34 Yr Hoping to Reduce Acne Scars and Fine Lines – San Antonio, TX

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Went in on April 5 to start a series of treatments...

Went in on April 5 to start a series of treatments to help reduce acne scars and some fine lines and wrinkles. I had ,in this exact order, Accent Laser, Microdermebrasion, Fractional CO2, followed by Q-.Switch Laser. Before the microderm I had topical numbing cream applied to my face. I applied more numbing cream, followed by several numbing shots given across my face. The numbing shots were very painful. On a scale if 1-10, the shots were like a 9-10. I was shaking like crazy afterwards. The pain from the CO2 was about a 4-5. I will say, that without the numbing shots, I don't think I could have made it through the fractional co2 laser treatment. I don't have a high pain tolerance, so maybe this is why it hurt me the way it did. I had some ice packs to hold to my cheeks afterward,band that helped. For the first hour after treatment my face had a strong burning sensation. After that, it felt like a bad sunburn. I was instructed to keep vasoline on my face at all times until all scabs fall off. I can wash my face throughout the day with distilled water.

Day 2 post laser

I had more swelling on day 2, its not bad, but for sure can tell. More tiny brown spots are appearant all over from where the laser zapped the skin. I really hate all this vasoline gunk making my face feel real greasy, but without it my face feels like dry sandpaper.

day 3

So, so my Derm today, and he said everything looks as it should. I got the okay to wash with dove sensitive skin body wash, in between putting on vasoline. I have to keep the vasoline on until these dark brown/red patches go away.

day 4

Since yesterday, my face has been itching and its driving me crazy at times! I see a lot of less dead skin today :). The mostly just have my forhead and temples that still need to shed. My right side temple area is the most red. I for sure see improvemt of my scars, but im not sure if there is still swelling. My doc did say at one month I may be dissapointed and question why I did this, but to give it time and I should see more improvement at 3-9 months....even up to a year. I go back in three more weeks for another round of Accent laser, microderm, and Q-switch laser.

Day 6

Today is day 6 post laser treatments. I just have a tad more scabs left to peel on top of my forhead area. I'm definetly seeing improvment in my skin. I was looking and comparing a close up of scars from before compared to today, and there is smoothing of them and they don't look as harsh. It looks to be about a 15% improvement as of now. I don't feel much swelling at all, so hopefully there's no swelling throwing me off.

day 7 and finally can wear makeup!

I put in some make up and I can tell how my pores look smaller and my face is smoother looking. I already see a reduction in fine lines and the 11 lines between my eyes. I've never been a patient person, so I'm hoping the results are worth the wait.

make up pics

Wearing Physicians Formula twofold free correction powder...no foundation or concealer.

Round 2!!!!!

So, I saw my doctor for a follow up and round 2 of treatments on wednesday...so, 2 days ago. What I had done: Accent laser, microderm, and ANOTHER eCO2 laser treatment. I was not expecting another co2, but my doc wanted to see more improvement. What he did was a more aggressive setting, but only on the scars...so about 3/4 of the area compared to last time. I will say that after a month from the first treatment I saw about a 10-15% improvement. What I noticed that was a huge plus, is that I could wear makeup much better, it would go on smoother and not enhance the scarring. Before, make up would just sink in deep, and actually make the scars look worse. I think this time, the areas treated are darker red and I can tell a deeper treatment was done. I go back in another 4 weeks for my last series of treatments. I do know that it takes a good 3-9 months to see the results, and I can't wait! As of now, with just what I have seen so far in skin tone and smoothness, it is worth it. Oh, I wanted to mention that in my 11 lines between my eyes, I have noticed about 50- 60% improvement from the first treatment and also big reductions in fine lines on my forehead.
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