Zafftig Woman with Uber Thick Thighs (35 Years Old, No Children) - San Antonio, TX

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Yesterday I got liposuction and I'm already...

Yesterday I got liposuction and I'm already thrilled. But let me start at the beginning....

I went for my consultation in the beginning of July. Originally, I scheduled consults with 3 different board certified surgeons but I liked the first one so much I decided to go ahead and pull the plunge.

What I wanted specifically was liposuction on my saddlebags and inner thighs. I have had thick thighs as long as I can remember, even when I was 23 and 105lbs). I'm no longer that tiny girl, I'm 5"1' and 173 lbs... My measurements are 34D-29-48.5. I'm a full 2-3sizes smaller on the top than the bottom! And don't get me wrong, I love my curves, but a little less would be fabulous. When I lose weight, I lose from the middle up. My waist shrinks then I will loose a cup size (some times from the band but usually I lose breast fullness first), then my calves and lastly my hips. The saddle bags always remain and sometimes get more prominent!

I liked Dr. Robert Young from the moment I met him. He is very matter of fact and direct during the consult. He said he could deliver on my expections. He said my hips (the region just above the saddle bags bu below the flanks) were good and I didn't need it done. He asked if I liked my glutes/backside gave him an emphatic yes! (I love that I have a shelf booty!) He said my back and flanks don't need to be done either.

Now I have a belly. It doesn't actually bother me and it responds to diet and exercise. He grabbed my Buddha Belly and said well what about this, we can do this too. I had not actually given the belly a thought before, but my follow up thought was... well sure. I will go with what he thinks will give me the look that I see in my head.

I followed my physicians instructions to a "T". For 2 weeks I took iron & B-12 supplements 3x per day, I took physician prescribed multivitamins, 3 pills 2 times per day (but the multivitamin cant be taken at the same time of the iron because the calcium in the multivitamin would be rendered inert), The day before the surgery I added an antiobotic 4x per day (spaced evenly at 6hour intervals starting at 1am. The morning of surgery the only think that I took was an anti-vomiting pill.

I also have my own supplement that I take called Vidacell, it is a concentrated rice protein super-food that enhances cellular nutrition. It's great for decreasing energy levels, decreasing the duration of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), mental clarity, quality of sleep... most people notice an improvement in about 90days, but some notice in as little as 3days. I had not been taking it consistently for some time now, so I went back to taking it with increased dosage prior to surgery. I took 2 packs for 4weeks prior , 3packs for 3 weeks prior , 4 packs for 2 weeks prior, & 5packs the week of surgery. I intend to continue 5 packs for 1week post, then 4packs, then 2 packs. then down to one pack per day for the next 90days.

Fast forward to yesterday, Dec 18th, and it was surgery day. 9:30a. Everything went smoothly. I checked in, they took me back I changed into my gown. There was a little delay between getting into the gown and getting marked up by Dr. Young prior to surgery, but it didn't seem like much. The surgery team was nice and made me feel comfortable. I really liked the anesthesiologist. Mark or Dr. Mark I'm not sure if that was his last name but I felt as though he was very thorough and I felt secure.

For my procedure I had IV sedation and was intubated. I slept through it no problems ( I was even dreaming ). I woke up in my garment with foam in strategic places. I was wheeled out to my ride and I went home without problems.

After surgery. I felt super sore along in my lower extremities maybe a 4/10. My abs were not so bad. a 2/10. Pain was mostly in my hamstrings and along the incision site. I took my pain meds (Norco)
on a schedule, .5 a tab at a time, which kept most of the pain at bay. Everytime I took another 1/2 tab, the pain got better, but I never exceeded the dosage. I also had a prescription for a dissolvable anti nausea medication which I took one time ( I needed some after I ate bone broth w/ wilted spinach for dinner).

I slept well. I even woke up without any pain about 1:30am. Right now pain is maybe a 2/10 and it gets better with movement.

This morning I actually ventured a look in the mirror. I have my compression garment on and I can already see a difference. The saddle bags are gone, but I'm still curvy. I cant venture a guess about my stomach yet as they are hidden behind foam, but I'm pleased overall. I am numb along the stomach and toward the inside of my thighs mostly. I don't have any drainage. I know my results will look even better, when the swelling goes down. I think my results will be great. The nurse said he took 9liters.

I think the worst thing to hurt was my throat this morning.
Oh I did do something that the nurse at the Pre-op appointment told me not to do. She said "don't weight yourself' immediately, you'll be swollen and gain weight weight from the surgery since you will retain fluids."
Well I weighed myself and I'm down 4lbs since the surgery. I'll take it.

