Muscle Repair Failure, Need Them Made Tighter, Adding Lipo of the Hips - San Antonio, TX

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Had a TT on July 9, 2012. It looked great until...

Had a TT on July 9, 2012, click here to see my previous review. It looked great until about month 4 when the abd muscles pooched out right in the middle around the belly button. PS said it is the size of my abd muscles. (I am a crossfitter, power lifter) So he is going to do another TT with muscle repair again for $1500.00. I added in the lipo of the hips just because I will be asleep & I want to. Ha Ha! Why not? So, I have my first review in & will add pics soon.

Before Revision Pics

TT Revision with Lipo of the hips done 1/29/14

OK, so I am post op day 2 today. I have been feeling really tired, really sore. I have been taking both the Hydrocodone & the Muscle relaxers which knock me out. So today I have been walking around a little more, deep breathing, etc... I am in a garment, from right under the breasts to above the knees. It is crotchless. I have one drain. It is so sore to walk around but I am doing it. It can only get better.
So it turns out, the sutures in the middle of my abd were intact, my muscles were just so big that they relaxed after the 1st surgery & pooched out. (that's a relief, I thought they were gonna say I tore the stitch lifting weights but I didn't) Whew!
I am to take down the dressings tomorrow so I will get some pics up for you guys. Thanks for the support.

2 days PO

This surgery was not so bad but the pain from the lipo has been pretty tough to take. I am sorry I didn't update sooner but I was taking the Hydrocodone 10's & Flexeril 10mg all day long. I was pretty out of it & could not stay awake so I spent most of my time in a recliner or in my bed. I did get up to the bathroom often & walked around during that time to make sure I got some extra walking time in. My Garment is one piece, from right under the breasts to above the knees. Hook & eyes on both sides & zippers on both sides(it was crotchless by the way). I was allowed to remove it on the Friday(surgery was on Wednesday). I was careful to undo the binder & lay in bed for a few minutes after that so I wouldn't pass out. After I was sure I was ok, I got in the shower with my Shower bench & with my drain hooked on a headband around my neck. Felt great.
I have felt really weak & washed out the last few days but the hubby & my kids have been really supportive & I was well taken care of.

5 days PO

Today is Sunday, I stopped taking my pain meds & Flexeril on Saturday morning because I was so out of it & I was constipated. Yikes!! Anyhoo, last night I actually slept for 4 hours in a row, twice. I have been getting up every hour to hour & 1/2 to pee & haven't really been sleeping well, just dazed & confused. Ha Ha! So I feel better today, I got up, took the garment off all by myself(my hubby was the only one who could do it before), emptied the drain, which is a lot less drainage now & took a nice long shower. (still love that shower bench) After my shower I put the bench in front of the sink & sit there to comb my hair & do skin care, etc... I put a dressing on my drain area & pulled the binder back on. I was able to hook it up & zip it all by myself.(This is a big deal for me) This makes me feel better about going to work(I still have 7 more days till I have to go back), I should be ready to go. I got dressed, ate some food & yes folks, pooped!!!! Thank GOD!!! I didn't feel bad but after 5 days you start to worry. Ha Ha Ha! No more pain meds needed except tylenol for me. I was feeling pretty good last night but when the kids came home & there was a lot of noise in the house, I started to feel really bad. I think the pain is tolerable as long as it was quiet. So no Super Bowl parties for me today. Just hanging out at the house, enjoying the peace & quiet. I drink nothing but water & eat lots of fruits & veggies. I weight almost the same as before the surgery & since I am very swollen I figure I still have a lot of water retention. Not really worried about that right now. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry about the grainy pics today.

