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I have been on this site every day watching some...

I have been on this site every day watching some of you change to beautiful bodies. Let me tell you a little bit about my self. I am 5.3" my starting weight (2 months ago) was 206lb (yeah I know pretty heavy) I have 4 kids, a 7 yr old, a 5 yr old and twins 4 yrs old. Before I had my kids I was never a very thin person but I was between 150-160 lbs and I felt great. Well fast forward 7 years, here I am. I have been on weight watchers since july 15, 2013 and today is my weigh in (tuesdasy) I weigh 189.5 that's what?? 16.5 lbs lost so far. I feel great. I want to have a tummy tuck in April of 2013. My goal weight before surgery I want to be 150lbs and my ultimate goal weight is 135-140 lbs. If I work hard at it I know I can go down to maybe 145 lb pre-op.. Right now I wear a size 12 in pants and they feel very comfortable if not loose. I am hoping I can go down to a size 9 pre-op and ultimately maybe a 7 post op..... Well hopes, hopes hopes... dreams, dreams, dreams..... enough of that. from now on is GOALS, GOALS, GOALS MET, GOALS REACHED.... whats hopes and dreams if we don't work at it to make them our goals and meet them right? I am working out at least 4 times a week, at home I do step aerobics, pilates-yoga. zumba. at the gym I do 60 minutes of the elliptical. I will soon be posting some pictures of me, when I first started and during and ultimately when I meet my goal....... wish me luck god knows I need it :)

Shopping for Plastic Surgeons!!!

Hey all, I have been shopping for plastic surgeons. I want to compare you know :) I have read awesome awesome reviews about Dr. Koneru in San Antonio. I live in Austin but I am definetly willing to take a drive to San Antonio and check him out. I also read that if you mention you found him on this site realself.com which I did you get a 5% off your surgery. That's awesome. I spoke to his receptionist this week and I told her how much I weigh and she recommend I am as close to my goal weight as I can so I can get better results, she recommended I go to my first office visit in December if I am planning on having my surgery in april. I have found a couple other surgeons in Austin and Round Rock, but so far my #1 choice is Dr.. Koneru, I won't be sure until I actually meet him, you know to see if I feel right and if I feel that he will be my dr. I will post some before (at 206lbs) and now pictures ( at 189) soon.

Before and during pictures

My pictures on the left is when I first started my journey, I was 206 lbs that picture was taken on 07/15/13 and the pictures to the left were taken when I was 16 lbs lighter last week at 190 lbs. I have another 40-50 lbs to loose, my goal weight is between 140 lbs to 150 lbs

I got some yucky pics for ya'll.

I still doing weight watchers and working out every day. I do zumba and step aerobics. I am down to 185 lbs. i want to be at at least 155 lbs when i go to my first visit with the plastic surgeon. Im hoping by January. Here is some yucky pics of my stomach as of today

The good and The bad!!!

Well I have not updated in a while. But here it goes. I gained about 10 lbs and I was so depressed. Well that was the bad news, the good news is that I am back on track and determined to loose it all because I scheduled my surgery for January 19 with DR Sheridian at Personique in Austin. He gave me such high hopes... He said If I can to loose as much weight as I can. I made an appointment for November after thanksgiving so he can see my progress but he said if I have not lost weight by then , then he will have to recommend I do the tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo on my back, hips and lateral chest area as well as abdominal lipo. I love love this doctor because he did not turn me down. I have see nothing but good reviews about Personique. I can not wait!!!!!

Date Set!!!!!!! December 2nd is the date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not posted any updates in a while I know... I was just a little depressed because I gain about 10lbs from last time... But I found this awesome dr that will do my surgery.. He is also going to do upper belly lipo along with upper back, flanks and lateral chest.....I will keep you updated on how Im doing... Please pray for me that everything goes well...

I did it!!!!

Sorry i have been away for a while... I had my surgery december 2nd.... They ended up taking 7 lbs of skin and 11 lbs of fat in my abs, flanks, upper back and lateral chest.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

He is an awesome doctor. His staff all of them are so nice. Love my results... A little worried about the assymetry of my scar but i am sure he will do something about it if it doesnt resolve on his own

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