Butt Implants! - San Antonio, TX

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I had a BBL with fat transfer in December 2012...

I had a BBL with fat transfer in December 2012 which looked good at first but after I started back working out, all the fat disappeared. I have always had a little in that department (butt) and has always desired a larger and rounder one. I plan on getting butt implants in December of this year. I just set up my appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jeneby. Hopefully I will finally get the results that I desire that will last long term. If anyone has had butt implants with Dr. Jeneby please give me a little information on your experience. I'm excited about finally getting a bigger and rounder bottom!!

Butt Implants

I also scheduled a consultation with Dr. Driscoll in Austin. Austin is the furthest I will travel due to post-op appts.

1st consultation

I had my first consultation today with Dr.Peter Driscoll. It went pretty well! He explained alot of the procedure including the history. I really like how he took a pic (back view) and explained how he plans to give me the results I want. I also looked at the implants he uses he explained how and why they are used so I feel a bit more educated on the procedure. I was quoted $10,000 for the implants and lipo of the back. I still plan on getting my consult with Dr Jeneby just to weigh my options.

Dr Cortes

OMG!! I have been researching this procedure everyday and I'm quite sure that I will have my butt implants w liposuction done by Dr Cortes!! From the reviews to the pictures....he is the man! I really didn't want to travel further than an hour but I do want my procedure done by someone who does butt implants on a regular basis. Judging from his reviews and pictures, he has a lot of experience on butt augmentation. I scheduled a consultation for July 21 with him. I also cx my consult with Dr Jeneby because it seems as if he hasn't done many butt implants. I figured if I'm going to pay at least $10,000 then I want it done by the best.

Consultation w/ Dr Cortes

Hello bootiful dolls!! I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes on Monday July 21st and it went very well. He and his staff was very friendly and answered my questions in detail. I looked at the implant sizes and he recommended the 490cc so I'm quite sure I will get the projection that I'm looking for. He also recommended lipo of the upper torso (arms, stomach, flanks, upper and lower back) to get fat as a filler around the implants. The total cost will be $13, 178....$9,620 for the procedure & product fees and $3, 558 for hospital fees, anesthesia and pain. It's pretty expensive but I don't feel bargaining for this type of surgery is a good thing. I want it done by the best and I do feel that Dr. Cortes is the best!! I scheduled my date for December 16th. I plan to take 3 weeks off to allow myself time to heal to a point where I can actually go back to work. I'm so excited and ready to see my results!! December can't get here fast enough.
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