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Hey hey hey beautiful women!! I've always been...

Hey hey hey beautiful women!!

I've always been heavier chested then most of my peers through my schooling days as I completed basic training into my 20s I stood at a friendly C then D cup. After having a miscarriage then my daughter within 6 months span, they filled all the way up to a DDD and 10 months later they are 36 DDD (According to the Hanes outlet where I get my bras). I decided to get on the Nexplanon implant after giving birth and my weight wouldn't budge frI'm 190, which was very depressing being I was 209 until I gave birth! After removing the Nexplanon(the devil) bc of weight gain and mood swings, I was able to lose 10 pounds and then 10 more so now I am down to 178.00 whooooohooo!! But bc of my breast size and weight for the last 6 months I have not been able to run for distances to help expedite the process of losing. I finally got down to the requested BMI to be considered for plastic surgery and one look from the doctor he decided I would benefit significantly from a reduction! Everyone I tell about the reduction says omg that's going to hurt lol I'm not too concerned about the pain Im really excited about the recovery process and being able to shop for what I like verses what my breast will look modest in :(


They signed the dotted line!

My memorandum was signed yesterday by leadership one step closer! Ive been reading up alot on the surgery and pre op appointment, pretty sure I know too much for my own good! ????????????????

Operation lose weight

I've seen a lot of reviews stating you ladies have lost weight after surgery during down time and I'm exstatic! I've lost 10 pounds prior to consult and during the next two weeks I want to lose 5 or more(trying to be reasonable here) but during the recovery process I want to lose 10 at least! I'm trying to get down to 150 at least by the end of the year. Within 6 months I've lost 3 inches from my waist down to a 30 and went down 4 pant sizes down to a 10! Progress Progress


Every picture I take makes me even more excited and thankful I was granted this chance!


Okay ladies,

Pre Op & Consult tomorrow!!!!! Super excited, saddened when I put my 11 month old to sleep tonight I thought about the fact that I won't be able to hold her for a while, she's really rough on me now I can only imagine the pain I'll indore if I try to hold her too soon ????. I love her dearly so we shall see what happens! If you have a weak stomach reading now..

Well I decided to take a laxative to clear out all the bad stuff the last thing I want is to be clogged and confined to the bed not cool. So because I took it at 7 I'll probably be up all night which I saw okay being I'll be stuck in the bed to sleep read and watch HGTV afterwards so I'll suck it up tonight. It'll also benefit for losing extra weight while I'll be down!...
Pray for me

I'll try to update you'll tomorrow night after the day has settled.

Another post..

One of these days.... I'll remember everything to write in one post! So I got my vitamins and cream should be here via Amazon tomorrow, I also went to Walmart and got two sports bras that clasp in the front, one 40 one 38... don't know what the size will be for sure but I needed something hoping secretly they are both too big HA!


They didnt have letters with the sizes so I had to guess hints the choices.


My breasts are smaller!!! Let me do a recap, Thursday afternoon I had 2 appointments didn't get tto see my surgeon doctor the day before but received great information and a time to show up 0545. Got there the next morning only to be told the first surgery doesn't normally begin until 0730. I was upset because u rushed getting my baby girl dressed and didn't get to spend a lot of time with her only to sit in a wsiting room for an hour or so. They called me back about 30 mins later got changed talked to a nurse and the doctor and alot of other folks. The nurse who put my IV in looked at my husband and said she apologized for his lose..... hahahahaa! He isn't a breast man so he didn't care about the reduction only that I would be happy. I was supposed to stay over night surgery was over by noon and I was doing well and didn't need the tubes in my breast so I got my meds and with my mother, my husband and my home girls help I went home!!! No pain at all irritation yes because the more time that goes by the more I ITCH. IMm extremely satisfied with my new size they look symmetrical and full not sure of the size completely I'm sure they are a C, it'll probably be another month until the swelling goes down.

Picture collage

Post pictures


Not as itchy as yesterday but really want to take these bandages off to wash not scars of course but I just feel dirty!


How soon after surgery can I take off tape on my breasts?

One Month Post

I love my new breasts!!! No more itching swelling every now and then but manageable! I went to Victoria Secret to get fitted for a bra and ending up with a sports bra and a regular bra! My size in that store was a 36D. But who knows what I'll be when I go to Hanes or Soma where I used to shop for my bras. Very blessed to have had this opportunity and grateful ????????????????

one months post

A month and 2 weeks post op

Loving Loving Loving my new breasts! I'm losing weight it's just falling off! I'm actually excited for running days and jumping jacks! It's been a blessing
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