48yrs BREAST AUGMENTATION Tall Mentor Anatomicals, 555cc, moderate profile - San Diego, CA

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I never thought I'd get breast implants

Until I hit about 42 years, I was never really bothered by my small breasts. I admired larger breasts but accepted that was not my fate, plus I have always been athletic and they were convenient. And they didn't look too bad. But around 42, everything started deflating. Even my boyfriend, who loves me just the way I am, asked jokingly "where did they go?". And that's without having had any children.
I am tired of wearing triple padded poly blend sports bras to try to balance out my figure. I found some expensive AAA bras online that fit but don't give me any volume. I can't help but feel less feminine without breasts, and I think it would be fun to experience having them. I am taking advantage of options available these days to improve my appearance.
I am reluctant to insert foreign objects into my body, but am going to take this risk with the knowledge that implants these days are better than they have ever been and many women have them and don't experience any problems. For that reason I also think I will go with textured gummy bear implants. I am optimistic.
I am also a little concerned about the judgements I may experience from others, but the older I get the less I worry about what others think of me.


I had six consults. I am going with Dr. G because even though he is the furthest from where I live, I was impressed by his knowledge, experience and willingness to spend as much time with me as I needed to make sure all of my questions were answered...and I had a lot of them. My breasts are not symmetrical, my folds may need adjusting, it will be challenging to get my nipples in the center of my breasts, I don't want to look obviously fake, I don't want a large space between my breasts...my issues/questions went on and on and he addressed all of them. I got the sense that this doctor really cares, has the expertise and will do everything he can and spend as much time as he needs to give me the best possible result - I think he always gives 110% percent. I hope I am not wrong but that is the sense that I get.
I also loved Eva, who works with Dr. G. She's wonderful - intelligent, kind, easy to communicate with and good spirited. They make a good team. I know a lot of doctors don't share their opinion of what they think will look best on you, as what looks best is subjective and they don't want to impose their vision on you. But I want breasts that fit my body and I value opinions from professionals who have seen a lot of augmentations and know what might fit my frame the best. Dr. G and Eva are helping me figure that out, and so far we're thinking 450cc.
I had my first consult with them over a month ago. I am going again tomorrow for my pre op. I am excited and now actually getting a little nervous.

Paid in full - nervous

My pre op was yesterday. I am paid in full, have a hotel booked for the night of the procedure, and am now really nervous. It all just got real. I am going bigger than I had originally thought I would go, but I think a tall anatomical implant in the 500 range will look best on my frame. Ultimately I am not attached to a cup size or cc's - I want something that will be a good fit for my body, and I am tall, very slight up top and have wide hips. I think my only hesitancy of going a bit larger is what others will think when they first see me, but I don't want to be worried about that. If I just go by what I like, I think the larger 500cc's will give me a great figure. Dr. G said he'd try on the sizers before putting in the implants to make sure they're not too big for my tissues/build. I don't want implants that my body can't handle or that don't look like a good fit, so I am relying on his good judgement - so much so that I am driving 2+ hours each way for these appointments.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos with the sizers - I had run really late for my appointment - again - and felt really horrible about that and didn't want to take up any more time than I already had. (I had worked in the morning and then got notification that my tire pressure was low and I didn't want to take any chances with such a long trip, and then there was traffic...blah blah blah, it's not good to be late.) I hope going to someone so far from where I live is not a bad decision. And I hope the drive home the day after the procedure isn't torturous.
I wish I could see examples of women with tall anatomical implants, so if anyone out there has them, please share.

More wish boobs

46_hibiscus has excellent results with tall anatomical gummy implants. I wouldn't mind looking like her. They're beautiful and I like her nipple placement.

