20 Years Old, 5'1, 104 Pounds. Can't Wait for my New Booty. San Antonio, TX

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I'm 20 years old and I pretty much go to the gym...

I'm 20 years old and I pretty much go to the gym 4-5 times a week. My legs have gotten toned but my butt is pretty flat and I can't do much about it. I've always been self conscious about my body and going from 140 pounds to currently 104 I feel as if I just need some booty to be completely happy with my body:)

Nervous, I can't wait!

So I have surgery on June the 9th! I think the size that the surgeon picked was 360cc round . Intramuscular and having a bit of flank fat inhected into my booty as well. I have very little fat but you can definitely pinch it so we'll see how much he gets lol. am I the only one waiting for surgery I'm so excited! But very nervous as its my first surgery ever!

Before pictures

Here's my tiny booty :( Surgery is still scheduled for June 9!

Almost time!

9 more days til my surgery and I'm so nervous! And excited! I can't wait to see what I look like w/ my new booty!

8days until surgery!

Before :(


Surgery rescheduled for Monday at 6am :(

1 day before surgery

One last view of my small booty I'm so excited/scared for tomorrow. Staying positive :)


I'll do a more in depth surgery experience later. I had surger around 7 am today. I got a iv in and Next thing I know I'm waking up in the hotel room with a new booty. I can't really see it yet it's 10:30 pm right now and honestly I have had that much pain but then again I'm all drugged up haha. Hopefully the pain only gets better. I hate these drains too. So far so good!


Defenetly spoke too soon when I said this surgery wasn't painful. Omg this past week has been HELL. I actually don't think I would be able to do it again... But today I feel so muchhhhhh better finally! I just got out of my 1 week post op checkup and everything seems to be healing normal. Drains will still be in for about another week wich sucks but I'm praying everything continues to improve. By the way I did get a little Lipo from my flanks but I actually don't notice it that much maybe cus I'm still swollen but that I don't really feel. Will definitely add some pictures later also my booty looks natural it's not too huge which is a good thing since I'm pretty small to begin with:) walking like a penguin haha

Day 6 post op picture

this is a picture of my booty on day 6 post op but right now it's much better and less swollen I'll post a current picture later:) also pain getting much better I only take a pain killer twice a day now. I CANT WAIT TO GET THESE DRAINS OFF tho

Picture didn't post




So I'm kind of freaking out atm suddletly I started feeling my left implant kind of heavy and a bit sore and I'm just laying down it's also lower than the right but I figured that just one dropped a lot faster especially since it's not swollen like the other one and just has been healing a lot faster than the other. Im praying it doesn't drop further down and this sensation goes away I have my secon post opp appointment in 2 days. Pray for me guys!


Totally regretting this whole thing right now!! I feel so depressed when i reach for my toes even just a little I can totally see the outline of the implants! I feel horrible! Wish I had never done this! :'( I feel as if I've ruined my body. I don't know what do to do or think


Last Wednesday I had an appointment where the glue was wiped off and an opening was exposed. Ps stitched me up again from the little opening but it opened up again now I go back in on Tuesday. Most probably I will be stitched again I'm so scared. The white stuff is an ointment he prescribed


Feeling extremely depressed. I don't see progress. One cheek is also much Perkier. Visiting ps tomorrow.


I got restitched today pretty tight hopefully this time it won't open again! Praying praying praying. Also I feel like after this heals up I'll look at life in a whole other prospective. Every day simple things I use to do I took for granted since I can't do much atm. I can't wait to be all healed up. positive thinking

Positive Update!

So I'm finally growing to love my booty a little bit more thank god! The temporary outlines you see are from the pressure the garment gives me so disregard. I stuff all those cotton pads so that it won't irritate my stitches! I hope they heel up this time! I've been eating so much and taking 3 protein shakes and vitamins so that I heel faster! Because I'm liking it what so you all think!


Still eating like crazy in order to heal. Stitches are still in where the dehiscence happened. They come out this Friday hopefully it's all closed up. I'm still not sitting which is so Annoying:(. Walking a little funny but slowly getting better also when I pick up my legs for example to go up the Stairs I feel my upper back leg muscles stretching and it aches a bit I can only pick it up to a certain point is anyone having this problem ? I hope it's just my muscles stretching because of the implant or something like that


This is how my left incision looks like right now. Slowly closing. The white stuff is an ointment. My right indecision is perfectly closed

Almost 6 weeks post op

So walking is becoming easier. I started trying to sit 2 days ago and I can't for more than about 5 minutes. It's so uncomfortable! And kinda painful Even with a Bobby pillow. I hope this gets better! Ps said I could begin to exercise 2 weeks from now but we'll see because rn i can't even sit:(. I really hope I can go back to sitting and exercising soon because I am pretty satisfied with the look

2 months

Walking has gotten easier but it's still uncomfortable and sometimes after a while it can be a little painful. I can't sit for more than like 20 minutes even on a Bobby pillow I don't sit on my butt I sit on the back of legs and it still hurts after a while. I noticed on days when I'm active the next day I'll be in pain or really sore. I get little shocks that go down my legs or little aches on my butt. I'm hoping this is all normal at only 2 months. I do still feel like my left implant sits lower and is visible if I pay close attention. I told my bestfriend to look at my butt and at first glance she said it looked normal but as soon as I told her about the left one she noticed the difference right away. What bothers me the most is that I feel it poking the back of my leg when I'm standing up straight and even more as I'm walking. It's really stressing me out. This is such a LONG PROCESS!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

The doctor seemed pretty friendly and confident but I've only seen him once so I'm curious to see how it goes from here on out.

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