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I am a week away from having my 2nd baby boy, so a...

I am a week away from having my 2nd baby boy, so a mommy makeover is for sure in my future. But I would like to document my journey from pregnancy, through breast feeding, weightloss, consultations, doctor selection, and then finally the actual surgery!

I currently have a 22 month old little boy and I am now expecting my 2nd. I was put on this Earth to be a wife and a mother. My older baby boy is so smart and funny. He currently attends Mother's Day Out two days a week and once the baby comes he will continue. He loves it and has a ton of friends at school! My husband is one of the smartest and most amazing men on this planet. We were high school sweethearts and even though it is cliche..... I love him more and more everyday! I am so blessed to call him mine!!! He is a fourth year medical school student here in San Antonio. Since he is in his 4th year we are gearing up for residency interviews! He will be going into the specialty of Emergency Medicine. We are hoping to stay here in San Antonio for his training for the next 3 years. He will graduate in May. We are also hoping to purchase our first home in the next 6 months! So this family will be busy busy busy!

More about my crazy body! I have always been extremely fit and healthy. I cheered and danced all throughout school. I love bootcamp style workouts and running outside with my baby (in the stroller!) I am a terrible eater and that is the worst part of being healty for me. I am getting much better, but I still have a LONG LONG LONG way to go, as far as establishing proper eating habits! I want my boys to have a better relationship with food than I do. I just do not like the way that "healthy" food tastes. I need to find things that I like and actually eat that instead of tacos and pizza!

I had my first little boy when I was 24. I had an amazing pregnancy where I was able to workout, finish my bachelors degree, and work two jobs. I have an AmAzInG OBGYN here in San Antonio that I just LOVE! Two days before my due date, I went in for my final check up and she noticed that I had gotten VERY "BIG" since I had saw her a week prior. So she quickly sent me to get an ultrasound. My little angel had been pumping iron in there or taking protein shakes, because he was now measuring up to around 10-11lbs!!! I had no gestational diabetes and had only gained a total of 17lbs through the entire pregnancy. So I was completely SHOCKED to say the least! So my OBGYN called me that afternoon and said you have two choices...... have him via c-section tomorrow or Sunday (two days later). So after the shock wore off I decided to have him the next morning.

Of course that entire night I was a sobbing and worried mess. I had never had ANY kind of surgery. (not even wisdom teeth removed!) I am a total sissy and I could only think of the impending paid and EVERYTHING that could go wrong! But that day, I welcomed my amazing little bundle of joy into the world! (January 6th, 2012 @14:15) But that HUGE baby did a number on my young 24 year old body! EWWWWWW!

So my hubby and I decided to go through that ALL over again around the time that my first son turned one year old. I was pregnant a few months later and this pregnancy proved to be MUCH more difficult than the first. At 14 weeks, I began to "spot". It was very scary! I was worried I would lose my baby and I had a really good friend lose her baby just a few months before. So I was an absolute MESS! We later found out that my spotting was associated with excessive activity. So I have been on bedrest off and on for 24 weeks!!!! UGH! It has been very difficult. But this baby is also big so my inability to workout as well as gaining MUCH more weight, now my hips and back are in EXTREME pain almost constantly. But thank God I only have 11 more days! Whooooo! So my c-section is scheduled for November 15th!

I cannot wait to meet my baby! We will be a full family of 4 and I will have two babies under two years old!!!! Are we crazy~???? I don't know but it sure will be fun!

I would like to update as much as possible between now and when I get my mommy makeover! I plan to take measurements, weight, and photos as much as possible in order to keep up with my journey! I plan to start the day before my c-section!!! I will be curious as to what I will be weighing and measuring by then!

(Oh yeah.... I almost forgot. I will be the Maid of Honor in my sister in law's wedding on May 30th. So once I am cleared to workout (6 weeks after my c-section) I will have 100 days to get fit and ready for her wedding and the photos that will be in our family FOREVER! EEEEEEKKKKKKK! My workout plan is to get an elliptical, as well as join the fitness group "Stroller Strides". It is a fitness group focused on Moms getting fit while their babies are in the stroller. It is an outside group so it will be good for me and the boys to get out there!)
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