Another wish pic

new2023 got great results with Mentor 450 HP smooth round silicone. I love them. She's 5'6" 125lbs; I am 5'9" 135lbs and will get either 495 or 555 Mentor tall anatomicals (textured), moderate plus projection. I hope the tall anatomicals make up for my lack of body mass/tissue up top, balance out my figure and prevent the implants from looking totally fake. During surgery Dr. G will try the larger sizer to see if it suits my body - we don't want something that's not appropriate for my build. If they look overwhelming for my tissues/frame then he'll go with 495. I do not want to appear top heavy nor do I want the look of two baseballs floating on my chest. I am comfortable with these two options - although because I am so tall I am leaning towards the larger size, but again, only if my body can handle them. I don't want to have boob greed and can't afford another surgery anytime soon - plus who wants more surgeries? At this point I feel confident that my doctor will make the best decision during surgery. Only two weeks to boobs!

sleep - or lack thereof

Did anyone else practically stop sleeping before their procedure? I wake up every night about 3a or 4a with boobs on my mind. Any suggestions?

selecting size - my measurements

So my doctor has ordered 495 and 550 mentor tall, anatomical, moderate profile implants. I know those are good options, but a little voice in my head is wondering if there should be one more option on hand for surgery, a size up? Is it a hassle for the doctor to have to order one more option to have on hand?
If any of you experienced ladies has an opinion on this, please share it with me. With clothes on, I don't want stripper/fake boob look (although many of those are wonderful, just not for me), but I don't want....boring.

about 135lbs
33" at nipples
31" just under breast fold
27" - 30" waist, depending on what I've eaten (NO WAIST!)
33" hips (not sure where the hips should be measured - this is 2" below my belly button
BWD one is 13 and one is just under 13
Fortunately my shoulders are pretty good - somewhat broad.
I am shaped pretty much like a tree trunk. By the end of the day, and sometimes even in the morning - my belly sticks out farther than my boobs. Lovely. When I had youth on my side, this didn't bother me so much. I am now looking forward to a more feminine shape.
If you have any thoughts, please share! Like everyone, I really want to get this right the first time.

the triple padded sports bra

I won't miss this ritual...triple padding to achieve an A cup, maybe small B? And it's hot - temperature wise, not in appearance.

5 days to go

I am almost there. It will be 495 or 550cc Mentor Tall Anatomical Moderate Profile. I am hoping 550cc works okay, but I trust my doctor to make the best decision. I don't want problems or to look weird or out of proportion. I also don't want boob greed.

I definitely have boob-on-the-brain and feel like I am just waiting for surgery. Everything else is a nuisance. I need to get out of that mode.

Sleep eludes me. I hope I don't get sick from lack of it. This is a big change. I might buy some benadryl today and try that.

I have been cooking a freezing some super healthy soups to have post surgery. I think I have everything I need.

Here's what I have been prescribed:
Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (Percocet)
Diazepam (Valium)
Cephalexin (Antibiotic)
Montelukast Sod (Singulair)
Phenadoz suppository (anti-nausea)

I hope my stomach can handle all of those.

Okay, time to stop obsessing.

Tomorrow's the big day

I hope my girls don't end up too big or too small, and that their placement is just right - my doctor is lowering my folds a bit, as neither of us want my implants to sit too high. I hope he's able to get my nipple placement high enough - I prefer to err on the side of nipples sitting higher on the breast rather than pointing down, but right now there's not a lot of skin between my nipple and breast fold. I really hope they don't look completely fake on me because my upper body is so lean. I am a little anxious this evening. I think it's time to get excited instead.

I have full confidence in my doctor.

My anesthesiologist called me today. She has a lot of experience and a great track record. I feel confident in her as well.

My surgery is at noon tomorrow so I can get up early (4 or 5a) and have a cup of coffee with soymilk creamer (one of my favorite things in the world) and vacuum and mop the floors. And I can drink water. My anesthesiologist even said I could have a light breakfast before 6:30a, but I think I'll skip that. If I can have coffee and water I am happy. Plus they gave me a special pre-surgery drink that I need to finish before 10a.

