36 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'6", 135-140 Lbs. Allergan Natrelle Inspira TSF 415 Silicone Implants & Mini Tummy Tuck - San Antonio, TX

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I've always had small breasts (36A/34B) that were...

I've always had small breasts (36A/34B) that were disproportionate to my very full backside. When I was in my early 20’s, I had a consultation with a PS regarding my desire for implants with my newly minted husband. I left the consultation excited to do it. However, after giving it some thought (per the gracious recommendation of the PS), I concluded that I was going to finish having children before pursuing it further.
10 years later, I approach the subject again with my husband. He was opposed to it initially. That lasted for about a day. Then he created an account on realself (I took over it now, haha, but hence the football user name), researched a ton, bought into the idea, and became extremely supportive of it. This website has been extremely helpful in educating us.
My husband started talking about things like implant profiles and sizes that made me realize I needed to get myself more educated. I read a lot about implants, the sizes women went with that were of similar build to myself, the outcomes, as well as women's regrets about implants (“when in doubt, always go bigger for size.”) When it came time for the consultation with my PS, I felt very educated in our decision making process. Had I not gone here, I would have told him that I wanted to go small and natural. But based on what many women have said about wanting to go bigger, I said I wanted a small D cup. I showed the PS pictures of how my breasts looked when I was nursing (he said they looked like a D cup) along with a few other “wish photos” I had brought. I also asked my PS what could be done about some excess wrinkly skin I had after pregnancy in my lower abdomen. My upper abdomen and muscles overall were in good shape. He said I was a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck, and he showed me that the incision would be low enough that it wouldn't show. I hadn’t read up about mini tummy tucks like I had implants. After the consultation I looked at many before vs. after photos of women like me with a little “extra pooch” that had me sold on a mini tummy tuck as a good idea.
At first I was extremely excited in my decision to undergo surgery. However, excitement turned to nervousness in the days leading up to surgery, and I was thoroughly questioning my decision to undergo a double elective surgery. But then I realized how much faith I had in my surgeon based on his experience and all the positive comments I had heard from other patients of his well (fellow colleagues of mine) as well as the raves about his work from his coworkers. So by the day of surgery, I was very relaxed and ready for it. Before I went back to the OR, my PS and I discussed the size of implants. He recommended 385 cc. I said I'd like a little bigger, 400 CCS if possible. We didn't talk much at all about the mini tummy tuck. He drew on my abdomen where the incision was going to be, and it was in a much higher spot than where he had pointed to me in the pre surgical consultation. My husband questioned the location of the marks after my PS had left. At no point had the PS checked to see where my underwear fit in relation to where the incisions were going to br. All the markup was done with me completely naked. After the PS left, my husband came back to be with me before I went to the OR. He advised me to ask the PS why the markings for the incision were so high. But I didn't feel the need to ask because of the trust I had in the surgeon.
All I remember is waking up from surgery with pain in my breasts and feeling content to actually have some good sized ones there finally. I was very nauseous for the next 12 hours. I threw up a little in the middle of the night on a trip back from the bathroom. My arms and chest were so sore that I couldn't even feed myself. It felt as if I had done the most intense chest workout of my life.
The following day, it was more of a very uncomfortable pressure feeling than pain. My breasts felt very engorged, as if I could easily nurse 7 babies. On day 2, I was feeling a little better but very gassy. On day 3, the drain in my tummy tuck area was very bothersome. Any time it was moved in any direction, it would hurt really bad. By day 4, I was no longer taking pain meds. It felt like an eternity had passed by, and I wasn’t very patient with the healing process. Time seems to stand still when sitting around all day recovering. My breasts still felt under a lot of pressure, but I had virtually no pain in the mini tummy tuck area ever unless pressure was put on that area. By the sixth day, I could fully move my arms again, and I went back to a half day of work schedule. I also had the drain removed in the tummy tuck area, which was an additional relief.
I'm now 7 days out and feel really good. I am really happy with the breast augmentation. I like knowing that I’ll have very flat abs too once the healing is done, but the incision is so high that nothing I have will cover it as far as being able to show off my abs. My PS told me when I brought my concern about the high incision that the incision will drop over time. However, I was very disappointed to see the other women who have complained about their incisions being too high were also under false hopes that the incision line would drop. It would have to drop several inches to look decent. And I know that's going not going to happen. All I can hope for at this time is a really good scarring process.

