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So, many of you are probably thinking "16 years...

So, many of you are probably thinking "16 years apart??!!". Yes, I have a 17 year-old and a 1 year-old due to remarriage. Prior to remarrying, my spouse and I agreed with didn't want anymore kids as we had two together from our previous marriage. Well, a year after marriage hubby changed his mind! This was much to my horror at the time because I had just busted my butt for 6 months and lost 45 lbs the right way...working out twice a day and change of diet. I was sexier than I had ever been....even in my twenties and loving it!! Clearly, getting pregnant was off my "things to do" before then and was definitely now. BUT, we all that have experienced true love know that I gave in! Our agreement: "You will allow me to get a mommy make over especially since I already have wanted a BA for 10 years right??" He obliged. Well, here I am a year later and other issues that put me on meds to have a crazy amount of weight gain in less than 3 months....I couldn't believe it and while I am back in the gym, eating right etc and doing the things I did years ago...its harder being older. This is what led me to Dr. Schaffer. I thought I'd only be coming to him for BA and a little lipo which has turned into, BA/LIPO hips/tummy tuck. Can you say...."CHA CHING!!!". We've gone to a few other consults and they quoted me 1/2 the price for all of this but, it was something that I felt when I walked into this office and the time spent on my consult that made me say, "This doc is creme de la creme and you KNOW you are super picky and this is YOUR BODY we're taking about here!!". I said this but my wallet said, "HOLY MOLE". I think I've made the right decision here but, now I'm starting to second guess my gut. I hear this is normal but, its not assuring me. If anyone has had a mommy makeover, BA, tummy tuck/lipo or all the above like me. Please share your experience with Dr. Schaffer. I think my major concern is recovery....if he goes the extra mile, like I think he may because I've yet to hear about this pain ball in reviews from other docs in San Antonio or even, a 9 hour procedure for all of this (but I thought to myself, this means, he's truly taking his time on all my procedures and careful to clotting and spacing things out). In a nutshell, I know I am paying premium $ with this doc and I just need reassurance from prior clients, he's truly worth every $. Thanks for the positive/non-judgmental replies.

Something Special About His Staff

Called Dr. Shaffer's office today to schedule another consult because as I've research more on my procedure, I am most concerned that maybe I chose an implant size too small for what I am trying to achieve. Immediately after the receptionist answered...I felt like I was talking to a family member. Now I remember WHY I chose to have my treatment here!! I'm more than comfy now...just need to get that PERFECT SIZE!!!

Final Appt Before Surgery Today

OK....so I have been super quiet! But, this doesn't mean that I have NOT been on Realself or any other website/YouTube Channel etc talking about implants. I think my hubby thinks IM CRAZY OBSESSED at this point. One thing is for certain...this mental roller coaster but, I'm positively enjoying the ride because I keep reminding myself that this is something, I've wanted for over 18 years!!

I've ordered all my supplies, I think Realself reviews has me with a SERIOUS home recovery set up :))

The nurse today was so impressed with my knowledge and preparation so...thanks BA/MM sisters!!!

However, man....was that appointment long and HOLY MOLE all the information. My hubby was with me and even took notes. He can be a sweetie pie...sometimes...LOL!!!

I think my eyes got huge when she told me to report at 530am....no way Jose!!! Ughhhhh

I was very shocked to get word of ZERO bra for 6 weeks? WT....all these compression bras I bought from this surgical site and even took some reviews and bought the VS sport bras that are NOT CHEAP etc....aint this a B___!!!! LMBO!!! It's ok...thank god I plan to really return to the old gym goddess me as those damn VS bras WILL GET USED!!! :PP

But wait there's more....no compression garnet either??!!! Apparently my surgeon is SO AMAZING that he flattens his patients so well...they not only DONT need compression garmets, they apparently lose more weight because he sews up those abs muscles so tight...you have little room. "Well I'll be darned!!! That's what this TOP DOLLAR price tag gets me!!!??!!!" I'm totally amped up now!!! Come on bikini season!! Last summer was so horrible and embarrassing for me especially since my hubby is pretty much an athletic GOD....no REALLY!! I was too til this last baby...anyway!! I'm losing my focus...back to the appt.

So, I got all my meds....wrote that $21000 check and got in return TONS of instructions and prescriptions. I am such a pain wuss...I told them "Give me your strongest SHHHH" :)) On top of me paying $400+ for a pain ball. YUP...I did that!

All in all, I think I am well informed, I LOVE Dr. Schaffer's staff and yes....I did like most of you...went up in CCs one last time because as I continue to research, I've found us thick girls need MORE CCs!!!! So what started out as a 525cc has graduated twice to a final of 700cc saline under the muscle. I think with this additional tummy tuck and lipo on the hips....this mommy is gonna be SMOKIN HOT real soon!!

Before And After Help

Ok....so anyone that has a moment, please share how to upload pics from your phone to here because I have no clue!! :PP

Before Pics

Ugh....bye bye old body!!!

Tick Toc

Filled prescriptions today. I feel glad that I have almost 70% done with a little less than 3 weeks to go! Today my Arnica and Bromelin came in the mail and some other pre and post vitamins that I've seen get raved reviews for helping boost healing and decrease major bruising from makemeheal.com. This place is a ONE STOP shop for EVERYTHING breast augmentations/mommy make over/tummy tuck and plenty other surgery related items for other types. This is really started to feel like reality....yes...IM STILL NERVOUS!!!!

