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Have not had this done yet, I am preparing for...

Have not had this done yet, I am preparing for surgery. I flew to Houston to meet with Dr. Fisher and I am very excited to be having this finally done. Dr. Fisher feels I am a good candidate to have this type of procedure done and that I should have a great outcome. It has been a long road to get here. Here is a little background on me.
Two years ago I went to Mexico and had several procedures done after losing 100 lbs, at that time the surgeon suggested I also get a lower body lift. He also said I should have the veins in my legs fixed first. So I had my veins treated and although the surgeon assured me they were all closed and no longer a problem, they now looked even worse. It would take a year for them to be dissolved. In the meantime I scheduled my lower body lift and thigh lift at a different clinic. One that had beautiful results as far as scars so I went there. At the time when I made my decision to go I did not know that my age (being over 50) would cause me to not have several of the needed procedures done. So even though my lower body lift turned out fine, I was unable to have any liposuction done on my stomach or my saddle bags. Also when the surgeon saw my veins he did not feel comfortable doing the long thigh lift, so I ended up with only a inner lift which did little or nothing to address my problem. So after going though all of that I still had the major issues I had before surgery. I would go back to the same surgeon and have more work done only it's my age that doesn't qualify me for any additional work to be done by him. A good friend of mine who had all her work done by Dr. Fisher told him about me and he said to have me call that he was sure he could help me. So I went to Texas to meet him. He is wonderful and said I am a good candidate to have the long thigh lift and the lipo to the saddle bags. He goes my a patients health rather than age.
So now the hard part, I am working on losing as much extra fat on my thighs as possible before surgery to help make the best out come available and now am in the process of resaving the money to have this surgery redone. Although I really liked my surgeon who did my lower body lift, I should have researched more and found out about the age thing as it was not a good choice for me at my age. I am shooting for the end of Aug. and I have told Dr Fisher I could take a last minute opening as I have a pretty flexible schedule. Please don't ask price as I do not feel comfortable discussing that as each person is so different. But I will say that Dr. Fisher's prices are really good, in fact the same or lower than what I first paid... I will be posting some before pictures, when I get the courage up to do so, as now after having the body lift the thighs (saddle bags) look even worse...ugh

A little wrench in the works...

Seems like things have changed a little recently....still planning on the long thigh lift, BUT I just recently learned I have lipedema, which is a condition that causes a one to have a very unusually larger lower body...Hello!!! It's a condition that is only treated by a water assisted liposuction, which needs to be done all over the leg. From the thighs down to the ankles. Since this is a medical condition insurance companies are now willing to pay. But with that comes time of getting the needed letters of the experts and making sure that your surgeon of choice is in the network. I am in the process right now to make sure Dr. Fisher is. Then I can proceed with the complete leg lipo, and then allow that to heal for at least 6 months and then go for the long lift as I know it will be greatly needed by then. Now that I understand it's a condition rather than simple abuse of my body, I feel a little better, as it has not been easy trying to figure out why my legs looked so bad after losing my much needed weight. I will update as I know more....So one thing I do know for sure Dr. Fisher will be doing the long thigh lift as that is not covered by insurance (oh darn!)

Moving Ahead slowly but surely....

I just finished up having my varicose veins ablated this week so I could be a good candidate to have the tumescent liposuction on my whole leg from the thighs all the way down to the calves as this is the only known treatment for Lipedema. The diseased fat cells must be removed before they break down and leak causing bad leg swelling and pain...Actually just glad to finally get a diagnosis of what the heck was wrong with me. I've always known that I was much bigger than what I ate or the life style I lived. Plus the bad pain and bruising of the legs, which I always thought was normal. Just waiting to hear back from Dr. Fishers office on what the cost will be and how many procedures I will need so I can make plans. Insurance seems to be more of a pain, but I will attempt to get them to cover it or some of it since this is considered a medical procedure. After I get the whole leg lipo, (tumescent which is a water assisted form in order to be lymph sparing) I will need to heal for 6 months then finally have the long thigh lift... In the last month I have gotten in to see the most renowned expert on Lipedema, Dr. Karen Herbst from the University of Tucson, who was able to set me on a path of healthy eating and proper exercise for Lipedema.

