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Today is day 2 of my TT. I had my TT with Dr....

Today is day 2 of my TT. I had my TT with Dr. Koneru in San Antonio. Loved him. He was very sweet, funny and patient with me. His office staff were also very sweet. I lost over 100 pounds a few years ago and have kept it off but the skin has always bugged me so I decided to finally do something about it. So I'm on day 2 and Im feeling ok but walking very hunched over. Definitely taking the pain meds but I think the nausea is worse than the pain sometimes. The drains aren't as bad as I've read. I'm hoping to write everyday but I think that will depend on how I'm feeling. I'm sleepin a lot right now and only eating toast and water so hopefully it will get better soon. I should be able to post more pics soon.

Day 3

So today was definitely they better than any other day. I actually ate a bowl of soup. My first real food since the surgery. I am also walking around easier. It still hurts and I'm hunched over but it's better. I was able to stay awake today and have conversations with my family. Except that's not always a good thing since they made me laugh and that made my muscles hurt. I'm still having to take my pain meds every 6 hours but I'm hoping I can wean off of them soon. All in all its getting better everyday. I think I can feel my incision more but it's not too bad with the meds. I'm also still sleeping in the recliner but trying to get up every couple hours to walk around. The compression garment is a pain in the butt. Literally. I thought I needed to have a BM but the whole was nowhere near big enough so my sister had to cut it. What are sisters for right? Well here's to tomorrow.

Day 4

So my internal analgesic wore off today. Took me a while to get used to that this morning but after that I was fine. I made the mistake of taking ibuprofen with nothing on my stomach and not only did it make me naseous but it made me super sleepy. I have felt nauseous off and on all day. The pain has been better. I actually hady first BM today, thanks to a suppositiory. First time ever using one but thankful I read about using them on here before the surgery. I actually had a small lunch and dinner but they were both very small. I walked around more and I seemed to be walking less and less hunched over every day. My hubby gave me a sponge bath and I feel soooooo much better. My sister even washed my hair. I did get really sleepy again after supper and slept for about 2 hours. Overall a good day.

Day 5

Today was pretty much like day 4 except I peeked at my belly button and incision. I'm still pretty swollen and bruised but I havent taken my garment all the way off. I had another BM but had to use a suppository again. Most of my pain lately has come from gas that won't come out because the garment keeps it in. Going to try se teas today to help. I'm not eating too much but I'm hoping the teas will help. I am
sleeping longer throughout the night. I'm also walking around the house more and faster. My family calls me the Flash lol. My drains are putting out less so I'm hoping to get them out soon.

Day 6

So yesterday was a good day. I actually stayed awake most of the day but I did sleep in. I'm so bored at the house I have been sleeping in just to pass the time. My main problems right now are gas and back pain. This CG is so tight that no gas can get out so it just sits in my stomach. I did get some peppermint tea because I read online it helps with gas. I haven't seen a difference yet. I had a BM on my own yesterday!! Yay!! I'm also eating more but not back to where I'm used to eating. I'm also spacing out my pain killers so I can try to wean off of them. Today I'm at every 9 hours I take 2. I'm walking around the house still and less hunched over. I can't wait until I can walk straight!

Before pics

Finally found my before pics. Hate my stomach. But hopefully that's all in the past now.

Day 7

So today was pretty much like yesterday. I'm able to have BMs on my own. Yay! Taking my pain killers every 9 hours now. Excited to see the dr tomorrow!

Day 8 (Day 7 post op)

I went to the Dr today and was able to see my results so far. I was sooooo happy with what I saw. I was able to have one drain taken out and next week I should be able to have the other one taken out. Eating and sleeping better everyday. Can't wait to get this second drain out.

Day 7 Post Op Pics

I forgot to post the pics

Day 9

Today was a good day. My appetite is getting back to what it used to be. My pain is bearable. Lately my drain site is a little painful. I saw the dr yesterday and I think he may have pulled a stitch. I've just been using tape to tape the drain down so it won't tug as much. Taking the pain killers every 11-12 hours now, two in the morning and one at night. I had to take a suppository today but my dr also said to take stool softeners to help with gas. Overall doing better everyday!

Old pic from my highest weight

Oh boy! I use these pics as motivation to stay in shape.

