8 mos postpartum Mommy Makeover Dr.Pousti

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Hello everyone I am getting a mommy makeover on...

Hello everyone I am getting a mommy makeover on November 3 2016 . I am 5,5 weight 135 I am planning on getting 450 cc on both I'm hoping when I go on Wednesday to get marked up I can confirm that's going to be it . I am super excited and nervous to get this done I had been searching for the right person and finally found one . I've been so insecure about how my body has stayed afther my 2nd baby I work out everyday because that's what I enjoy doing I've lost weight also but no luck in tightening my tummy and my boobs also deflated afther breast feeding so now I feel like a hot mess:( I don't feel confident at all in front of my husband with the body afther my 2nd child and it makes me sad at times but I try my best to not show that so I can't wait to finally get that confidence back that I use to have before my kids where I'm able to not wear certain things to cover my belly or also wear padded bras I'm ready for my new journey so come and enjoy it with me everyone:)

2nd day out

Omg let tell U guys it is painful a mommy makeover hard to get up to go to bathroom lower back hurts so much as if u wanna fall and when doing breathing exercises it hurts to inhale

3rd day out of surgery

So not much has happend just been emptying out my drains second day was super sore from my arms but now there better my tummy insesion was hell was in so much pain I've been very emotional towards this because I thought I had the help I neeed but unfortunately my husband has been making it worst for me seems to be bothered every time I ask him for help guess he is over welmed with the kids which he shouldn't I take care of them all the time any who so today is the 3 day and it's still hard for me to walk I need my walker to go to the bathroom been on top of my pain meds but I hate the feeling of being sleepy so I'm gonna try not to take them yesterday my doctor came over with his wife to check on me and they were very nice gave me flowers anywho I can't wait til I heel I feel so depress not being able to do anything for my I can't even bath yet but wish me luck yall I'm gonna go try to at least was my hair alone since my husband don't seem to wanna help me wish me luck yall

10 day out of surgery

Sorry everyone haven't posted anything kind had been the same we'll let me tell I how I am doing my well my 4 day out of surgery was so much better no pain I stopped all pain meds only thing I would take at night was my muscle Relaxer today marks my 10 day super out of surgery I well have my drains out on the I'm super excited because it's such a bother having these drains just there I am super feeling better on he outside only problem o have at this moment it my right lower side hurts so much more than my actual procedures my tummy don't hurt neaither do my boobs but it's just my right lower back and leg that is what makes me hunrched over other wise if I try to stick up straight. My. Tummy don't hurt at all it's just my back other than that I love how my boobs are coming out I had a appointment on Friday for a check up and I get to finally do my massages so they can drop I well post some before and afther pics in just a few I love how my doctor really did a good job with everything I just need to be patient to continue to heal

Pictures before and afther pics

Haven't took any of tummy yet because I have to leave binder on for a while which I will follow my doctor orders to have amazing results

Forgot one more pic of the drains

Drains can't wait to remove them on Tuesday

My tummy before

Had very bad loose skin afther having 2 beautiful babies those were markings before my surgery

Tip to clean your drains

Okay I just wanted to share a tip in how to clean ur drains really good like the wire is usually super bloody well in order to empty out so I can flow better You can use a alcohol swab and push threw until it goes to drain tube so you can have an easy drain going threw vs it clogging up just a few tips so your wire can be clear:)

Took off surgical bra really quick so I can wash it

I put on a sports bra for a bit just to wash my surgical loving my girls already :)

Side view

No padding on my sports bra super soft material and very comfy not in pain at all haven't been at all don't even feel as if I had a boob job lol love my dr :)

Went to doctor

Yay got drains out and omg did that hurt even with the numbing injection still hurt i got so shaky but happy there out way more comfortable:) took a sneak peak at belly. A bit of swelling but of course takes time patience is the key

Friday November 18

Sorry everyone haven't posted anything lately but my tummy is getting better I have no pain at all I still have to wear my white binder with gauze under but it's Healing very well next appointment is on the 29 of November so I have to bring a panty girdle yay no more binder for a while a bit of swelling still but not as bad it's improving I'm able to walk straight and also to mention my back pain went away thank got I'm still sleeping on a recliner so let's see when I'm able to sleep on a bed

Forgot to put this up this was before my surgery

Before pictures

Almost a month that I've had my mommy makeover on the 3rd :) went by super fast

Had a appointment today and everything is looking very good:)) I'm loving it already my tummy and breast :)) and also I get to shower yay I been sponge bathing this whole time following my doctors orders which makes sense to wait so results we'll be better:)) and they are looking already my surgeon is the BEST:)) now gonna upload so pictures and show how my swimsuit top looks now and show everyone how it's looking :)

Yay finally a nice Lacey bra:)

So far things going good loving my girls just still needs to continue doing my massages still following my doctor orders .....DR POUSTI .......is the best :)) and knows what he is doing ????
Excuse my tummy binder

5 weeks

Sorry everyone haven't update in a while been busy trying to balance the new me my kids school and trying to deal with a husband who is always grouchy :( any who I just put up a picture of my girls so far this mommy makeover has been really easy I'm still healing from my incision I am a bit swollen which is normal I'm sure it takes time to recover which I'm being patient because I know my results will be worth it I'm trusting my doctor my tummy does look super flat and loving it can't wait till next summer :)) so if any woman have any questions about anything feel free to message me I'll be more than happy to give advice and help anyone with any questions :)) also Dr pousti is the best of looking for a surgeon he is the one to pick

New update

Hello everyone just wanted to share an update on my breast augmentation I'm still patiently waiting for them to drop more and fluff up there still kinda hard I've been doing my massages but I hope they drop more and soften up at night time they kinda hurt to sleep but I've been taking singular so I won't get scar tissue which I hope and pray I don't get :(

8 mos postpartum

Hello everyone I am writing a review again didn't seem to post the first time. Well so far my mommy makeover has been a long journey sorry I haven't wrote a review in a while. well my experience has been a roller coaster. I have 475 cc and 450cc on my breast well for the most part they finally soften up but still seem to be very full on top than the bottom I have not fullness in person at bottom or all over. My nipples also seem very low they have not moved to its normal position. I hope they get full all over,and give me that bottom pocket I've always wanted ,and my nipples move up. I've been massaging them as told. Now my tummy tuck scar is still very bumpy and dark. I have been wearing my silicon strip on everyday so I hope the strip makes it light like it's suppose too. I've been waiting patiently for better results in my breast but so far no luck in getting fuller and nipples going back to its normal place. Also I hope my scar gets better I trust Dr Pousti he is a very awesome doctor and I'm sure the next time I see him he well have a best choice for me on my procedure. If anyone has any questions on a mommy makeover procedure please feel free to contact me on here I promise to get back to you as soon as I can good luck everyone on your procedure.
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Dr. Pousti is such an amazing doctor with a caring staff who took care of me very well and answered all questions that I had, and trust me I had a lot. He was very professional since day one and an expert in his field. His staff made sure to call me and check up on me no matter how my mood was at the time and they were so nice. The staff in the surgical room were very friendly as well. If anyone ever needs any procedure done, I promise this is the doctor to go to he will give you the exact results that you are looking for. I recommend this doctor.

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