7 weeks post-op and healing poorly

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I'm a 40 year old mom with a saggy 36C. Much of my...

I'm a 40 year old mom with a saggy 36C. Much of my life I was a small B. As I've gained weight over the years I've become an even more saggy C. I'm finally in a position that I can afford getting a couple of surgeries :) I will be posting under tummy tuck as well.

I wanted to add to my initial review. I am hoping...

I wanted to add to my initial review. I am hoping to be no less than a DD cup but not alot over that. I so wish we could pick a size instead of choosing cc's method. I was thinking of getting 550 cc but after researching more it sounds like 550 would be way to much considering I'm a small C to begin with. I made a 2nd. appointment to meet with the Dr. to discuss sizing again. This time I'm bringing pictures for sure. I wish I had thought of that in the beginning.

This Thursday is my pre-op appointment :)

I'm excited yet nervous for these surgeries. I want to do all the recoveries at once but hoping I am not making a mistake by combining a tummy tuck with lipo with my lift and augmentation. Has anyone on here done both at once?

Pre-op went good. I'm not looking forward to the...

Pre-op went good. I'm not looking forward to the 10 days of shots my husband will be giving me. I'm also not looking forward to 2 weeks of sponge baths I have to take instead of a shower. Dr. Says its because of the abdominal stitches. I'm going to feel miserable those 2 weeks. On the positive side they said they would loan me a walker.

A bit more on my pre-op. The surgeon is having me...

A bit more on my pre-op. The surgeon is having me start Trental 3 weeks prior to the surgery. I am under the care of a cardiologist for a high heart rate so maybe that is why. I began an antibiotic pill called Duricef the night before surgery. I have an injection for at home for 10 days starting the night before surgery. I believe it's also an antibiotic. I have silvadene cream prescription cream for post op. I also have Valium and Vicodin for post-op. he's having me take vitamin C and Zinc starting now. I was told to quit my fish oil supplement as it has blood thinning properties.

I will be staying overnight.

I'm working hard on quitting smoking. I must be stopped no later than 2 weeks before surgery.

Well I seen the Dr. Again today to go over sizing...

Well I seen the Dr. Again today to go over sizing once more. I decided on 550 high profile. The Dr. Said he can overfill up to 660 to match the pictures I brought in for him to see. I'm relieved that I finally settled on a size.

I'm down to 4 cigarettes a day. Tomorrow I will shoot for 3. Saturday I start my circulation pills so I really would like to be stopped by then. I want to be stopped 3 weeks prior to surgery even though 2 weeks in advance is mandatory. It's not been easy. I'm confident I will be done soon.

I had my last cigarette Saturday. We crushed the...

I had my last cigarette Saturday. We crushed the rest of what we had. It was tough yesterday and also so far today. Gotta do what I gotta do though. I know I won't slip because I can't for the sake of my surgery and my bodies overall health. It feels good to say I finally quit :)

My Dr. doesn't use compression garments. I didn't...

My Dr. doesn't use compression garments. I didn't realize so many Drs. do use them otherwise I would have asked at pre-op why he does not. I believe my surgeon to be excellent according to word of mouth, reviews, and his credentials. I've read many complaints from ladies about the CG's that maybe I should be happy to not be using one.

Is anybody else not going to be using one?

I decided to go ahead and add 2 before photos. Ugh...

I decided to go ahead and add 2 before photos. Ugh that was tough. I took a few more but am not comfortable adding them yet. My side view is horrible compared to some of you lovely ladies pre-op pics.

I have 11 days left come tomorrow. I wish these days would fly since I'm super anxious.

Tomorrow is the big day :) I'm so anxious that I...

Tomorrow is the big day :) I'm so anxious that I doubt I will be able to sleep much tonight.

Finally the day is here. I'm excited yet nervous...

Finally the day is here. I'm excited yet nervous as well. I wasn't really nervous till now. Surgery starts at 7:30 Central time. Good luck to others having their procedures today. Also happy healing to everyone else.

Thanks for all the prayers . I feel terrible....

Thanks for all the prayers . I feel terrible. Alls what I can imagine is the amount taken out me.i keep telling myself the pain isnt bad.the pain is horrible for me.dont be worried ladies because I've I've read some reviews that made me feel better. Sorry if this doesnt mark slot of sense. It's hard to even type on my iPad.

Did my first post-op today.

Did my first post-op today.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I've been...

Thank you for all the well wishes. I've been having a horrible recovery. 3 nights post-op I wound up being admitted to the hospital for a nasty case of pneumonia. I think I got it sooner but was blaming it on the bandages being tight. Today is the first day I can get out of my lazy boy alone. It's been a slow recovery. I seen the Dr. For my 2nd post op today (missed 1 while being admitted to hospital). Dr. said everything looks perfect. Unfortunately I have to keep my drains in 2 more weeks. That means 25 days without a full shower. It's terrible enen though my husband is washing me and my hair all the time.

As for results I honestly haven't even looked. I've been in so much pain that I don't want to possibly be disappointed then become depressed. I can say I wish I went an implant size smaller. I gave the Dr. a pic of what I wanted so it is my fault. I got what I thought I wanted. They feel huge. I wasn't able to fit my post-op surgery shirt. Ive had to wear my husbands. The good news is the swelling seems to be going down.

I hope this update makes sense. I'm still on full doses of narcotics and am not fully "there" yet.

One more update my bladder quit functioning proper...

