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So here is my story. I am about 5'2 and flunctite...

So here is my story. I am about 5'2 and flunctite between 98 and 105lbs. I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was 15 years old. Now that I am almost 28, I figured it is now or never! Well, I did it. I was told by my ps that whatever I like the "look" of, they would typically put in one size up. I got to bring a variety of implants home for a two weeks. I brought home the 350s, 325s. I am not only short, but I have a very petite frame and not much of a booty. I wear size 0 and all shirts are an extra small. As you can see, my tits were small AF so I have always felt insecure. Anyway, moving forward... Ultimately the 350s definitely made me look too top heavy so those were out. I was set on the look of the 325s but thought I should bring home the 300s JUST to be sure. So I picked them up. Came home and compared to the 325s, I felt like I looked a little too top heavy with the 325s as well.

Well, after 100 dress ups and discussion with my best friend/roommate, we agreed that the look of the 300s was the right thing. That being said, I informed my ps I have chosen to insert the 325s and through the nipple.

WELL, so far I am 4 days post op. I have been putting on my little bralettes that I originally tried the sizers with and UGH nowhere near. I feel like you can't tell I have any boobs and just that it looks like my normal "period boobs," (swollen and kinda there.)

So I decided to share my journey for anyone else who has wish they gone bigger and feels super depressed about potentially getting a size too small. I am fortunate enough that I don't have any "frankenboob." My doctor did a beautiful job, and I have minimal bruising. I just WISH I had gone bigger and not listened to anyone else. If I could go back in time I definitely would have put in the 350cc. Well here it goes, I hope from here on out my posts become more positive and that they improve in sizing during the "drop and fluff" process.
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