I am tired. Time to shower and wipe down with special anti-bacterial wipes they gave me. I'll be posting updates as soon as I am able.

Thanks everyone for your helpful reviews and comments.

Day 1 Post - I am THRILLED

Surgery went smoothly. The pain (and bloat!) is real but nothing that drugs and time can't handle. Thank goodness the lovely and capable anesthesiologist Dr. Marsh took good care of me and I felt great coming out of surgery. The entire surgical staff was friendly, attentive and top notch. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my surgery was delayed one day and my boo couldn't stay to take care of me. However, I did have the sweet, attentive and kind heart-ed Brenna, from Dr. G's office, taking great care of me the whole time and driving me to and from my appointments. She was a great friend to hang out with.
Eva was critical in helping me select the perfect size, and I can't thank her enough for that.
And most importantly of all, I was the lucky beneficiary of Dr. G's mastery. So far I LOVE my results, and it's only one day post op, so I am guessing they're only going to look better. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. They're not too high or two low, not too big or too small, the nipple placement is great. They're phenomenal. I feel like they are exactly want I wanted. I am so happy with the results. I knew there was a reason I drove 2.5 hours each way for surgery with Dr. G. He is an expert and an artist. I will keep updating with images of my progress. Thanks for the love ladies.
P.S. My boyfriend can't keep his hands off of me.

more photos of post op day 1

I feel like they don't look fake. :)

Good morning

My boobs are now large enough to make a ledge to hold my coffee cup while I lie in bed.

the most mortifying position in the world is no longer taboo

When naked, this position was to be avoided at all costs. Check out that breast tissue! It never would have been photographed had I not been about to have BA. Alas, I am no longer 'sensitive' about this angle.

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz is THE BEST

I am so thankful I went with my heart and my gut and chose this doctor, despite the long commute. On my very first consult, he took the time to connect with me and thoroughly answer all of my questions. Before surgery, he made sure he was clear on what my goals were. Despite a number of obstacles - little to no breast tissue, asymmetry, somewhat widely spaced nipples, not a lot of skin beneath my nipples and breast folds, and differing amounts of skin on each side - he was able to achieve beautiful results because of his experience, expertise, attention to detail, competence, dedication and passion for what he does. He is a perfectionist and a master in his field, just what I want in my surgeon. I knew Dr. G was the one for me on our first meeting. Still, I did my due diligence and had five or six consults with other top rated doctors in Beverly Hills and Orange County. Despite my hesitancies of going with a doctor so far away, I chose Dr. G. I just knew he would do the best job.
I am now post op day 3. Today my boyfriend and I took a shower so he could wash my hair - not an easy task as it's long and fine and knots easily. (He did a great job.) I tried not to use my arms too much but hope I didn't overdue it, as I was in a fair amount of pain afterwards. I definitely skipped the blow out. Now I am just resting...writing my second review of this morning as my first long one which I took an hour to write disappeared. Argh! I know that has happened to other women.
Here are some photos. I have never, ever taken so many photos of myself in my life. Despite exercise and eating right, I have never been able to balance my upper and lower body. (Okay, I guess I could have lifted more with my upper body, but I am just not that into working out.) I am so happy with the results I have, and it's only day three. Thank you Dr. G!!!!
I still haven't had a BM and am up about seven pounds, but that does not bother me as I know those issues will resolve.

Hand wash my bra

I went bra and bandless for maybe 45 minutes while I hand washed my bra and band and then hung them in front of a fan to dry. My breasts did not like that. I put an ace bandage around them for the interim but that was not enough. Frugal as I am, I may have to invest in a second back up bra.

I tried on a tank while I washed my post surgery bra


Am I oversharing? I am just so excited.

Here they are again, not quite four days post surgery. (my surgery was postponed a day which is why the RealSelf count might be off)
I took a moment post shower today for another photo op. I am still putting arnica gel on the girls and around the area.

