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Finally after so many years of wanting this and...

Finally after so many years of wanting this and thinking I was going to be having it done, I finally am! Many things have happened since I first began planning this procedure. I have wanted it since I first began my post weight loss skin removal surgeries. I had full leg liposuction in Dec. to help prepare for this surgery and now my legs are very wrinkly and ready to have the leftover skin removed. My legs have always been my problem area, since due to the Lipedema that I have, I have always had a disproportion body style caring the majority of all my excess weight in my lower half. So looking forward to finally getting this done and healing and moving on with life. I feel like I have been in a holding pattern ever since I found out my previous surgeon was not giving me the long thigh lift two years ago, but rather an inner lift, that was of no use, what so ever...So now to be having this done is so worth the time and money of doing it again....

What is LIpedema

Lipoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks.
The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, although there have been rare cases reported in men.
Signs and symptoms
In lipoedema, the legs become enlarged from the ankles up to the hips. Both legs are usually enlarged at the same time and to the same extent.

The feet are not affected and this creates a ‘bracelet’ effect or ‘band-like’ appearance just above the ankles.
The hands are not usually affected either, although the arms occasionally can be.
The degree of enlargement caused by lipoedema differs between individuals with the condition and it can gradually worsen over time.
As well as becoming enlarged, affected areas of the body may:
feel soft, 'doughy' and cold
be tender to touch
bruise easily
ache or feel painful
have small broken veins under the skin
The condition can progress to cause fluid retention (lymphoedema) in the affected legs.
The combination of these symptoms can lead to reduced mobility and psychological issues, such as low self-esteem.
What causes lipoedema?
The cause of lipoedema is not known, but there is a family history of the condition in some cases and it seems likely that the genes you inherit from your parents play a role.
Lipoedema tends to start at puberty or at times of hormonal change, such as pregnancy or the menopause, which suggests hormones may also have an influence.
Although the accumulation of fat tends to be worse in people who are obese, the condition is not caused by obesity and can affect people who are a normal weight. It should not be mistaken for obesity, as dieting often makes little difference to the condition (see below).
Seeking medical advice
You should see your GP if you have symptoms of lipoedema so they can try to identify the cause.
This will usually involve examining the affected areas of your body to help determine whether you have lipoedema or lymphoedema.
Lymphoedema has similar symptoms to lipoedema, and can sometimes develop as a result of lipoedema, but it is caused by a build-up of fluid from the lymphatic system (a network of channels and glands distributed throughout the body) rather than a build-up of fat cells.
The skin of someone with lymphoedema will pit or indent when you press it, but this will not happen with lipoedema.
Treating lipoedema
As there has been little research into lipoedema, there is some uncertainty about the best way to treat the condition.
Generally, the main treatment options are non-surgical treatments and liposuction.
Non-surgical treatments
Non-surgical treatments can sometimes be helpful in improving pain and tenderness, preventing or reducing lymphoedema and improving the shape of affected limbs – although they often have little effect on the fatty tissue.
Several different treatments are designed to improve the flow and drainage of fluid in your tissues, such as:
compression therapy – bandages or garments that squeeze the affected limbs
exercise – usually low-impact exercises, such as swimming
massage – techniques that help encourage the flow of fluid through your body
These treatments are similar to the treatments for lymphoedema.
The only treatment that appears to be effective in reducing the build-up of fatty tissue associated with lipoedema is a procedure called tumescent liposuction.
Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a liquid solution into the legs to help numb the area and reduce blood loss, before the unwanted fat is sucked out through a tube.
This procedure can be an effective treatment with good results, but several separate operations may be necessary to remove the fat from the different parts of your body.
Also, non-surgical treatments may still be needed for a long period afterwards. For example, compression garments need to be worn after surgery to prevent complications such as lymphoedema.
Liposuction is not generally available on the NHS, although it may be possible to apply for funding for cases of lipoedema.
Treatments that don't work
Treatments used for some types of tissue swelling are generally unhelpful for lipoedema.
Lipoedema does not respond to:
raising the legs
diuretics (tablets to get rid of excess fluid)
dieting – this tends to result in a loss of fat from areas not affected by the lipoedema, with little effect on the affected areas

Stages of Lipedema

Stages of Lipedema

4 month pictures from total leg liposuction

In preparation for having the thigh skin removal surgery, I had total leg liposuction done by Dr. Peter Fisher on Dec 29th. I had this done to remove the lipedema fat cells and to prep my legs for this next surgery I am having on June 9th.

Just a little over a week now...

Next Friday we will start our journey driving to Texas for my upcoming surgery. We decided to drive so we could determine ourselves when the best time to return will be and that way we will also have a car for the entire time. Doing this on a budget, trying to save where we can. Almost 3 weeks staying in a hotel adds up fast. Of course would rather spend the money on PS. So I am feeling pretty good and strong, hopefully my iron levels are nice and high this time, I am having my labs done Tues. Here is my latest picture 5 months today from having the liposuction in preparation for the long thigh lift.

All marked up and ready to go....