Day 10

I woke up this morning feeling like king..I mean queen..of the world. I felt great and even walked straighter but I think it was a delusion of grandeur from the pain meds lol. I still felt pretty good today overall though. Ok still walking and only taking pain meds every 12 hours. One awesome thing that happened today was I took my first post op shower!!!! My hubby got in with me and helped wash my hair and my body. I felt soooooo clean after and I'm so thankful for him. Today was the first day I saw myself out of the CG completely. I'm happy with what I saw but I'm still swollen in a lot of areas. Im still sleeping in the recliner but much more comfortable now.

Day 11

So today was a good day. I was extra sleepy today for some reason. The only real pain I had was from my drain site this morning. It was pulling on a stitch and it felt like a bruise when you push on it but nonstop. My husband has to redo the gauze and tape down the drain so it didn't pull on the stitch. While he was doing it I got really sweaty and nauseous and then I felt exhausted. Not sure what that was about. My neighbor dropped off some no bake cookies and I was so glad I had my appetite back. I went for a 20 min walk around the neighborhood today per my dr. He wants me to walk 20 min a day outside. I did it at night because I didn't want the neighborhood kids to see me all hunched over and throw veggies at me lol. I'm walking a lot straighter but I'm always afraid I'll pull a stitch so I'm not completely upright. I ordered my first dress (for Xmas) since being on the flat side. This will be the first yr I don't have to wear spanx tights underneath to flatten everything out. My struggle now is to stay eating healthy. I'm good at breakfast and lunch but not dinner. Eating healthy takes a lot of prep. I need to find some quick healthy meals. Oh and I sneezed for the first time today. Ouch! Hoping to get some xmas presents wrapped tomorrow!

Day 13

I'm walking more upright and I'm very good about that. Today was the first day with no pain pills. I was a little achey but overall I was OK. I was super restless last night and I couldn't sleep. I didn't go to bed until 445AM. I really need to get back on a good sleep schedule so trying not to take naps anymore. Today was the first day and I'm sleepy. I was experiencing swell hell today in my lower stomach. Not sure why. Did my 20 minute walk. I felt a little out of breath but overall I feel like I'm getting back to normal.

Day 14

Feeling super swollen but seeing progress and feeling more like me everyday! Have my DR appt tomorrow so I'm hoping I can get my drain out. I'm still draining a little under 30cc so he may make me keep it a little longer. I tried to sleep in the bed but I just can't get comfortable. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Day 15

I had my second follow up appt and I was able to get my drain out. I told him that all I wanted food Christmas. Lol. He said everything looks good and I dont have to be back for another two weeks. I was disappointed when he told me I couldn't drive for another two weeks. He also showed me some massages I could do on my tummy to reduce swelling. I cant do any type of working out except walking. He said I needed to rub on my belly button to help the stitches dissolve. I was actually out today and went to a couple stores. It felt nice to get out of the house. Oh yeah! The doc said I can wear spanx now too so I ordered one. Hope it's the right size.

Before and After so far

Swelling is still there but Im loving the results so far.

Day 17

Today has felt the best so far! I'm actually able to get up and around the house with minimal uncomfortableness. I have tried to start sleeping in the bed during naps. I'm doing better every day. I wake up every hour or two due to pain in my side. My CG has zippers on the side and they dig in. Tonight will be my first night trying to sleep in the bed all night. I'm so ready because I miss sleeping with my hubby next to me. I also took my first shower alone today. It felt great to be able to do things on my own. I'm still doing my 20 minute walks. I'm almost back to walking straight. In the morning I'm straighter than at night. I'm swollen more at night. I can't wait until the swelling goes down. I'm going to try to venture out with the hubby and kids tomorrow to do some shopping. I'll see how that goes. I need to stop reading the horror stories of failed MR. I wonder if there's anything to do to prevent that?

Day 19

Feeling better everyday but still walking hunched over a little bit. Yesterday and today I went out to a few stores and I was pretty tired after that. The last couple days I have been sleeping in my bed but I end up waking up a couple times in the middle of the night and have to switch sides. Around 8 I have been having to get up and sleep in the recliner because I'm too uncomfortable. Last night I felt like I stretched my incision but this morning I didn't see anything. My drain sites sting a little but not too bad. I'm taking Aleve twice a day and using the heating pad but that's it for pain. I'm still swollen but I know that will take a while to go down. I was able to buy a really nice dress for Christmas. It's the same one I posted but a different design. When my husband saw it he was very impressed with how my body looked in it. I was too lol. I'm hoping my new spanx come in tomorrow. The CG I was given by my doc is still cutting into my leg on the bottom and so I cut a little bit on the inside to give me some breathing room but it made it worse. Ugh. I'll just have to make it until my spanx come in and hopefully they fit. Doc said I don't have to wear them all the time but it's better if I do so I'm going to. Now that school is out I won't be home alone all day so I'm hoping this week isn't as bad as last week with my cabin fever. My hubby suggested finding a hobby so I bought some arts and crafts things so I can make a wreath from Pinterest. Hopefully it's not a Pinterest fail lol. I've made two things from Pinterest, a motorcycle diaper cake and homemade tutus. They both came out good so hopefully this one will too. My eating hasn't been too good so tomorrow I'm going to try to get back to it.

