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Saline breast implants have ruined my life! I warn...

Saline breast implants have ruined my life! I warn you, if you are thinking about getting them, OH MY GOSH, please don't.

Here is my story: At the young age of 21 in 2001 just one year after their approval, I decided to get the supposedly "safe" saline breast implants. Unfortunately, I was very naïve at the time and thought I could trust the fda and implant companies and my plastic surgeon, but I would soon learn I was very very wrong indeed. Just a few months after I got the implants, I begin to have HORRIBLE INSOMNIA! My body would not stay asleep. I had never in my life had problems sleeping, but now I was laying on the floor crying because I didn't know why I couldn't sleep. I also began to develop horrible stiff muscles with severe pain in my head, eyes, neck, and back. Then my urine began to smell very very foul every time I peed. I still hadn't put it together. I saw doctor after doctor after doctor just to be given antidepressants. They were clueless. The only doctor that somewhat helped me was the one who after testing me for different things told me she thought it might be my implants. She said she had another patient who was around my age 24 at this time who had the same symptoms as me and also had saline breast implants. Finally, I stopped being in denial and started researching online for other women who were having similar problems. The stories were all over the internet about women getting sick from saline implants and then some of them recovering after they got them explanted. So I scheduled an explant. Well, just 1 day after my explant, my urine didn't stink anymore! IT went back to normal! THIS PROVED that the implants were harming me and causing my body to malfunction. Unfortunately , my other symptoms have remained and seem to be getting worse. I feel like I'm dying slowly. Now I plan on detoxing to see if I can get better at all. I wrote this review to WARN you women out there who are thinking about getting saline implants. THEY ARE NOT SAFE!!!!! THE SHELLS ARE MADE OF SILICONE AND MANY MANY WOMEN ARE HAVING ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THIS. I don't blame you for wanting bigger boobs. If you really want that, look into fat transfer. There is a doctor from North Carolina Edward something who does amazing work. Ive seen it here on Realself. There is just no point in getting silicone balloons put into your body with all the chances of having adverse reactions and having your health stolen. Plus, you'll have to have future surgeries if you get them. FAT TRANSFER is all NATURAL. I WISH I could have gotten that instead back in 2001 but it wasn't around like it is now. That is my story. I hope it helps someone out there God bless!


I forgot to add in my review an amazing book that will speak the truth about breast implants , saline and silicone, causing diseases in many women. It is titled "THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT BREAST IMPLANTS" It is written by Dr. Susan Kolb and will explain this issue very well. I highly recommend you read this book if you are either contemplating getting implants or already have them and are sick.


Listen to yet ANOTHER Plastic Surgeon Dr. Susan Kolb explain the Dangers of Implants


I just found this group and it has really began to help me. It is full of very helpful information on how to detox after explant and is full of members who have gone through implant illness and can help you with any questions you might have. It is a private group, but just ask to Join and the admin will approve you. If you join, please say "hi" to me on here or on there. My name on there is Mikayla Love.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He was a nice doctor, but he was clueless about the dangers of SALINE implants and when I told him the horrible symptoms I was experiencing right after the implants were put in, he dismissed me and said it wasn't the saline implants. BUT IT WAS and many other women are getting sick from saline implants and their stories are ALL OVER the internet like mine! The reason some women get sick from saline implants is because their bodies are reacting to the SILICONE SHELLS and are not able to detox as well as other women. Also, the implants can cause mold and fungus to grow in the body. Dr. Susan Kolb, a plastic surgeon who herself experienced sickness from implants, wrote an amazing book titled "The Naked Truth About Breast Implants." I highly recommend it. She explains why many so women get sick from saline implants just like silicone implants. Realize, that every body is different and some women get sick immediately some in a few months, some in a few years. Also, Dr. Melmed, and Dr. Feng are two plastic surgeons that I have met in person and they both admit that they refuse to do breast augmentation anymore because they have personally witnessed too many multitudes of women getting sick from implants both saline and silicone. Now they do explants only! Some women recover when they get them out, but some never do. It is like playing Russian roulette with your health and ultimately your life. Like I said, if you want bigger breasts, I completely understand because I did too! That is why I say get Fat Transfer. It is natural and looks amazing if you get the right surgeon. I noticed Dr. Edward Bednar does some AMAZING fat transfers. I have no affiliation with him. I just noticed a girl named Coleen3000 whose fat transfers looked better than most implants! I would go to him if I was wanting bigger breasts. Of course, now I am so sick that getting bigger breasts is the last thing on my mind. I just want my health back and have spent all my life savings on trying to recover my health. Time and money and joy have been stolen from me because of saline breast implants. If you would like to read my story go to my homepage. I hope my suffering can help someone else not make the same mistake.

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