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Hello beauties! So here's my story: I'm 54 years...

Hello beauties! So here's my story: I'm 54 years young and although I've never been overweight, I am in need of lower body lifting due to skin laxity, lumps and dimples. I tried some light lipo which made the laxity worse. Then I spent 7 grand on Cellulaze - total waste of my hard-earned money! In clothes I actually look great. I'm blessed with a nicely shaped figure. But naked...from the waist up I look taut and toned but from the waist down, total yuk! I haven't worn a swimsuit in years (which is sad since I live in Scottsdale, AZ with a lovely pool in our backyard). In dressing rooms, every time I catch a glimpse of my backside, I wince. It doesn't make me feel very sexy and I cover up in front of my husband because I'm ashamed of my deflating rear quarters.

For quite a while now, I've been interested in lower body lifting of some sort. I was reluctant because of the big, scary scars. But I've decided the trade off, in my case, will be worth it. I consulted with a local plastic surgeon who recommended a butt lift combined with a BBL. I don't have much excess meat on my slender frame, so I felt the BBL wouldn't work well for me. And the traditional butt lift won't address the laxity I have in my front thighs down to my knees. So I started researching specialists in lower body lifting and contouring and narrowed to two: Dr. Agha in Newport Beach and Dr. Fisher in San Antonio. I don't relish the idea of having such a complex procedure far from home, but I have to live with the scars forever so it's worth it to me to travel for a physician tops in this particular surgical specialty.

I had phone consults with both doctors and liked both of them very much. My positive first impression extends to their staff who are polite, professional and quick to respond. Dr. Agha is in Newport Beach which is a one hour flight from home. His Before and After pics are amazing. So are Dr. Fisher's. I think both of them are top notch. I hear good things about Dr. Katzen in Las Vegas, too, but have not consulted with him.

Dr. Agha's plan for me was a lower body lift combined with liposculpture to enhance an hourglass shape. Dr. Fisher's plan for me is an extended spiral thigh lift combined with liposculpture. So that's three different surgeons including the local doc I saw (Dr. Remus Repta), and three different recommendations! Just goes to show its worth it to consult with more than one doctor. I weighed pro's and con's and finally decided to go with Dr. Fisher. I'm planning on December 27th for my surgery date, but have to firm this up with Stephanie at Dr. Fisher's office on Monday.

I'm posting my "Before" photos and will continue to post throughout my lower-body rejuvenation journey! Stay tuned...

Spiral Thigh Lift Surgery Countdown 3 Days!

Hello Lovelies! My surgery with Dr. Fisher is this Thursday morning at 7 a.m.! I fly to San Antonio tomorrow night. Wednesday afternoon is my pre-op when I get marked up by Dr. Fisher. I'm excited to meet him in person! I'm not afraid (yet) - been too busy wrapping some things up and work since I won't be back to my office until the first week in January. My sister was supposed to accompany me and help with my aftercare, but that fell through so I am going solo! I am staying in the hospital for three nights so hopefully once I get back to my hotel I will be able to fend for myself. Wish me luck and I will be posting pics along the way!

Just had my pre-op for Spiral Thigh Lift with Dr. Fisher

Today was my pre-op appointment with Dr. Fisher - he examined me in person and marked me up for my extended spiral thigh lift surgery tomorrow morning. I've posted photos of my markings. Dr. Fisher is great! The first thing he said when he saw me was, "Wow, you look much younger than your actual age!" And then, "You're tiny - sometimes photos don't translate well." LOL so off to a good start...I mean ya gotta love a doctor who thinks you look young and thin, right?! He was candid and told me that when he performs this surgery on bariatric patients, the results are of course dramatic. In a situation like mine, where I'm not overweight and never have been, the results will be more subtle. BUT he said he can see why I want to do this and that I chose the correct procedure to address my problem areas. He also told me I have mild lipedema, which I never knew but totally makes sense...I could never figure out why my legs and knees were so thick in comparison to the rest of me, especially given that I'm a vegetarian and I exercise regularly. My half looks trim and toned but my bottom half is very dimpled and saggy-baggy, and has been, even when I was much younger. If I lose weight it only comes off my face and collarbone and makes me look gaunt. Lipedema explains why. I actually feel better knowing it's a genuine condition and not something I'm doing wrong with my diet and exercise habits. So in addition to the extended spiral thigh lift, Dr. Fisher is going to do some strategic light lipo on my knees, calves and ankles. The knees are tricky and may not improve by much. But worth a shot! I trust Dr. Fisher - you can tell he knows what he's doing when it comes to lower body work. He was very methodical and precise with his markings. When we were done he gave me a hug - very reassuring to know here's a doctor who genuinely cares.
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