I have endometriosis and the doctors told me I couldn't have kids so, she's my miracle) I breast her for 10 months and gave my body time to recoup from baby. Now that I'm ready I've seriously been considering explant with lift over exchange. I am worried if I exchange for a full B cup - maybe a very small C - I would still be uncomfortable even though they would weigh less. (I am currently a large D small DD)
I do enjoy the upper pole look of implants and understand I would lose that as well as I will probably end up smaller than I originally was. I think I can be okay with no upper pole but am concerned about ending up a lot smaller than I was. From what I understand my surgeon believes I should still be full but with no upper volume. This does bring me some comfort. But concerned the size difference will be very noticeable. I was a mid B cup prior to augmentation and would hope to be somewhat close. I'm also concerned what the comfort level would be with a smaller implant. I understand I would probably still feel something but could it be a lot?

Like many of the ladies on this site I was ready...

Like many of the ladies on this site I was ready to have my implants out. From the day I got them I always felt like they were to big and never got over the feeling of something inside me. I was always uncomfortable, it was like a white noise that was always there. Some days they bothered me more than others. I probably would've had them removed within the first year but 6 month after the surgery I became pregnant with my miracle baby. I have endometriosis and only have 75% of one ovary left after a few surgeries. The doctors told me that I would never be able to have children. So after many years heartache and pain I decided to accept my motherless fate and in the back of my mind I always thought "it would be nice to have bigger breast" so I took the plunge. Boy that was a mistake. They looked great and were beautiful. Even when I had my yearly woman exams my doctor said they were very well done, and I agreed but I hated them. To big, to heavy, to uncomfortable.

I went back to my original doctor. I completely trusted him and he was very kind and didn't try to talk me out of explant. It was an emotional journey, I researched, thought about it, researched some more, cried and researched some more. I saw my surgeon twice in person and he even talked with me over the phone. Each time he was patient and addressed all my questions and concerns. After two months I decided on the explant and lift at the same time. Pre-op went well and I was excited to have these things out of me! I knew I would have more scars which sadden me but I tried to not kick myself for getting them in the first place and move forward with repairing the damage I've done. 

Having finding out I had a cyst on my ovary a few days after my pre-op I decided to only explant with a lift 6-8 months later. I wanted to keep the inflammation down in my body as much as possible. Hope it was the right decision. 

My surgery was on November 17th. The procedure went well and quick. He said my pocket was very thin, I had no complications. When I woke up I felt great. Despite the compression and drains. Just the feeling of them out was wonderful. I felt so happy and energetic that day. 

Healing had been going good overall. I'm still sore where the incision and drains are. But I've always healed on the slower side. I hated having drains they were so uncomfortable for me but I knew it wouldn't last forever. My husband and mom have taken great care of me. Helping with cooking, and my 2 year old. About a week and a half later I was so excited to have the drains out. I think they would've been pulled earlier if it wasn't for the holiday weekend. I opted to be numbed first before removal because I was scared but the shots hurt so much it might've been easier just to get it over with.

I am now a little over 2 weeks post implant. I still have bandage and compression but I go back in another week and some more of that will be removed. 

My breast look pretty sad but a lot better than I imagined. I know time is on my side and I will eventually have the lift. I do kind of regret not doing it all at once. I dread the feeling of healing from yet another surgery, sleeping on my back and needing all the help again, but that will be several months down the road so I'm trying to keep that out of my mind. And who knows maybe I will be comfortable enough with how I recover and I wont need the lift.

Praying for a continued complication free healing. I am so happy with my decision and look forward to running and doing upper body exercises I couldn't do with my implants. I will keep updated as I heal. This site and so many stories have helped so much in my journey I hope I can offer the same for someone else.


It's been about a month since explant and I'm super happy with the results. Their starting to 'fluff' up some and I don't look so concave on top. My left one has a small indent right below the nipple which is bothersome so I'm hoping it won't get worse and it will straighten out. But so far super happy with the results and how I'm responding. I didn't get my capsules out and I've been a little worried about that (second guessing myself) but trying not to stress to much

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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing. He really cares and takes the time to listen. He really help me when I couldn't decide on explant lift and re-implant smaller, explant and lift or just explant. He does beautiful work and knew I would be well taken care of, and I was! Even all the ladies in the office are super kind, understanding and encouraging. I took two months to make a decision on what route to take and he was always willing to see me and even took a phone call from me! I cant say enough good things about him and the office. When I go back for my lift I know he will do the best to minimize scaring and will do good clean work. He truly does care for his patients. I highly recommend him.

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