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In 2002 I had gastric bypass and thought that my...

In 2002 I had gastric bypass and thought that my battle with weight was over. In 2004 I had a vertical stomach lift and was very happy with the results and had saved money to have my thighs fixed in 2005. I had it scheduled but then found out that my iron levels were too low and had to cancel it was about around this time that I also realized that I could actually gain weight with the gastric bypass I went through several funky years of gaining and some losing weight and then I kind of gave up and went to my comfort place which is being an overeater. A couple years ago I got to the point that walking was not easy and I could not climb stairs so I started eating healthy I started liking myself and that's when I decided I wanted to finish my journey. The iron issue ened up being Aunt Flo after a transfusion with 4 pints of blood and a ablation process I have not had any issues for over 6 years. My thighs on the other had are still here. Once I decided to finish my journey I found out that a lot of doctors still treat thihh lifts like they were doing them 13 years ago but based on the reviews I have read Dr Peter Fisher attacks the thigh by reducing fat and taking a sizeable amount of skin off. I will be so happy not to have the clapping noise my body makes on its own accord when I'm done.

Additional pictures

Dr Fisher will be completing spiral thigh lift with extensive lipo and a arm lift.

Less than 30 days

Okay I have less than 30 days now, I believe I have all my supplies: raised toilet lift, go girl, compression garments, and medications. I did pre-op testing everything was good and finances are in order. I have not lost any more weight but hopefully in 3 weeks I can be at 153 I would be happy with that.

2 Weeks to go before our long journey in the car starts.....we have a 2 day drive ahead of us.

I thought time would have dragged this month but instead it has flown by. I have been super busy at my job and proactive in trying to ensure I have everything done for the trip and I think I'm where I need to be. I continue to work out I can't wait until the day I do a leg lift and part of my leg is not almost hanging to the floor.

I bought the herbal supplements to help with bruising and swelling when do I need to start taking them? At this time I feel I have enough stuff bought for a small move, lol. There's something about the comfort of knowing your store's layout and what they carry. To all the women before me are there stores by the Hilton suites my poor hubby will probably be making some runs to them.

I wish I could say I weigh 153 but I don't I weigh 156 I have to say this is on me for some reason I was so nervous the end of August my brain went into a food fixation I feel much better now. It is possible that I could go down 3 pounds in 2 weeks I did buy some protein powder I might start playing with some drinks.

Well if anyone has suggestions please share I have not looked into renting a recliner but I did buy the sloped pillow form to go under my legs; if anyone has last minute suggestions please send them my way I want this process to go as smooth as possible.

Under one week will be on the road.

We will be making our two day trek starting next Saturday my pre-op is Monday morning. I thought this time would drag but it has actually flown by. I really don't think there is any way to mentally plan for this because it appears each person's experience is so different. I do see a theme that around the 5th day you have swelling and that due to meds you will have some depression or moodiness.

It is going to take a couple of hours to pack our car. I hope I have everything but if I don't I'm sure it will be okay. For thoughs who stayed at Hilton are the stores close by to get fresh produce? Well wish me luck.

Nerves and time.

Okay the majority of the time has flown by but this week has been slow and I have felt nervous sick. I'm not so concerned about the surgery specifically it is everything combined a two day drive, being away from my family, even not having my local stores I'm used to and partly the unknown with the surgery outcome. When I talked with Dr. Fisher I let him know I just expect improvement and truly that is all I want........lol I do not expect to be a swimsuit model but I will enjoy wearing my swimsuit in my backyard more without the big giggle in my legs. My weight is 155 now, I have determined that it is crazy for a stress eater to think they can lose weight when this is such a stressful time. I have continued to eat healthy but sometimes I eat more than I should. Well I hope others recovering are doing well two days then on the road.

All marked up!!!!!!

Well I found out today I have unique fat it is very cystic. Dr Fisher does a great job of marking you I was in his office around 2 hours. My surgery will be on Wednesday I will be glad to start my recovery phase.

It is over.

I will update pictures tomorrow Dr Fisfer is such a artisan I was in surgery for over 12 hours today is the first time I've been up I know each day will get better.

Here's some pictures very swollen but my skin is so much better.

I'm so happy with everything right now and I know it only gets better.

Some skin pictures.

I took a shower today and was able to shave my legs without pulling up skin - amazing. I am so happy with my results and everything will only get better as I heal. I'm also feeling so much better the reason I gave myself the shower this morning instead of my husband having to do it.

Like old yellow.

Okay I have been in the healing mode but I believe I'm finally turning the corner. I'm very happy with my surgery results and the scars are minimal compared to loose skin.

Bat wings are gone.

My daughter was helping me yesterday but she forgot this picture it is amazing not to have the extra weight hanging off my arms. I weigh 147 now and in the last 2 weeks I have slowly been able to start back on my treadmill program. I have had several small openings and they take quite a while to close. Thanjs to Dr Fisher he has always been as close as a phone text to respond to any concerns I've had. Also the openings for me was just a part of healing.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I have not met Dr. Fisher in person but felt good about the phone consult. I can now say I met Dr. Fisher and I have a wonderful Fisher body now. I don't believe there is a doctor who will work as hard as he does to give you good results. He worked on me for approximately 12 hours and I've had surgery before so I can already tell he stiched with artistry and left me plenty of curves where you know I'm still a woman, lol.

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