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Cant decide! I had a breast augmentation 3 years...

Cant decide! I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago, 440cc silicone under the muscle. Though I think they are absolutely beautiful I feel they are way to big. I don't like the weight and my right side seems to be constantly uncomfortable. Right off the bat I figured I would go back for smaller implants but 6 months after the surgery I got pregnant (I have endometriosis and the doctors told me I couldn't have kids so, she's my miracle) I breast her for 10 months and gave my body time to recoup from baby. Now that I'm ready I've seriously been considering explant with lift over exchange. I am worried if I exchange for a full B cup - maybe a very small C - I would still be uncomfortable even though they would weigh less. (I am currently a large D small DD)
I do enjoy the upper pole look of implants and understand I would lose that as well as I will probably end up smaller than I originally was. I think I can be okay with no upper pole but am concerned about ending up a lot smaller than I was. From what I understand my surgeon believes I should still be full but with no upper volume. This does bring me some comfort. But concerned the size difference will be very noticeable. I was a mid B cup prior to augmentation and would hope to be somewhat close. I'm also concerned what the comfort level would be with a smaller implant. I understand I would probably still feel something but could it be a lot?
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My surgeon is amazing. He is so patient and listens to all my questions. He did a beautiful job with the augmentation. I just decided on something bigger than I should have. I completely trust him with whatever scenario I choose for this next step

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