These pictures are not for the faint of heart as they are pretty gross, but they are the befores so there will be a lot of improvement when I post the next set. You can see by the markup pictures that this is going to be a very long lift going down half way to my calves.

It's Finished!!!

after years of wanting this type of lift I finally was able to get it. After the liposuction in Dec. I was left with some pretty wrinkly calf area so the lift needed to extend down to the calves. The good news is I scar really well and I should only end up with a faint white line. I am feeling much better today. I only needed to spend one night in the hospital as I was feeling really good just couldn't move too well, moving much better today as it's day 2 after surgery...

First Follow Up Appointment

Today was a good day, I went for my first follow up visit with my daughter and her husband since she was having her markup for her Liposuction to treat Lipedema in the morning. My visit went well, everything thing is healing nicely and I am still on tract to be one of the very few who have no separations of their stiches...That is my major goal. All there is to do now is rest and heal. My daughter asked me to go in with her while she had her mark up which honestly I was very suprised but delighted. I don't think she realized she would be standing there butt naked, but I loved it. Not sure if Dr Fisher was much more attentive to explaining the details of the "whys" he does everything he is plainning on doing, or if one just hears so much more when they are not discussing you while you are standing there naked...Anyway I learned alot, and I am very excited for my daughter to have this done while she is so young before the Lipedema has a chance to ruin her legs. I want to get more pictures soon but right now there's not much to see. Everything is covered in a post surgical garment which is holding everything nice and tight. But I have to say I am amazed how well I am feeling and well I am now able to move around. What a difference 4 days can make!!!

comparison photos for day 5

Not sure if you can see any change yet, but the one with the red tee shirt was taken right before surgery and the other is 5 days post op.

2 weeks post op

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since I had my long thigh lift (full leg lift) I had so much wrinkly skin all the way down to the calves so this lift needed to go down further than normal. I am healing well, everything seems to be closed. I still have the tape on that was placed there at the end of surgery. Much of it is loosening up but I am going to let it peel off when it's ready. Due to the tape which has some dried blood on it, things looks worse than they are...I have not had any real pain and my energy levels have been fine...Working hard at staying off my feet so I heal fast. Recovery is hard when you feel fine, you tend to want to do more than you should....

3 Weeks Post Op

I am doing really well, everything remains closed and I seem to have all my energy back. I am still taking things slow so I don't end up with any surprises?, but I don't think there will be any.

4 weeks Post Op

I couldn't be happier with how my healing is going. Incisions remain closed and seemly all healed from the outside. Swelling is a non issue and my energy seems to be normal. But the very best part of all is the very thin line that my scar seems to be leaving. I am confident that within a few months it will not e en be noticeable.

Small Bump In the Road to Recovery....

Right at 5 weeks post op all is going great, incisions are fully closed, incision line nice and thin, when all of a sudden a red spot appears on my left inner thigh overnight the redspot grows to twice the size. I called Dr. Fisher's office and he ordered me some antibiotics to knock it out. This reminded me of 3 years ago when I had my breast lift. At 4 weeks post op after all was healed, then all of a sudden my one breast got hot and red along the incision site. I called that surgeon who said it wasn't an infection that it was too past far past due surgery to be an infection...that one had to heal on its own. Thankfully it did heal, but this just goes to show me that 4-5 weeks the tissue inside is still healing and things can happen. Our skin seems to heal first, giving us a false sense of being recovered from our procedure, when in fact? our tissue inside is still bonding and healing....

2 month pictures done....

It's been a busy second month...no sooner than I arrived home from my stay in San Antonio, I found out there were shutting down the department that I work in, so I had a month to close it all down and get rid of everything before losing my job...Oh well, there's a new chapter opening in my life that's all...So I've been pretty busy and thankfully feeling really good too....I went and had every check up one can have while I still have my health insurance and everything came out great, so I have a lot to be thankful for, not to mention how well I am healing. My scars are at the stage where they are pretty red, but right at week 7, the internal stitches dissolved and now everything is laying nice and flat and the scar is thin, so I am expecting it to turn white within the year and not even be noticeable. So thankful that this surgery was the easiest I have done as far as healing and it was the one in which I was most nervous for. I had seen so many people who had issues that I was not that sure it was going to be smooth sailing, thankfully it was better than any of my previous procedures. I am seeing great improvement so far. My legs will never be great, but they are compared to where I started. I never thought it was possible to get to this point.

Comparison Photos Before and Afters

I posted these on a Lipedema Site and got so many positive responses? I thought I should post them here too...
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for a down to earth, type Doctor who has time to spend with you answering all your questions and one who is tops in his field of this type of Plastic Surgery, then this is your guy! Dr. Peter Fisher is sure to ease ones nervousness with his knowledge and expertise. You will know you are in the best hands available when you meet with him, and discuss what your options are. He will not try and oversell you on procedures that are not going to benefit you, but rather streamline you to the best procedures to fit your needs. One would think he is not affordable with such credentials and high ratings from so many, but that is not the case. One of the hospital nurses asked me where I was from, noting that his patients come from all over the country and world. It's easy to see why...

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