Day 22

I finally got my spanx in! I've had them on for about half a day and I hope I bought the right size because they feel tight on my stomach area but fine on my legs. I'm hoping I will get used to it. I read on here it shouldn't be too tight but it should be about a size smaller than you would normally wear. I've been sleeping in my bed all week and I'm getting more used to it but I still have to switch sides 2-3 times because one side will start hurting. It's crazy how much you take for granted before the surgery..like getting out of bed or turning from one side to another without help. I keep telling my husband I just want to be a real girl again lol. My incision and drain sites don't hurt but my muscles still hurt here and there. My BMs are back to normal. I know it's tmi but I can't wait to be able to have sex again! My husband has been so patient but he is so over the waiting lol. We were just married in August so we are still newlyweds, even though we have known each other since 1996, so we are still in the stage of enjoying intimate contact pretty often. Oh well. One more week. Hopefully. I'm walking about 95% straight in the morning but by the night time I'm at about 80-85% due to swelling. I have to go back to work on jan 5th so I'm hoping to be walking straighter by then. Anyway..Merry Christmas Eve every one!

Christmas 2014

First xmas without having to worry about my tummy! This is the dress from the pic just a different pattern. Love it.

Christmas 2014

Pic didn't update

Day 26

I am feeling so much more like myself lately. The day after Christmas I went shopping from 1pm to 11pm and I actually felt ok. I was a little uncomfortable but I actually was walking 99% upright. I was swollen that night but nothing more than usual. I started my period so that is pretty interesting since I am wearing spanx that go from under my bra to my mid thigh. I had my sister help me again with cutting the whole in the garment bigger so I could use the bathroom. Gotta love that sister relationship lol. I am wearing my underwear on the outside of my spanx since its that time of the month. I have gotten used to the spanx now and it doesn't bother me as much. I put a cami under it during the first few days to help with the pressure. Now I can wear it without one. Still not eating like I should so I'm going to try to start tomorrow to do better. I am still pretty swollen at night but ok during the day. I'm also almost sleeping through the night in bed. The side of my thighs still hurt at times where I had lipo done. I still have my tape on my incision but my doc said I should be able to get it off at my next appt, which is this week. I'm hoping I can see my scar line for the first time. Otherwise it's getting better and better.

Day 28 - My Bday

So today I turned 34!! My hubby took me out to a Brazilian steakhouse and I was going to wear a sweater type dress but then I said to myself...show off that 7,000 you just spent and I wore a fitted dress. My hubby loved it. I felt ok while I was there but I do feel swollen now. Ready to go home and relax now.

Week 4

Went to see my doc today and he said everything looked good. I was concerned about my upper abdomen sticking out a little but he said some of that was fat and it would flatten after I started working out again. For the next two weeks I will continue my 20 minute walks and then for two weeks I can do light working out like the elliptical. Then after 8 weeks I can work my core again. I asked about having sex too lol. He said the magic number is 6 weeks but I can do it now but nothing crazy. I told him..so no dominatrix stuff? Lol. He took off the tape off the incision. Yay! It's a bunch of thin scabs. He said to rub aloe Vera lotion on it twice a day and to use mederma on my belly button. I'm really happy with my doc and my results so far. I start work on Monday so hopefully I will be ok. He said I will just be tired. Staying home for New Years this year so Happy New Year everyone!

Day 30

So today I went for a lymphatic massage. My doc recommended it to help with swelling. I went for an hour and a half and within that time I gained some of the feeling back around my incision. My I vision line was also very pink from the scabs just coming off and after the session the incision was darker. She said its due to the collagen in your system. All I know is I felt better. The pic I posted is from before the massage. I also finally shaved my nether region. It was getting out of hand lol. My hubby helped me. I was afraid a scab would come off but the drain sites are actually healed now. One drain site left a small divot in my skin but I'm ok with it. I'm going back for another massage next week.