Here are my pre surgery and current post surgery stats:
Pre: about 135lbs, 4 days post: about 140lbs
Pre: 33" at nipples, 4 days post; 37" around nipples
pre" 31" just under breast fold, post - about the same
pre: 27" - 30" waist, depending on what I've eaten, post 29"-30", and that's first thing in the morning, so I am definitely still bloated with not much of a waist to speak of
So the boobs are bigger, and so is everything else.

Good news, I did have a BM this morning. Not a full, satisfying symphony, but a minor movement, which is better than nothing. I don't like that Miralax I've been taking, but believe it helps soften things up, so I think now I will let nature take over and perhaps just add extra probiotics and calcium magnesium. Or maybe I should take it one more day, just to be safe. I already drink a ton of water and eat high fiber foods and zero processed food - yes I am an annoying food nazi right now.
Energy level is up and down. So far I have spent almost all of my time resting, although I regularly get up and walk around my place. I can get a bit nauseous as well, but so far nothing too overwhelming.

Okay I hope this all is helping someone. I know pre surgery I couldn't get enough information like this. If anyone wants to private message me I am happy to help in any way that I can.

Oh, and I don't believe I mentioned today how much I love my surgeon. I think he did and an outstanding job and I couldn't have asked for a better result. So far, this is exactly what I wanted. He's the bomb.


So here are some photos of the girls taken yesterday morning, post op day 6. I think they're looking pretty symmetrical, which is wonderful, given that I was not symmetrical to begin with. I keep my band on almost all the time - sometimes I have to take it off when working so it's not obvious what I've been up to this last week. ;) I have been wearing baggy tshirts and I think keeping everyone either not noticing or guessing if I had something done, but no one has said anything.
I wish I could rest more. I was busy all day yesterday. I miss the days of lounging and spending hours looking at other women's stories on RealSelf.
I am looking foward to my post op today with my superstar doctor and his wonderful team. I will update tonight.
Oh yeah, I am once again 'regular'. Maybe even more regular than usual, which is appreciated. I am still very bloated - I barely recognize my abdomen. I am guessing that might be the prednisone I am still taking. And I actual miss doing cardio. I'd love to have a good sweat. Oh, and forget about my flabby ass.
Thanks as always ladies for sharing your experiences and wealth of knowledge.

Post op day 7

limiting upper body use; indentation

I am finding it challenging to limit my upper body use in regular daily activities - from lifting my heavy purse (I switched to a smaller one), to carrying heavy bags, closing the hatchback, reaching for parking garage passes, wiping counters, scrubbing dishes, etc. I hope I am not overdoing it and damaging capsules that are forming. Today I had to quickly exit the freeway to add air to my tires and I am afraid I wasn't careful enough pulling that airline to all of my tires - I was trying to hurry so that I didn't have to put more money in for more air time. How stupid was that? I should have been super careful and spent the extra $.75 more time would have cost. What a dummy.
I vow to be more careful from now on.
Tonight I noticed an indentation in my left breast, on the inner lower edge. It's only day seven, so I hope it works itself out.
Regardless, having boobs is a whole lot more fun than not having boobs.

Post op day 8

I am going to a party this weekend so today I started working on what I would wear - normally a frustrating, depressing task that usually leaves me just not wanting to go at all. However, today, trying on potential outfits for this weekend's event was a totally different experience - it was so much fun! And so many different options looked good - including the taboo bathing suit (albeit a conservative one piece). Wow that felt great - and very unusual. It's a beach party so...not my first choice of day venues at this point in my life, as I don't need any more moles and freckles and my boobs haven't quite settled in, but I shall cover up as best as I can while dressing festively. The only draw back to trying on clothes is the stress it seems to put on my tissues. That's why I've pretty much stayed away from it until now...and should probably still lay off of it a bit longer. I feel the strain afterwards.
I also tried cardio for the first time today - I only worked my legs and had a great hour long session that left me drenched in sweat. I love to sweat like that - it feels like an internal shower to me. My breasts felt a bit engorged as I worked out, but they went down afterwards and I felt like the workout relieved a lot of tension in my upper body, even though I wasn't using my upper body at all. I've always seen working out as an outlet for tension though, so that makes sense to me. It felt so good to work out (only now my hip hurts - bah!).
On top of all of that, after work I found some sports bras that were on sale that I got an additional discount on. They were fun to try on and they fit well. I feel like I have a whole new body and more confidence. In her reviews, MB LVN is very good at putting words to some feelings we share about this.

