29-year-old Having "Smartlipo" at Sono Bello in San Antonio. - San Antonio TX

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I am 6'4, 213 pounds, and built athletically with...

I am 6'4, 213 pounds, and built athletically with a spare tire. I lost nearly 100 pounds my senior year of high school and I was left with a build-up of fat, skin (the skin isn't loose fortunately) around my mid-section. I have spent years researching practical options (I even dropped to 190 but the the same mass of fat remained) and have finally settled on a permanent solution.

My procedure will be performed in two days. I will thoroughly document my progress as well as any complications. I will be sure to note fatty tissue buildup (the lump effect) and methods used to ensure a smooth and even surface.

I am a little hairy in my initial pictures....

Stay posted!

Day after my procedure

I would take pictures but I can barely stand at the moment without taking a cocktail of pain medications. I arrived at Sono Bello two hours prior to my surgery and was prompted to disrobe and wear hospital clothing in preparation for my surgery. An hour before surgery I was given a handful of medications (Xanax, pain medication, antibiotics) and then asked to wait for the meds to take effect before having the surgery performed.

10 minutes before surgery the plastic surgeon marked the areas where Smartlipo would be performed (waist and upper and lower abdomen.)

The operation itself was actually pretty quick and painless (slight discomfort when the doctor applied localized anesthetic) and in total the doctor removed about 1 1/2 pounds of fat. I wish I had a picture of the two containers that were filled. I was told the following before leaving the office: massage daily after ten days has passed, you will drain a lot of fluid over the next few days, and drink plenty of fluids.

I ended up bleeding all over my linens at home.. Even with pain medication in full effect, I feel like I am being stabbed in the stomach. I will be sure to upload pictures tonight of what I look like one day after the surgery.

Here are today's pictures

One day after surgery....
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