50 Yrs Old Upper Abs & Flanks. San Antonio, TX

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I would like to get rid of my love handles . I'm...

I would like to get rid of my love handles . I'm 5"7 157 lbs & live a healthy lifestyle, working out 3 to 4 x a week. I had a mini tummy tuck , but my upper abs now store fat. I would like to define my waistline & be able to wear crop tops. It took me 10 years to finally decide to do this for myself.

2 Days pre- op

I have my doctors appointment today for my upcoming procedure on Thursday I'm really excited to be getting it & hope that the areas being treated will be enough to give me back my small waistline.

1 Day Post

I arrived for my procedure & the nurse was very informative about what to expect . I was nervous the night before , because I had read some bad reviews about Son Bello . I researched Doctor Novick. (my assigned ), and found that he had 25 years experience, so I felt very comfortable. He was very nice & professional . I didn't experience much pain at all , About a level 3, there hasn't been much bleeding either, some last night , & none today. I will say that when the pain med. wears off , the pain level goes to about 7. I'm really pleased with how my waist & stomach look after only 1 day & would totally recommend this procedure

4 Days Post

Today I'm feeling much better , went for a walk. there are still swollen area's on my stomach , & some pain to the touch. I'm monitoring my diet to maximize my results .

Day 5

I've lost 3.5 inches from my waist , & feel wonderful

1 week update

Today was my 1 week post-op visit , & everything is healing nicely . I can start doing stomach crunches after three weeks & I've started wearing my 2nd compression garment for at least 12 hours a day . I also went to the gym today & worked out for 30min . I seem to be a bit tender, & was instructed to massage my tender area's.

1 Month Update

It's coming up on the 1 month in a couple of days , & I've been working out more . I just started back doing crunches , but still have to take it slow. I'll schedule a series of massages in the coming weeks , but I feel great !!

6 week Review

It's been 6 weeks , & I'm loving the results . I have been doing abdominal exercises 3 or 4 x a week , & doing the fast metabolism diet. I would defienatly recommend doing this procedure if you have a similar situation.

3 Month update 1 day post Venus freeze

Well it's been 3 months , & overall I'm extremely pleased with the results, I haven't been dieting like I would like , due to traveling a lot . I had my first venus procedure , & it was a bit uncomfortable . I still have intermitant pain around the lower back area , mainly when I'm laying down.

4 1/2 Month update

It's been a while since I updated , Since having my procedure , upper Abdomen, flanks , I noticed that the only area I didn't do ,( lower Abdomen) is prone to collect fat, so I've been working out with weights & eating clean ,minus Red wine ..LOL, but I haven't lost weight , but I do see a overall difference in my shape , so I'm defiantly pleased...

Finishing the Job

So it's been 8 months , since I had my first Laser Lipo procedure. I had my upper & middle abdominal region done. All of the fat that has collected in the only area left , which is the lower abdomen. I'm scheduled for the lower ab's tomorrow ..
So excited !! Pre op 1 day

1 day post

I'm really glad I did this , though I had more pain during this procedure . It was tolerable , but uncomfortable @ times , I've had some bleeding yesterday , but little to none today. I'm really sore & the pain meds are helping a lot . I can't wait to see how it looks when the swelling goes down..

2 days post w/ a before shot

I have the procedure done on Saturday this is two days later

1 Month update

My Lipo journey is done , I've completed my upper , middle & lower abdomen , & feel wonderful . I've changed my eating habits as well & incorporated daily exercise & closely monitoring my diet..
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