Today was a great day. I felt happier than I've felt in a long time. Thank you Dr. Grzeskiewicz and his wonderful co workers.

Post op day 9

Good morning girls. So instead of packing I had a photo shoot. I love my girlies! In the morning I just have to take my bra off and look at them. Okay, off to RealLife.

Post op day 10

So, I am getting pretty boring here...I still love my boobs.

My leftie has a little bit of rippling and maybe indentation on the inner lower quadrant. And, of course, my breasts aren't symmetrical. But I feel all of this is more noticeable in photos, maybe because I have on rose colored glasses whenever I look at them directly. I also take into consideration what I started with, and I know they're still settling in.

Tonight my boyfriend was working in the kitchen and turned around to find me standing there in my boxers putting cream on my breasts. He got a good laugh out of that - it is not something he's seen before. They are still pretty firm but I love the way they feel, and it was fabulous to be able to put cream on a substantial breast. I am not one to gloat over my appearance, but I like the way they look; they turned out prettier than I thought they would. I am getting such a kick out of all of this.

My energy level is good, if not great.

Today I was feeling a lot of tightness in my chest - maybe muscle spasms? They certainly have been stressed a bit. And I still get pain at the incision points - my brilliant doctor had to work extra hard to create new lower folds and secure them to my minimal tissues and/or periosteum. (I have a very slight upper body, as you can see in my before pictures) Dr. G assures me that my folds are never going to drop - they are secured for life. My small incisions (particularly given my fairly large 555cc implants) are placed precisely in my new folds, which makes them pretty much undetectable now, and once my lower pole fills in they should be completely hidden. I can't see them unless I use a mirror or photos. Again, a totally new experience for me. Pre BA I had nothing and could see my entire breast just by looking down. I embrace this wonderful change.

I owe my great experience to my fabulous doctor. He is talented and caring, to say the least. I still need to write a review of him. I am waiting until I have enough time as I want to articulate clearly and completely his wonderful attributes. I want to give him all of the credit he is due.

Tonight my boyfriend said my year of research really paid off. To all my pre BA girls, take your time, do your research, get clear on what you want, and then go to Dr. Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz in San Diego. He's the best!

Post op day 11

Yep, still love them.
Here they were yesterday. I still have pain at the incisions and around the sides of my breasts, and sometimes it feels like the front of my chest is seizing up - then my mind can go crazy with everything that could be wrong.
They are starting to feel more like me.
Here they were yesterday.

post op day 13

I took my car to the dealer today for an oil change and recalls. Hello, five star service! It is so funny. Men now look at me and smile. That never happened before.

Post op day 14

I finally have a couple of hours to myself, so what happens? Nudie shots.
They're coming along. I have some rippling in the inner corner of my leftie that I am thinking might not go away. We'll see. I am only 14 days out.
Can fat be transferred in there to smooth that out?
As always, lighting is everything.

Post op day 16

It's so nice to have boobs. Especially when you don't have much of a waist, which I don't. Dr. Grzeskiewicz hooked me up. I feel I couldn't have asked for a better result. SO...you could say I am still having a lot of fun with these.

Post op day 23

I love my new boobs, although once in awhile I look at them when I am naked and think they look totally fake because I have so little body fat in my decolletage. It really depends on the lighting. But even then I am still glad I have them. Leftie is settling in a little more slowly, and because of the way my ribcage is built is directs out a bit. I don't mind too much. They're perfect in clothes.
I still need to sleep at an angle, otherwise I wake up from pain. There is still a lot of pulling/strain on the lower outer side of my right boob. I don't quite have full range of motion yet.
I love my boobs! They're fun. Clothes are much more fun now.