I can take my garment off for the first time tomorrow. I'll take updated pictures then. Right now it's just the Befores shots. I'll update as soon as I can take the garment off.

POD 2, I have never been so happy to shower

Everything is still going well. I removed the compression garment for the first time and I got to see underneath. I couldn't be happier at the early results. My saddlebags are greatly reduced and my tummy is much flatter. I can see great changes through all the swelling! I'm numb across my stomach and thighs. My inner thighs are super purple. but that didn't even start to show until after I took my first shower. Dr. Young didn't do my back but my back looks better now that the front is contoured.

Last night weirdness

Last evening and then in the wee early hours of the night I caught the worst case of the hiccoughs (hiccups). They were relentless. The first bout lasted about 3hours... I hiccoughed my self into the worst headache. The second round only lasted about 30minutes. Both times they went away after I emptied my bladder. I suspect I'm so full of fluid the increased pressure is irritating my diaphragm or Vagus nerve, which goes away when I reduce the pressure. It would probably go away if I took off the compression garment... but thats about 4 months into the future.

I'm going to try to reduce the edema by using Estim today. I am debating using kinesiotaping on my thighs to reduce the bruising and edema around my thighs, but I'm not sure if the tape will do anything the compression garment is not.

I'm so swollen! POD 5

I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday. I think I drank about 2 liters and I have been averaging about 3.5L (3 liters plain water and .5liter no caffeinated no sweetener herbal tea) since surgery. I think the lack of fluid has caused me to retain and swell. My contours are still visible, but sheesh! I definitely look bloated. My thighs are super swollen and tight. I'm very bruised. I look like my boyfriend beats me.

My measurements are still smaller
My original measurements were
OverBust 38
Under Bust 34
Waist 31
@belly Button 38
High hip: 45
Widest point: 48.5
Thighs: 27.5
Even Swollen My current Measurements are:
OverBust 38
Under Bust 34
Waist 29
@belly Button 37
High hip: 44
Widest point: 47
Thighs: 27

I've kept my diet super clean. Grain and dairy free. Organic produce and wild caught sea food. Very low glycemic foods. I try to eat an alkaline diet to encourage healing. I feel pretty good overall. Just swollen.

I decided to kinesiotape (sports tape) myself this morning to decrease the swelling and the bruising. We will see how it goes. I'm not sure how well it will work under the compression garment. I'll know in a few days when I change out the tape.

Migraines, Cruising, and Bruising, oh My!

I haven't updated for a while. I actually went on a cruise from Dec 24th to Dec 28th, with one stop in Mexico. I would call this a questionable choice in judgement. I actually booked the cruise before I booked the surgery. I figured recouperating on the ship is just as easy as staying home. I have ready access to food 24/7, laundry services (I can send my laundry out for free, I cruise so much) and twice daily housekeeping. Can't beat that. The downside is that I was pretty sore, no pool beach activities in port, and my swelling seemed to get outragous on the sailing. One of the hardest parts of the cruise was using the bathroom. The toilet seats are super narrow and feel like sitting on a razor wire fence.

One thing that had been happening since surgery was that I got a headache, usually at night, everynight since the surgery. I thought maybe my neck was giving me a headache from being in a bad position unsupported or that my hair (I had buttock length Senegalese twists) was too heavy (although Ive had them that length for 8months). I started sleeping with a cervical support pillow, I took my hair out, I diligently performed cervical stabilization exercises and self cervical mobilization/manipulation with minimal decreases in severity of the headache. The severity of the headache progressively increased over time. For the first 7days the headache only happened at night. Then, the day after Christmas, when I was in Mexico (the one and only port of the cruise).I did a food tour around cozumel (awesome BTW) and my head started to hurt. Then it turned into a full blown migraine. Sensitivity to light, nausea, horrendus pain the whole kit and kiboodle. The migraine lasted about 10hrs. At first I thought maybe something I ate, and thats when the light bulb came on. Maybe it was all the supplements & meds that the surgeons office prescribed that gave me the headache. I was taking iron, b12, arnica, bromelain, & day/evening multivitamins plus norco. I stopped taking all of it and my headaches have not returned.

I looked more closely at the lables of the supplements, I noticed the B12 and the arnica both contain artificial sweeteners, which can cause headache and migraine. I don't use or consume any artificial sweeteners (give me cane sugar or honey please), to be safe I will leave all if it alone.

On the upside the kinesiotape worked great! The bruising got better and while the tape is on my swelling decreases! I also have less pain when taped. I wear the compression garment over the tape.
Dr. Robert Young, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I'm pleased overall. All of the staff is approachable and accessible. I contacted the staff by email, phone, and in person. I had some unusual questions about pain/edema control methods that were answered clearly and concisely.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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