Infini Caution - San Antonio, TX

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I had Infini with the primary goal of skin...

I had Infini with the primary goal of skin tightening. I do not yet have wrinkles or texture issues. Unfortunately, I experienced an extreme complication that looks like raised bumps/scarring. There is no hyperpigmentation, which ironically I would prefer because at least that could be covered with makeup. It appears that too much energy was placed superficially but I do not believe that this was an error on the nurse's part. I was extremely familiar with typical settings before the procedure and the nurse verified the settings before starting every pass. The energy settings were appropriate and she did not even use the 0.5 depth. I question whether this particular machine was the issue. Either way, I wanted anyone who reads this to know going in that this severe of a complication is a possibilty. The photos do not do justice to how bad it truly looks and there is not a square inch of my face that is not affected. I do want to thank Dr. Weiner (his office did not perform the procedure) for reviewing my photos and giving me feedback. He is outstanding. Good luck, everyone :)


Currently at 3.5 weeks with no improvement. Per a doctor's recommendations, I'm using Retin-A 0.05, very mild micro needling, and Lifeline stem cell skin care. I'll update again in a week or two in case any of this helps someone else.


I'm finally starting to see some improvement in the needle marks on my face. My neck still looks about the same, but seeing the reduction in marks on my face has been encouraging.

good news

Nearly all of the post-procedure raised marks and redness have faded. It took about 7 weeks. I hope no one else experiences this, but one of the other doctors mentioned that it's a fairly common complication. If you're reading this because it happened to you, know that there is a good chance it will resolve after a couple of months. Good luck!

skin tightening update

I did get a little bit of skin tightening for those that are looking into Infini for that purpose. It was not a huge difference, but I don't know how much can be expected in one treatment. For me personally, it was not worth having very obvious marks on my face for 8-10 weeks, but maybe some would find it worth the risk. Just wanted to update with something positive.
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