Support Group - What You'll Want to Have on Hand to Recover in Greater Comfort

I wanted to mention here some of the ways I've been able to heal so comfortably. The PA who works with my PS advised I get a good fitting Underarmour sports bra. I went out and got one the morning after my surgery, as the one provided was very thin and not supportive. I was also given a very rigid abdominal binder that probably would have fit a large man well. For me, it was digging into my skin and boobs. Luckily, one of my colleagues had a Mommy Makeover right before me. I didn't know it until she was wheeled out into the recovery room (which is also the pre-op room, where I was waiting to be taken back.) I was telling her after surgery how much discomfort the binder was causing me, and she offered me one of her extra binders (Dale Abdominal Binder) that she had ordered in advance. What a world of difference that new binder made!!! My PA (she follows up with me after surgery rather than my PS) also recommended I buy a camisole to wear to keep the binder from rubbing on the incision. So I bought a camisole and a shaping liner, both of which come with compression. I like wearing either one!

Date of Surgery Correction

Oops, I just realized that I put in the wrong surgery date so my posting timings are not correct. I don't think there's a way I can change it. My surgery was last week (on the 15th of Dec, not the 8th).

Pre-Op Photos

Here's what I looked like before surgery. Just 10 days ago these photos were taken. Small breasts and a little pooch of a tummy. I look so different now and would never want to go back to this!

Post-Op Photos

Here's my 1 week post-surgery photos. I love the way I look now more and more every day. I even feel like the incision line in the tummy tuck, which is much too high for my liking, has actually been dropping down some. It seems to be closer to my underwear and pants line than it was before. Maybe I'm just trying to convice myself, though. Time will tell...

Wish Photos

Here were the "wish photos" that I gave my PS before surgery to give him an idea of the size I wanted to go. One of them included my own breasts from when I was nursing my 2nd child.

2 Week Post Op

I'm now 2 weeks out. Not a whole lot has changed from last week. I get occasional twinges of slight pain. Sometimes it feels like someone is setting a blade lightly on the surface of my abdomen, ready to make a cut. The pain goes away shortly. I took most of the glue off of the mini tummy tuck area, since it was starting to come off. It made the incision line look a lot less red. I realized that was because there was still purple ink across the entire incision line that came off with the glue. There are areas across the incision line on my abdomen that look puffy/blistered. I was reassured to look at other mini tummy tuck photos and see that is normal. Phew. I read that this tends to be the peak swelling for the abdominal area. I think for me that happened around day 9 or 10. Maybe mine happened sooner because it was just skin removed. My abdominal incision line hasn't moved down a single mm from where it was before, based on a tape measure from my belly button, and much to my disappointment. The only good part is that the incision line is not as prominent as it was a week ago. As for the breasts, they haven't moved much if any since last week. My PS said the textured implants don't require any massage or any sort of belt to push them down. Where they're put, they pretty much stay put. I hope they come down just a smidge. The right one is just a little more full on the top than the left which makes it look totally fake to me, where as the left one is more natural in a low neckline outfit. They are softening up slightly which is nice. I can go without a bra now without feeling like there are heavy rocks hanging off my chest. I look at my "wish" pictures and am satisfied that my PS got me pretty close to what I desired.

Lactation has begun!

I have begun to lactate!
I was spending some "quality time" with my husband tonight. Lo and behold, I found out I am lactating. I am not quite sure what to make of that.


