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I first met with Dr.Fisher in May of this year and...

I first met with Dr.Fisher in May of this year and immediately felt at ease. He took plenty of time to both answer questions and explain the procedures he felt would give me the best results for the areas I was unhappy with. I have had several non cosmetic abdominal surgeries over the years and wanted someone who both had plenty of experience and who would make my well being his main priority, I believe Dr. Fisher is that person. I met with him a second time today to go over a few questions/concerns I had and to schedule my surgery. I plan to have a tummy tuck (inverted t) due to a preexisting midline scar and excess skin on my upper abdomen. At a later date, I plan to have a bra line lift and brachioplasty.

Both excited and nervous!

It has been a busy week for me as I have been trying my best to plan and prepare for my upcoming journey. I completed lab work last week, purchased a raised toilet chair and rented an electric lift chair. I am still a bit unsure about the type of post op compression garments I should purchase but hope to gain clarification on that soon. I meet with Dr. Fisher the day prior to surgery for mark up and plan to post pics at that time.

8 hours to go!

So I met with Dr. Fisher today and was marked up for surgery. I was asked to be at the hospital at 7am and surgery will be sometime around 9am. I'm uploading some before pics and a picture of the suggested compression garment for after drains are removed. I was told he is not too picky in regard to type of compression used but doesn't want anything too tight.Hopefully my review is helpful to someone that may be considering the same procedure because they have been a tremendous help to me!

Less than one week PO!

And I am feeling great, met with Dr. Fisher today who said everything was looking well and decided to remove my two hip drains. (Eeeek) I was neither physically nor mentally prepared for that. But now that they are out I feel a million times better and less restricted. I had my surgery on this past Tuesday. I mostly slept the day away and was not in too much pain just a slight burning sensation to both sides of my pelvis. I Was on a morphine drip which helped some but drove me crazy with the itching. By the next day they removed my pump and my catheter and began oral pain medication schedule and had me up to toilet, and to drink clear liquids at chair. By midday dr was by to visit and give me instructions to care for drains and said I was free to go home a day early if I felt comfortable to do so, by this time I had a regular light lunch and was using the restroom with no problems so I was home by the evening. IMO the drains are the most uncomfortable, I was ok managing my pain and getting around slowly using my lift recliner and extended toilet seat with hand rails. And although I rested a lot I hardly got any good consistent sleep.my night on day 3 was the worst, horrible pressure in chest and abdomen thru the night. No sleep for me, by morning it was at its worst, no matter how i positioned myself or walked the pain wouldn't budge till I finally vomited. It felt horrible because your incisions feel like they are going to tear open but luckily only a little leakage. I felt much better after vomiting what seemed to be stomach acid and a lot of meds. I took my pain meds and settled in for a nap but after an hr I was woken by that familiar pressure again. I vomited once more and decided it had to be the pain meds. I have not taken any since the 4th day after surgery and been managing my pain with otc Motrin and Tylenol. Everyday it gets better, I am walking longer distances each day, walking less hunched and feeling better over all. Today I was back to my routine for the most part, helping my daughter make her breakfast and pack her lunch for school. I have no doubt things will continue to get better day by day. Dr. Fisher is awesome, I love how straightforward he is and tells me exactly what's on his mind but moreover he is so skilled at what he does, even at this point my body has never looked this good! I'm so excited to see what the future holds...I will upload some after pics tomorrow.

9 days PO

And I wanted to upload some pics. A few of them were 3 days po and the rest are from today. I just want to say at this point everything has been a lot less difficult than I imagined except for sleeping at night. For some reason I have not been able to sleep for more than an hour at a time "comfortably". I feel like I am constantly having to reposition to find a tolerable position unfortunately I'm only able to either lie on my side with my knees pulled towards my chest or flat on my back with my knees and legs propped up on 2 feet of pillows and blankets. So I spend my nights switching from those 2 positions then trying to fall asleep again. Anyhow, I am very happy with how my body is looking this far. I have had minimal swelling, with most of it being mons and near drain sites, the scars do not bother me as I had three times as many before this procedure and the Dr was able to remove them all!

Moving on to my arms!

Met with Dr. Fisher on 12/19 for my 1 month follow up and he said my incisions are healing great and suggested I purchase a waist clincher for my upper abdomen. Most of my swelling seems to concentrate their despite wearing my maiden form fat free dressing compression garment day and night. Like others, I start out the day with no swelling but by midday I can feel the tightness around my mid section, so hopefully the waist clincher will help. The area on my hips near drain sites are a little puffy as well as top incision near my under bust. I do not know if time will change those areas but regardless of how those areas turn out I am thoroughly happy with my results. And despite the swelling I feel pretty much back to normal. During my follow up I scheduled my brachioplasty and bra lift for 2/23/17 and am looking forward to Dr. Fisher working his magic on my arms and back.
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Dr. Fisher was very thorough and took the time to answer all my questions as well asexplain each procedure thoroughly. All his staff were very friendly and informative as well.

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