34 Year Old 1 Child Having Full Abdomen, Waist, Neck and Inner Thigh...Laser Lipo – San Antonio, TX

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I have always been fairly active. I used to play...

I have always been fairly active. I used to play sports a lot when I was younger. Since getting married and having a child I've kinda let myself go. I try to get to the gym as often as I can. My usual retune is to go hard core for the first month, then I kinda putter out because I don't see any results and start to feel discouraged. So It's a vicious cycle. I've made a decision that I'm done with that and need a jump start to get my tummy tight. :) I've always had a little bulge even when I wighted 145lbs in my 20's but now I'm ready for a change. I'm 5'9" 190lbs 38 inch waist. My goal is to get down to 160lbs and 26 inch waist by August 2nd for a wedding. My surgery is this Thursday. I'll post my experience as things move forward. Wish me luck!!! I'm so nervous!!!!

The count down begins. Two days until the fats sucked out!!!

Started to take Arnica Montana. It's these little pills that look like white mints that you put under your tung to help with bruising, swelling muscle pain and stiffness. Crossing my fingers they help. :)

The night before

Bags are packed and I'm all ready to go. Starting to feel excited that I'm actually going through with this. I've waited such a long time to get something like this done. Its so awesome to think this same time tomorrow night I'll have a flat tummy. :)


Wow. Its not that painfull just every once AND a while he got really close to my rib cage and that hunt really bad. Now I feel like i a rubber ball is in my stomach and I'm really hungry and thirsty. I also had to have my husband pull over on the ride home to through up. And then when I got home it was really bad. I'm just feeling really tired and a stuffed sausage. I will actually need to go back to have them complete my sides, thighs and neck. kind of annoying but it is what it is.... Well i'm going to drink some water and go back to sleep. Peace out and thank you all for all the well wishes!! I really appreciate it. :)

Right before I went in

24 hours after

Wow... I was way out of it yesterday and probably shouldn't have written anything!! Well... my plan today is to sleep most of the day to give my body a chance to repair. Also the binder that they put on is hurting the most at the top where the elastic goes around my bra line. I have to keep pulling it up. Its pretty annoying and I dont want a line there. Also my lower abs hurt. I had a hernia repair about ten years ago down there and it feels like its popping out again. So I'm kinda concerned about that but I will give it a week to see if the numbing pain changed. I Hate being in pain!!!!

1st shower after

Omg!!! I look like I've been through hell. I really hope it starts to look better because it looks very bad right now. I see other photos of 1 day after and others just have a little bit of swelling and bruising. Mine is so bad!!!

3 days after surgery

Ok so yesterday was the hardest day. I could hardly move without taking a pain pill. I tried to switch to over the counter pain relief but I had to go back to my hard core stuff. My groin area feels like its going to pop out. I feel like the only thing holding me together is my after survey garment. I think todays going to be better I feel really good this morning. I slept pretty much the whole afternoon yesterday after my sons football game which really wore me out. I think I might go for a walk around my block this morning. I need to wash my garment so I'll take some updated photos then. I think my stomach looks like a deflated balloon.

Water, Water and more water!!!

I really want this swelling to go down so my focus over the next week at least is to drink a lot of water and cut out salt. Today is the first day I actually feel like eating. I've been on a liquid diet since Thursday. I'm planning on taking a trip to see my family in a few weeks so I really need this swelling to go down.

Three weeks post Upper and Lower abdominal Lipo. Round 2 Neck, Thighs, and waist

Well I'm pretty happy with my results but still have a lot of lower abdominal swelling and bruising. I had another round of surgeries done on Friday. Neck, waist and inner thighs. So i'm in pain.....again! My lowers back seems to be hurting a lot. I'm not sure why. I'll just be happy in two weeks so I can go back to the gym and really start working on toning. I look like I got beat up. My face is super swollen on the left side from my neck lipo and I'm just super swollen again. Still drinking lots of water to try and keep my stomach right to reduce some of the swelling faster. But with that I'm constantly having to run to the bathroom. My inner thighs look like a deflated balloon. I hope my skin tightens up over the next three months because I have a wedding I'm going to. Ugh... This was defiantly more pain than I thought it was going to be. So while in surgery when the doctor was working on my waist. It started to hurt REALLY BAD and I starting crying because he kept hitting the part he just worked on three weeks ago. Tears were coming out of my eyes. Other than that the neck part was ok and so were the inner thighs. I really hope all this pain will be worth it. My hubby says he notices a difference in my waist already even though I feel like the marshmallow man! Well....I'll post more pic's tomorrow that show my progress and let you guys be the judge.

Waist, neck and inner thighs also done on May 2; 3 weeks post op

So I waited almost three weeks to go back and have my additional problem areas taken care of. During the surgery of my waist I woke up a few times in PAIN. It hurt so bad and it still does. It feels better when I gently massage the areas and do some light stretches. Yoga really helps. I've been also been really swollen over the last few days but thats probably because I haven't been drinking enough water. I'll post more photos later.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He has 30 years of experience in plastics so I'm really hoping he will do a fabulous job!!!

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