Post op day 37

Hi my loves! I have been so busy working two jobs that I no longer have much time to peruse RealSelf. Even now I have other things I need to be doing, but I wanted to post an update as, again, I found these stories incredibly helpful when I was deciding what to have done. My boobs are no longer much of a focus for me, they're more of an enjoyable background. It is now so easy to figure out what to wear, as it seems like everything looks so much better than it did when I had very small breasts. And men look at me and smile, which never happened before. It's a lot of fun. I have no regrets. I am glad I chose 555cc anatomicals, as I think they proportionally suit my body. I am glad I chose Dr. G, as I think he couldn't have done a better job. Up until this week, it has felt too stressful or like too much of a strain to stretch/twist/extend to my full range of motion, but I am happy to say that I now feel I have almost full range of motion. It seemed like overnight I was suddenly almost back to normal. I still don't want to push it, but I feel like my arms can now carry some weight. I may try lifting weights soon. My lats still don't appreciate any strain. I still feel pain when I sleep on my back. Doing so must allow gravity to pull on my breasts in a way that is stressful. And I still don't sleep on my side. I think this transition is taking longer for me as my boobs are relatively large given what I started with - which was nothing. And, as Dr. G says, I have delicate tissues. I hope I am not over straining them with these 555ccs. Sometimes in the nude I think my boobs look awesome, and sometimes I think they look totally fake. It really depends on the lighting. I like to be slim, so that doesn't help. But really, I am pretty much always clothed and when nude, I am not trying to pretend I was born with these, so some ripping doesn't bother me too much. I feel more attractive with my new girls and that has made me feel more confident. I am so happy I went for it. I hope these photos are helping someone out there. And to all the RealSelf regular posters: you are ANGELS. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, love and support. You are helping so many women out there. Props to you!

More shots from my lazy Saturday.

I am still in my pj's, cleaning my bathroom cabinets and drawers. I looked in the mirror and thought my girls could pass as real. Maybe I am projecting.

I love my boobs!

My doc killed it.
It's been just over six weeks. They're awesome. And today I lifted weights for the first time since surgery. Yay! I am very happy. I think Dr. G did a superb job. They're perfect.