One Week Follow Up

Today was my one week follow up. My drain was only draining 4cc every 12 hours so she removed it. YIPEE!! I only had one anyway. I asked details about my surgery. Well, apparently(I found this out today), I had no fat there in the abd once the extra skin was removed, so when my incision healed it scarred down flat to my hip bones making that deep creased scar & pushing the already big abd muscles upwards. So now, he released the scar, tightened the muscles even more & it is nice & flat again. I am going to make sure my "binder" will actually be a one piece panty girdle so I don't have that constant pressure at the base of my incision. It should be fine. The lipo of the flanks will flatten out even more with the constant pressure of the girdle or garment. Next week I will get the sutures removed from my TT incision. I am resting until Monday & I will go back to work. Today is Wednesday. 4 more glorious days off!

Post Op day 8

Doing much better today without the drain, moving around very well, pain is not bad, JUST DO NOT SNEEZE!!!! I don't know what hurt worse, the sneeze or the laughter from my husband & I after that because of the noises I made. So funny. So I have had a LOT of itching from the garment. I got a one piece regular girdle from Walmart. Seemed comfortable enough, cut the underwires out & it was ready. But I cannot stand them. They itch so bad, I washed them in fabric softner several times with no help. So today I marched into Macy's, money was no object at this point, & bought a couple of one piece body shapers. So soft & comfortable with good support. No more itching. Will enjoy these last three days of rest at home. I am swelling a little bit in the afternoon but I am climbing the stairs well & walking just fine. It was NOT as bad as the first TT for sure & the lipo pain is under control as long as I have on a comfortable garment for support. I am not even needing any Tylenol during the day any longer. Thank goodness, now all I need is time.

Post Op Day 11

Moving around well, able to climb stairs, bend over(slowly), tie my shoes, shower & dry my legs, get in & out of the car, carry a laundry basket, did some dishes & even washed my little dog.(all of this in the last 3 days, not all in one day) But doing well, wearing my body shaper(it feels better with it on), sleeping pretty well & enjoying my last few days off. I have also been able to drive since day 6 & 7. Just to the Dr. & to get my daughter at school at first but I have been off the pain meds since day 4. Do not drive on pain meds, too dangerous(this I would NEVER do). Yikes! I start back to work day after tomorrow. (2/10/14) I am ready. Back to the rat race.

Back to work, day 3(Post op day 14)

Work has been just fine. I round with my MD team at 6:30AM, running around our trauma center with them is really interesting. Stairs are no problem so far. I am back to "the grind", pretty tired today but that is understandable. I am sleeping really well & went to my two week check up this afternoon & all stitches are out! Yipee! It still looks good. Still wearing my body shaper(girdle). People at work say, "you did not, you would NOT be back to work already". It is really funny. That is good nutrition & vitamins & exercise that got me through quicker than most, I am convinced. Hope everyone is doing well.

POD 14 pics


Things have been going well. My TT Revision is healing just fine, a little lumpy at the bottom around the middle but I can tell it swells by the end of the day. Wearing the body shaper 24/7 except to shower. The lipe hurts when you remove it so it feels better on.
Work is going fine, rounding at 6:30AM daily, it comes really early. Yikes! But no problems there.
Miss my gym, so I went with my husband yesterday & watched & visited with my friends. Trying to soak up their endorphans from afar. Ha Ha!
3 week follow up tomorrow.
I am posting pics. The white shirt pic was something I have had for a while but I never wore because it showed my belly & my back fat. So I finally wore it on Saturday. Yay!

2 months post op & doing fine

I have been back to the gym up to 4 times a week. Trying to lift light weights only & trying to get my endurance back & my stamina back. I feel better but I cannot eat too much, belly feels full. That is a good thing. I am wearing jeans & stuff, no problem. Everything is pretty much back to normal. I have been wearing a garment(body shaper) or girdle everyday. It is now becoming a real pain & wedgie problem. Ha Ha! I think I am going to stop wearing it & see how I feel just for kicks. I have worn it faithfully for 8 weeks now. Today was just the last straw. I had to take it off. I will take it with me to work tomorrow just in case I feel the need to put it on. Everything seems to be looking good. My fingers are crossed that my TT stays in place this time.
Hope all you ladies are doing well & having successful surgeries. Sending out good vibes all around.

4 months later

Doing well. Happy with my results. Back to my regular life.
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