Smart Lipo Journey Upper and Lower Ab and Flanks - San Antonio, TX

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I am about to start my smart lipo journey and...

I am about to start my smart lipo journey and thought i should share my experience with everyone. I am 22 years old and i havent had any kids, just want to get rid of my muffin top and some of my belly and back fat. I have been researching about smart Lipo for months now and finally decided to pay for it. My procedure is on monday and i am really nervous. i have been reading every ones stories and trying not to back down. I will post pictures and update you on my progress

13 hrs later

I have been in so much pain. Can't stand up for too long without feeling nauseous. Still in bed. Will post pictures when I can stand up. Thanks for all the support

took a picture of me in bed

Not that great

24 hrs post

I am still swollen and in so much pain. I have not been eating a lot. No appetite. I have been vomiting and still feeling nauseous.

more pictures

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