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So I had my 1st ematrix yesterday and OMG! IT WAS...

So I had my 1st ematrix yesterday and OMG! IT WAS SO PAINFUL! Like more painful than childbirth! I was not offered and numbing cream. I have had 3 fraxel treatments (with numbing cream) and that was a walk in the park compared to eMatrix. When I got home yesterday, my face was on FIRE! I had to put my husbands shop fan on my kitchen table and sit in front of that for an hour! I am guessing I had level 3 treatment with 200 pulses based on the pain level. I went in wanting the VI Peel and was talked into eMatrix instead. I made the mistake of buying 3 sessions and I KNOW I will not be back for anymore. I CANT TAKE THE PAIN! Every review on here says eMatrix was "easy and didn't hurt at all" they must have done level 1 treatments with numbing cream. I am SO RED AND RAW today. I wish they had told me how much this would hurt. What should have taken 30 minutes took an hour because I had to constatnly stop. I couldnt stand it! IT WAS HORRIBLE! I have burned grid markers all over my face. It's too soon to see if it even helped at all. I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED AND WISH I HAD NEVER HAD THIS DONE.

Today was day #7 and so far, I am liking the...

Today was day #7 and so far, I am liking the results :) My face is smoother. When I was a teen I had terrible acne on my cheeks. I decided to do ematrix on my entire face for tthe first procedure.

I had my prodedure last Thursday. The pain only lasted thru Thursday evening. I woke up Friday pain-free with my skin feeling tight and itchy but nothing unbearable. I was red and pretty raw till Saturday. I kept antibiotic ointment on my face 24/7 the first 5 days. No makeup for me!

I washed my face for the first time 24 hours after the procedure with dead sea mud soap and it did WONDERS! My face began heaing really fast when I started using it twice a day. Sunday I started peeling, not much, I really noticed the peeling when I washed my face. My face felt kind of like sandpaper. Tuesday was the first day I wore makeup, I used a BB cream and it looked really good. My face looks visibly smoother. I am happier with my face after the procedure. I am looking forward to my next treatment. I will be focusing on my cheeks on my next procedures. All of the square, or grid marks, are gone as of today. My scars are still visable, but much less noticable. I took a daily pic of my face until Tuesday. My Tuesday pic shows some redness that is completely gone as of today.
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