3 week update. On Monday, one day before my 3 week mark, I started to feel slightly itchy, especially where my bra rubbed my skin. There was a small rash on both sides. My abdomen was starting to feel itchy too. The binder, which I wore over clothes, seemed to aggrevate the issue. The tighter I had it, the itchier I felt. By Wed. morning, my abdomen was so itchy on the way to work that I had to take the binder off while I was was driving. Under my bra on the sides it was so itchy that it almost burned at the same time as itched. At the end of the work day, I took a good look at my skin in the mirror. Rash city all over my abdomen and breasts! It would have made for a great photo but I was more concerned with being seen by someone with expertise at that point than taking a picture. I was seen by the PA and got the OK to stop wearing the binder. In addition, I was advised to put hydrocortisone cream on my itchy skin and take a Benadryl before bed. That provided much relief. As soon as I got home, I went braless. At night, I wore nothing. The Benadryl made for a really good night's rest. What a difference it made to have nothing rubbing or pressing against my skin. I switched to one of my old cotton sports bras during the work day. 2 more days have passed and the rash is pretty much gone. I was going to start scar treatment earlier this week, but I was definitely not ready for anything more to aggrevate the rash condition. I think I'll wait one more day before I give it a shot. Not too much else has changed. Just more healing. It's such a slow process that I see why many people give up on posting photos. I'll post more pics when I get to the one month mark (in 5 days, yay!)

Returning to Normal Fitness?

I'm now almost one month out. Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to return to fitness? My instructions were to pretty much take it easy for the 1st two weeks. For 6 weeks I'm not supposed to swim, do any bouncing activities, or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. The instructions say after 2 weeks to gradually resume normal activities. I'm confused since my normal activities involve all the things it tells me not to do until I'm 6 weeks out. I don't want to damage anything... so what the heck do I do at 4 weeks out? I'm normally very into running/swimming/lifting/pretty much any kind of fitness. I just started scar treatment yesterday, and that pretty much says not to submerge in water for the next 8 weeks. So I guess swimming's out for a while. What else can I do? Advice please!

1 Month Post Op

Well, here I am at 6 weeks out. I forgot to put up my one month post op pics. So I'm finally posting those. Not too much has changed. I've been using Embrace strips for scar therapy. I'll admit, I'm not one for reading directions much. So when one week of using them was up, I ripped those strips off. Just like Steve Carell when he gets his chest waxed in "40 Year Old Virgin." Yowsa! Big mistake. It was like ripping duct tape off the skin. And it was pretty red afterward. You're supposed to take them off in water. Sometimes I learn the hard way :) Oh and as far as lactating, my right breast stopped doing that about a week ago followed shortly thereafter by the left one. It went on for weeks.

4 Month Post Op Pics!

Today is 4 months and a few days since my breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck. I feel that not much has changed. Slow healing. I look back at my pre-op photos and realize how glad I am that I had this done. No regrets there (other than I should've had it done sooner!) Just wish I would have been more vocal about the tummy tuck line being lower. Here in the photo I have confirmed that my PS didn't lie, he told the truth when he said the tt line would drop lower. Mine did by about 3/4". So on the bright side, I have a lot of pants that cover it now. And if I was a man and all I wore was boxers or boxer briefs, it would be great. It would be not noticable. I bought a special swimsuit that covers most of my front side but looks like a bikini from the back. Now I just need to wait and see how the scar line looks after more healing. I know it won't go away. I have a scar on the side of my left breast from a biopsy that was done, so I already have a good idea of what it's supposed to look like when healed. Faded, but still noticable. And I've seen enough photos of other women's scars on here (including that of the cover model on the home page) to know what to expect.

11 months -scandalous!

I haven't been the greatest at keeping this updated. It's been a year for me, and let's just say I have completely accepted the new and improved me. My boobs feel awesome and like they've always been a part of me. They squish/jiggle/do all the things natural boobs are supposed to do. I love the way my husband fondles/etc. (I'll spare graphic details) that area of me that I feel was pretty much ignored before. The boobs have also definitely helped balance out my well endowed backside. I'm glad I didn't go so crazy big with the boobs that I need to worry about having to wearing 2 sports bras or future back problems. After seeing so many pictures of women who got breast lifts, it's another reason I'm glad I didn't go for porn sized breasts. I look back to before pictures of the mini tt, and I see just how wrinkly my abdomen was with the excess skin. Even though I have a pretty obvious scar, it still looks way better than the saggy skin that was there before. Due to some technical problems, I can't post the 6 month or 1 year comparison photos but they will come some time probably in the next month! In the meantime... here's some pretty recent photos of me, taken last month at 11 months post op.
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