just over four months

just over four months

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I live and work in Beverly Hills, which has to be one of the meccas of breast augmentation in the states, but I chose to drive the 2+ hours to and from San Diego a few times for my breast augmentation because, after much research, I felt Dr. Grzeskiewicz was the best qualified surgeon for the job. I wanted someone with years of experience, especially with textured shaped anatomical implants, as well as a sensitive and compassionate doctor, an expert, an artist, and someone who I felt really cared and would strive to achieve the best possible outcome for me. In hindsight -14 days post surgery- I am happy to report I chose a doctor who met all of my requirements. I did extensive research for about a year before finally making the decision to get implants and choosing my doctor (there are quite a few to chose from in southern California). I am very slender up top (which you can see in my before shots) and I have always been somewhat embarrassed by my scrawny décolletage and arms. I didn’t feel feminine, but I never thought implants would work on me because I assumed they would end up looking like half cantaloupes on my flat torso, not a look I wanted. But from my research I discovered that shaped textured anatomical implants might actually work well on my frame. While they have been popular in other parts of the world for years, they have only been used here in the states for a couple of years, and only a select few board certified doctors have much experience with them. Shaped textured anatomicals do not really drop after being implanted (although the muscle and tissue covering them softens so they settle a bit), therefore there is less room for error and their placement needs to be precise; you really need a doctor who knows what he’s doing. I found Dr. Grzeskiewicz on RealSelf and was impressed by the reviews written about him, particularly by women who got the shaped textured anatomical implants. I liked his before and after photos and the way he answered questions, which is always very thorough and covers the reasoning behind his thinking. At my first consult he spent almost two hours with me answering questions about the myriad of issues with which I was concerned: little to no breast tissue, asymmetrical folds that would need lowering, nipple placement (I didn’t like nipples that point down – I wanted perky) and not wanting a harsh definition between my chest wall and the implants. He's a great listener and agreed the anatomical would work best on my frame. He and his right hand wonder woman Eva helped and offered feedback as I tried on sizers. I was and continue to be impressed by his painstaking attention to detail and his interest and involvement in all aspects of the process. Still, I did my due diligence and went to five or six other consults with top rated doctors. Some simply told me that shaped textured anatomical implants were bad because they rotate and end up looking distorted (not true). One top doctor in Beverly Hills who’s done thousands of implants said he didn’t think they’d look any different than smooth round implants but he’d use them if I wanted – only he had only placed them himself maybe seven times, and I wanted someone with much more experience. One doctor told me that my folds could not be lowered or changed in anyway. No one seemed as interested in helping me achieve the best possible results given my unique challenges as Dr. Grzeskiewicz. Thus, instead of having surgery with a 'top Beverly Hills' doctor three miles from where I live, I booked a hotel stay for breast surgery with a doctor 120 miles from where I live. My boyfriend was skeptical and even a bit critical of this decision, as logistically it made it much harder for us, but he went along with whatever I wanted. (smart man) I have had nothing but positive interactions with the doctor and his lovely staff. I returned for a second pre surgery consult with the doctor and Eva was extremely helpful with sizing, such an important part of the process, and I will be forever grateful for that. She is sensitive and intuitive and picked up on the fact that while I was saying one thing, my wish photos reflected that I desired another. After even more research I ended up going with a larger size that I had originally intended and am so happy that I did, as for a woman of my height, implants that aren’t large enough can end up looking like baseballs floating on your chest. At the same time, Dr. Grzeskiewicz was also making sure I didn’t go larger than my 'delicate tissues' could handle, as that could lead to problems. I ended up with the perfect size for me; no boob greed and they’re not too big. I love my new girls. Choosing an implant size is difficult and, once again, I greatly appreciated Eva and Dr. Grzeskiewicz’s help and expertise with this vital decision. Dr. Grzeskiewicz’s anesthesiologist, Dr. Marsh, is a master. I was able to drink clear fluids up until a few hours before my afternoon surgery, including a special 'ClearFast' drink, so I was comfortable all day leading up to surgery and felt great coming out of surgery, which was a huge relief. I have had surgeries in the past where I couldn't drink anything at all the day of, which I find extremely uncomfortable, and have felt, for whatever reason, absolutely horrible and sick for hours after surgery. Not so with Dr. Marsh. Hats off to her. I am only 14 days post op and couldn't be happier with my results and with the care I have been given. Despite the multiple challenges my particular physique presented to Dr. Grzeskiewicz, I ended up with beautiful breasts - and it's still early in the game. He lowered and secured my folds and their placement is perfect. My scars are directly in my breast folds and won't be detectable once they heal. I really didn't want my nipples to end up too low on my breasts, something I thought might be difficult to avoid as pre surgery there was not a lot of skin between my nipple and breast fold, and I am so happy to report that my nipple placement is perfect! They're prettier than I ever thought they would be and I feel I couldn't have asked for a better result. The pain medications have kept me mostly comfortable, despite the relatively large increase in mass that my tissues and muscles have had to accommodate. Dr. Grzeskiewicz is always quick to respond to questions or concerns I have. I can't say enough great things about this doctor. He is a perfectionist. He has years of experience, and with that comes knowledge of a variety of techniques, as well as expertise, especially with the shaped textured anatomical implants that require absolute precision. He stays up to date on the latest technologies, is gentle, kind and he really cares. I will not hesitate to return to him for any further procedures (despite the drive and my tire problems - see my review) and I highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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