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There are so many positive things to say about Dr...

There are so many positive things to say about Dr Pousti and his staff that I barely know where to start, so here is my story from the beginning.

I am in my mid-20s, and ever since I could remember, I wanted larger breasts.  Naturally I was an A cup (although Dr Pousti and other doctors I saw believed I was at least a small B, so maybe I was wearing the wrong bra size, who knows?), but always wanted to “upgrade” to the “perfect C cup”.  Once I graduated school and landed on my feet with a little extra money saved up, I decided to actually look into the breast augmentation procedure.

I was very very skeptical and nervous about getting breast implants, after all, there were no physical deformities and I did have some breast tissue that could easily be manipulated to look larger.  My worst fear was getting a botch boob job!  I obsessed constantly and carefully critiqued every doctor and his work before deciding to go and meet any of them.  A tip to women looking at doctor reviews:  a doctor can have 100 excellent reviews for nose jobs or tummy tucks, but that doesn’t mean anything if you are getting a breast augmentation!  Be sure to concentrate on the right reviews and make sure your doctor is a specialist in what procedure you are having done!

I saw 2 doctors before finding Dr Pousti.  From the minute I met him, I knew he was the right doctor for me.  The other doctors were nice, but we just didn’t click.  I feel like Dr Pousti was the only doctor I talked to that understood what my end goal was and then some.  He asked me to bring in pictures of what I wanted my results to be, which is what I HIGHLY recommend even if you decide to go with another doctor.  As he told me, my idea of a C cup and his idea of a C cup could be completely different.  A visual representation of what I actually wanted is the only way to really get accurate results.  To my surprise, the photos I brought in were actually patients who ended up with a D cup or larger!  Dr Pousti actually takes the pictures into the operating room with him so he can get your results the closest he can to what you want.

I will admit it was a little nerve racking going into the OR not knowing a size beforehand, but after it was all over, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  The other doctors used a bra in their office and just put the implant over my breast and “guaranteed” me they would be the size I wanted…WRONG!  You can’t put an implant under your shirt and expect the final result to be accurate.  Everyone’s body is different and sticking an implant under a shirt will not give you an accurate end size.  The sizes that the other doctors wanted to use were significantly smaller than what I actually ended up with and I would have probably ended up getting them redone. 

Dr Pousti is very honest.  If he does not feel he can get an A+ result, he will not take that patient.  He tells you exactly what to expect and lets you know upfront what the risks are and also that even though you have a perfect image of what you want to be, it is not always possible since everyone is different.  No other doctor I visited even muttered those words to me.  I know putting your body image in the hands of basically a complete stranger is very unsettling, but one visit with Dr Pousti and his staff, your mind will be at ease.  He even lets you talk to actual patients who are there on appointments.  You can see his work first hand and given the privacy to ask those patients for their honest opinion and for their advice.  What other doctor will let you do that?  Knowing that he has such confidence and skill in his work that he lets you talk to actual patients really says a lot for what kind of doctor he is and how good his work is.

The staff is always pleasant and patient.  After my surgery, I must have called every other day asking if what I saw was normal, they never complained, never were rude, and were very professional on the phone and in the office.  They understood that this was the first time I ever had any type of surgery and my questions and concerns were normal, even though they may hear them every day.  They call you every day after your surgery to make sure you are doing well, even over the weekend!  Dr Pousti is also very patient and understanding, I even requested a second consultation appointment before my surgery so my husband could come and meet him, and he was more than happy to do so.   He answered all our questions and was very understanding to both of us.

Thank God I found Dr Pousti!  He is a specialist in breast augmentation and does dozens every week or so.  By the day of surgery, I had decided numbers don’t mean anything to me; I was no longer going to concentrate on what size implant I was getting.  I gave him my pictures and told him my expectations, he is the specialist, not me, and so I was going to let him do his job based on what I had told him.  I hired him because he is the best at what he does and I was going to trust him to do a superb job on me.

The final size we agreed upon before going into surgery:  Keep em’ guessing.  I didn’t want my new girls to look super fake, but I didn’t want it to look like I didn’t get anything done.  My end result is just that!  The surgery center is great, the anesthesiologist and Dr Pousti hold your hand while you are sedated.  Dr Pousti uses sizers in the OR to find out what size you need to get to your requested size before putting in the permanent implant.  I wouldn’t recommend anything else!  Don’t settle on a size before going into surgery, because honestly, you won’t know what it will look like until the job is actually done! 

Currently I wear a 34D in Victoria’s Secret, depending on the style a DD!  With anything else, I would have been super unhappy.  I have been out in San Diego and Las Vegas and have gotten compliments from other WOMEN on how perfect my girls look.  Not to brag, but Dr Pousti did give me the perfect breasts!

Don't look for the cheapest price. Even though it is cosmetic, any type of surgery poses a risk. Dont' choose a doctor just because his price is better than another. Go with who you are most comfortable with and who shares your same vision and understands what you want your end result to be. This was a personal decision. I did this for me, not to please anybody else. I didn't want anyone's opinion beforehand, so I didn't tell anybody until I actually went through with it. You do not need anybody stressing you out with their opinion before you actually get the surgery. Remember it is your body and you have the right to do with it what you choose.

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