Getting Closer And Feeling Remorseful? Is This Normal? HELP

OK...I previously mentioned a "mental roller coaster" and I liked it. Much has turned in the last few days. I keep having thoughts of "All this $ you're spending" "Are you sure you're ready for this pain?" "Do you know what you could be doing with this $ right now?" "Does this mean I don't love me the way I am?" "There are plenty mommies out there that loose there curves after babies...its ok...isnt it?" OMG....I literally have the "blues" and I'm starting to feel really BAD about this decision. Is this normal? If anyone has been here....please help. I mean I guess Im at the fully paid, no turning back point but I think thats the issue....its a reality now and what I've been excited for, I'm literally feeling depressed! ugh.....

Hubby Alert!! Anyone Else?

Ok...so I'm less than a week out and I'm noticing as my recovery items are starting to flood in at our doorstep, hubby seems distant, seems as though he's validating that guilt thing I spoke to you all about weeks ago. Maybe reality is kicking in for him. Whatever it is...now is the time I need support and what I see looks like regret he said yes to this? Maybe it's a guy thing and he sees me already walking around back with the confidence prior to us having kids that attracted him and he's not used to that and it's scaring him? I don't know...I know I'm 6 days Preop, I've included my hubby on all these decisions to include letting him decide on my final implant size yet it feels weird in my house. Anyone go through this? If so, how did you deal? Did it change once they saw you post op or get worse? I'm asking so I'm prepped. I can handle it, if it's not so good answers, just want to be prepped on dealing with other's attitude.


OMG.....OMG....so I am less than 13 hours out from check in for BA/TT w/muscle repair and flank lipo!! So excited yet nervous! Thought I'd post my final BEFORES....looking at these pics actually make me MORE EXCITED!!! Good bye jelly rolls!!! DONT COME BACK!!!

Day 1 almost 2 Pre Op

OK, so I don't know where to begin and this will probably not be too long but OMG....day 1, just like these reviews said....SUCKED!!! I didn't want to eat, still barely want to eat and YES you NEED HELP!! My husband has been amazing! In fact OVERLY attentive. I can definitely tell that I have great results already. I'm flat with some pretty nice perky boobs under all this gauze/compression wraps. The drive home wasn't too bad but only because I had a "hoppy pillow" in fact, I'm using it now...it wraps around your tummy and its been a LIFESAVER so thank you to the Realself sister that mention it. Another thing that has been lifesaver was my toilet extender. Please make sure you have plenty of liquids in the house because you won't want solid food....like protein shakes, gatorade, chicken broth etc. Lastly, get a small w/handle basket to hold all your meds and you can easily grab it. Perhaps I will have more tomorrow and I now truly APPLAUD those who were able to blog from day 1 because this procedure (Mommy makeover) will have you very tired. See you tomorrow!! Pics to come later.

First PO Appt

So...everything went great! Learned the massage technique. The massage technique wasn't as bad as I thought (take your pain meds 1 hour before this appt) and the drive, I no longer needed a boppy pillow. I still have to wear "dressing" until my next appt on Thursday but I am fine with that because they removed those horrible bandages from my breast. Truthfully, now that they're off...I really REALLY feel better! The entire office applauded my recovery so far and says, I'm moving really good. I will say, now that I've seen my breasts....OMG...I'm already HAPPY!! I do have quite a bite of bruising on my sides and under the breast but I expected that since the surgeon had to create a bigger pocket un the muscle for the implant. I am also excited on how my waist looks....I got a peak with out the dressing and its FLAT already....cant wait to see the results in a few month or so. All and all....I'm glad I did these procedures and while the first couple of days were not so fun...the early results are already worth it!! I have another appointment on Thursday where they will remove the bandgages from the TT so I will have much better pics after then.

Seeing Major Progress

Still healing well and up moving around well. I still rest a lot but, when I'm up, I'm able to get myself dressed, cleaning, grab water/meals etc. I've been staying on top of my breast massages still and everyday they feel more softer and natural. Of course below the waist, I have SWELL HELL but, I am focused on the positive and the end results by summer! IM SO GLAD I DID THIS!!!

More Pics! 8 days Post Op

Thank God...again...another good day. Arnica gel has definitely helped with the decrease and scarring and breast massages every two hours already has these boobs feeling like they've always been there! Gave up the walker and moving very well. Pain meds have cut in 1/2 almost not at all. Just waiting to get these damn drains out!! Based on levels...Im certain next doc appt, this will happen!!! As long as its before my wedding anniversary (12/20) :PP. PS: I love being on the flat side lol!!!

If You're Considering Dr. Schaffer DO IT!!!

OK...so I haven't posted pics in a while. I promise that they are coming. I had a few complications that prolonged my healing so I had the JP drains for 6 weeks! I had an accident the day my drains were scheduled to come out. I guess I was so excited when I was getting ready, I accidentally cut one of the drains when I was created the slit for the dressing around it. Long story short...within the drive to the doc...the drain tube went completely inside my body....(HOLY CRAP!!!!!). Dr. S remained professional and on the spot performed a mini surgical procedure to retrieve the drain and did not charge me a dime! And this was MY FAULT!! Not mention, each time I come to his office, both his staff and him always greats me with a smile and he gives me a hug when he walks in for my exam and when he leaves....WHAT PS does that....EVERY TIME!!! Now, he does have some ways about him but this come being a PERFECTIONIST and thats what you want when spending your hard earned money!! I look better than I did in my twenties!!! This man is the KING of tummy tucks for sure!!! Not only have I earned a great PS and no kidding if I ever move....I WILL FLY BACK to Dr. Schaffer for anything else I ever need done, I have a genuine professional FRIEND!! I LOVE YOU DR. SCHAFFER!!!!

7 Weeks Tomorrow Pics

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

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