5 Weeks

So today is 5 weeks for my surgery! I can't say it has gone quickly but I am glad I am at week 5. I started work on Monday and oh man..it was not easy. I came home that night and slept for a four hour nap. I work an 8-5 job, mostly at a desk but it is as a supervisor for a child welfare agency so it is pretty hectic. I was soooo swollen by the end of the day. I didn't even go for my 20 minute walk because I was so tired. Yesterday was my second day and I felt better and less swollen but today is my 3rd day and I feel super swollen. I have tried leaning back while I type but it doesn't seem to help. I think sitting at a right angle all day is hard on the tummy. I had to buy a couple new pairs of pants because some of my work pants were too tight and I didnt want to be uncomfortable. Sleeping is pretty much back to normal. I feel good except the muscles still hurt at times. My only concern is that I seem to get really swollen on the top of my abdomen. My doc said it is a fat pocket and it will go away when I start working out but I am worried that it could me the muscles or fluid in there. I am going to wait until my next appt in Feb and if it is still really swollen then I will express my concerns then. One other small concern is that the swelling below my incision seems uneven. It is realy tight on the right side and more swollen. How do I know if that is fluid that needs to be taken out? I might post a picture with a question on the Q&A section. Anyway, feeling better overall.

Week 6

I am actually almost to week 7 now but these pics are from week 6. I just never had a chance to post them. My swelling has gone down to minimal. I mostly only see it at night. I am walking 30 minutes a day but starting tomorrow I'm going to do 20-30 minutes on the elliptical. The only part that hurts are the muscles sometimes. I coughed hard the other day and one part of my muscle hurt for a few days. Other than that I feel almost normal. My scar is healing nicely. I'm putting on aloe gel and cocoa butter. I'm using mederma on my bb. I'm able to sleep like normal and work isn't as tiring anymore. I love the results and can't wait to really workout to get back into shape. I'm going to do body beast by Beachbody. It's not supposed to work your core very much. Thanks everyone for the support. Going through this was a lot harder than I thought.

Week 6

Forgot to post this one

Week 7

I have been trying to upload these since last week and it hasn't let me. Anyway..I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. Still not back to hardcore working out but I'm going to be ready soon. So I noticed that I swell less when I don't wear the spanx at night so from now on I only wear it until I go to bed. These pics are after not wearing the spanx. Swelling has gone to almost nothing, even throughout the day. Hoping to get into bathing suit shape before May. My parents paid for a honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean for a week and I'm so ready to show off my flat tummy!

Pics won't post

Trying again

Week 9

My doc finally approved me to go back to my P90X3 workouts and I need to workout because I have been eating like crap lately. I'm going to start on Tues. I'm excited to see some changes soon. My doc told me I don't have to wear my spanx anymore but I don't know if I'm ready to take them off yet. I told him I wasn't really happy about the little bit of fat left on my flanks and on one of my legs so he said after 6 months if I'm still not happy we can do cool sculpting. Other than that I'm feeling like my old self!

Week 9

Wouldn't let me post these.

Not really happy

So I'm about 4 months out and I love how flat I am but I'm not happy with the overall result. My thighs still have saddle bags and I still have love handles where my back meets my hips so I still can't really wear clothes that I want to. I have wide ribs so that part is never going to change for me but I really wanted the fat gone from my love handles. We went to Hawaii for work/vacation and I wore my first bikini ever but I was very self conscious about my love handle area, especially in pictures. My ps says I have to wait until 6 months before he can do any cool sculpting but I really wish it was sooner. I get really upset that I paid so much money and my sides are still pudgy, especially in jeans. I have posted some pics so hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.

Here a few more

6 months later

It's 6 months later and I'm about 5 pounds heavier than at surgery so I've joined a boot camp to get back into shape. Stomach is looking great!

Finally getting that 6 pack!

Been doing a boot camp and my abs are coming out!

8 months post op

Feeling great! Lost 14 pounds. I have 4 more to go.

Almost at my goal weight

16.8 pounds down

9 months post op

Still doing the boot camp and the and are coming out baby! Love my stomach!

1 year later

Still feeling that this is he best decision I could have made for my self esteem. Love my stomach!

Still working on it

I'm still not where I want to be but my tummy tuck was so worth it.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Loved him. He was very patient, sweet and kind. He has called to check up on me himself and I thought that was very kind of him. His office staff were very sweet and patient with me. I had a great experience overall.

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