Got my date!!!! Dec. 29th

I will be having my tumescent liposuction, which is the most lymph sparing type of liposuction available for removing the Lipedema fat and sparing the lymph system. I am having both legs completely debulked to get rid of the Lipedema cells present in the thighs inner knees and calves. Also some work done on my upper arms as the cells seem to be present there too. I am a late stage 2 Lipedema person, so I should get pretty far results in getting the Lipedema cells out. I am told those who are stage 1 have a pretty good chance of being cured by way of liposuction. Hoping to lose a few pounds before my surgery to make sure I get rid of the regular fat myself and that only the Lipedema cells are left and can easily be removed. If you have a disproportionate body shape and have legs that look like tree trunks and also bruise easy and are sensitive to touch on your legs you may want to google this little known condition, there have been many strides in the last few years, making life much easier. Lipedema fat is unresponsive to diet and exercise, it's the fat that is left in the legs after one has lost all regular fat....It's estimated that 11% of all women have this disorder which is hormone driven and can be passed down from generation to generation as was the case with me.

3 weeks till Surgery!!!

Getting excited and nervous too....I fly to Texas on Dec 21th to spend the Holidays with family then surgery on Dec 29th. I guess I should take some pictures of my legs now. I got my letter of medical necessity from Dr. Karen Herbst, who is the foremost researcher and Doctor concerning Lipedema and in the letter she said I had stage 2 Lipedema in my arms but my legs were stage 3...which is a very advanced stage, so hoping for the best. Not going into this thinking I will be showing my legs off, but I am sure they are going to be a lot better and feel a lot better soon!

Going for my EKG and Blood work tomorrow!

Surgery is less than 2 weeks away...I am having my EKG in the morning along with the other tests that are required...Glad it's coming around so soon, hoping the aching leg pain will be a thing of the past...I fly to Texas on Monday!

7 liters of fat gone!!!

Just got back to our Hotel room as I was released from the Hospital. Feeling pretty good all things considered! Dr. Fisher was wonderful! Can't wait to see my results and posts some pictures, but all in all I am feeling pretty good today, considering my iron count is pretty low...

Home and Recovering

Nothing feels as good as being home....With the exception of the swelling from flying and the pain in the legs at night things are progressing well...12 days out and wearing my stage one compression suit helps but boy I now understand what people mean when they say liposuction is the most painful of all the plastic surgeries...It's so weird how you feel the fluid move in your legs when you go from laying down to standing causes a stinging sensation. It's funny how you can remove about 10 lbs and be heavier on the scale, but I understand how the body fills the void with fluid. Looking forward to healing and being able to have my thigh lift in about 6 months!

Today is three weeks since my surgery

I am feeling better each day. At the end of the day there is bad swelling in my calves even though I have been wearing my garment daily. The changes are slight but hoping as time goes on, they will get better....

Before and After pics at 6 weeks out...

These photos are really hard to post as I never show my naked legs but I wanted to share the progress that has been made in only 6 weeks.... My Lipedema Doctor was very excited with my improvements when I saw her on Monday...

Two month Post Op

Two months post Op and down 16 lbs from the day of surgery and looking and feeling better each day. Here is my 2 month photo I took yesterday.

5 months Since Liposuction

Feeling great, completely healed, no leg swelling anymore now that the Lipedema fat was removed. In less than 2 weeks I will be having a long thigh lift with Dr. Fisher. Excited and nervous? all at the same time.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Peter Fisher is one of the Top Surgeons in the field of post weight loss plastic surgeries. It really takes someone with incredible, know how to reshape a body minus all that left over and not come out with 'dog ears" or a boxy shape. Dr. Fisher is just that person, his skills and abilities can give a patient the body they have worked so hard to achieve. I highly recommend him. His demeanor is very comforting and reassuring. I could not be happier with my chosen surgeon.

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