One more update my bladder quit functioning proper while inpatient. I have a lovely catheter attached to my leg. I see urology this coming Thursday the 26th.

One more update today. When I got to the hospital...

One more update today. When I got to the hospital my O2 saturation in my blood was only 84%. That explains the tinge of blue to my lips. Never had I been so scared. All I can think is my asthma wasn't as well controlled as my Drs. Thought. Also that 10 hours under was just to much for me not being in the greatest of health anyway. To the ladies with speedy recoveries I am so envious. For the rest you ladies are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Ty all for the continued prayers and support. It...

Ty all for the continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me. It's wonderful having a group of people who care and understand.

I still haven't looked at my belly. I looked at my breasts with small bandages in place. I really wish the Dr. went with 550 cc. or even 500 cc. I asked and he filled one to 650. Forget about the other amount. I feel like nothing but a giant boob ;(. I did ask for big and I got it alright.

I have gotten quite depressed. I can't look at my full body yet. I have no clue when I will look. Im pretty sure I'm quite abnormal here. Oh well. My husband thinks I will be happy with the results so that's great. The pants I wear out of the house fit like they did pre-op. that scares me. I would hate to think that all this money for the tummy tuck portion and the pain went to very little. Has anyone had the issue of not noticing a change in yoga pants fit?

My Dr. doesnt use compression garments. He explained the reason and it made sense to me. To bad I can't remember the reason. It was the morning of surgery that I asked. I wonder if that has to do with any of my pain. What do you guys think?

I'm still unable to take care of all personal bathroom needs. (tmi sorry). I know my husband doesn't mind but I sure mind. I did get my catheter out 4 days ago. That's a big relief. The medical girl said she has heard excellent things about my Dr. Which made me feel real good :)

I ventured out 2 days ago and wound up needing a wheelchair about 20 minutes after waiting at best buy mobile phone counter. I was embarrassed but oh well. Today I'm going to venture for a very quick trip to Walmart. I know I'm going to use an electric cart already. I am walking a lot around the house but I know Walmart will be a lot because the walks to the Drs. offices have been a bit to much still. Has anyone else had this problem or read about others with this problem?

I'm due to get my drains out Tuesday August 7th. That is 6 days shy of 1 month. I feel so disgusting not having a shower all this time. My husband is still sponge bathing me. I can do most of it but he wants to help and I appreciate it so much.

I am curious about drain removal. I've read from some that it hurts. Will I require a couple stitches to close up the holes. My Dr. seems to be very frugal about using meds. Did anyone need any numbing agents to remove tubes? I'm most concerned about needing a stitch or two witching nothing. I am praying I will just need a steri strip or whatever. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts, ideas, experience I would love to hear what you think or know. Thanks again for everything ladies :)

Ladies please don't worry that your experience will be anything like mine. I have read so many positives here that I truly think I just wasn't very healthy going into this big of a surgery all at once.

Hi everyone. I just started feeling pretty good a...

Hi everyone. I just started feeling pretty good a couple of days ago. I finally got my drains removed today. It did sting but i took 2 percoset prior to my appointment at the suggestion of another on here. I'm so glad I can finally shower. I finally looked at my stomach not long ago. I bought a new shirt in a size medium. It felt so good after wearing XL for awhile. I still can't wear a bra for roughly 3 more weeks. I did try one on with bandages the other day. Sadly I can't fit a 38 DD. I was a 36 C pre-op. the Dr. said it would be about 6 months till I'm at my accurate size. The other good news is I'm back to sleeping in my bed. I'm able to sleep on 1 side. I long for the day I can go back to sleeping on my stomach. My next post-op appointment is next Tuesday.

I can finally say that I'm so happy that I had this mommy makeover.

Thank you all for the kind supportive words. It means more than I can say.

I went to Target the other day and was able to buy...

I went to Target the other day and was able to buy a medium size shirt. Prior to surgery I was wearing a lot of XL or somes XXL to try and hide my fat rolls. It felt amazing to buy that much smaller a size. The shirt was loose enough fitting to wear over what I call my monstrous boobs. I tried on a DD bra with thin bandages in place. Bra was to small. I really hope enough swelling goes down to be a DD. I really wish I had gone lower in the CC's. I didn't want to be one saying I wish I had gone larger. I now think I would rather that have been the situation.

Just realized I posted basically the same review...

Just realized I posted basically the same review twice. I'm so forgetful :(. Nothing new to really report other than my showers have been amazing. I'm getting a spa pedicure this morning because my feet got trashed wear the circulation hose up until 2 days ago.

Wishing everyone luck in upcoming surgeries and speedy recoveries to everyone else.

Seen the Dr. again yesterday. I've been going...

Seen the Dr. again yesterday. I've been going weekly. My left nipple is healing poorly. The Dr. said it may take a few months to heal. It's still leaking and sticking to the gauze. The Dr. said I will need scar revision surgery at which he will do at about the year mark. It's so disgusting to me that I won't look at it. My husband told me its best to wait for now.

I did try on bras yesterday of course with gauze in place. I fit a 38 DDD. 40 DD is a close fit on some of the bigger running bras. I'm finally happy with my boob size. I still need to go to some more stores to see if I can find pretty bras with support. The nurse told me Victoria Secret bras tend to run on the larger size. I haven't been there yet.

I'm very happy with my tummy tuck. I was able to find another super cute shirt in a size medium. Surprisingly it looks really good and fits my boobs well. I need to try on a smaller pant size yet because my current ones are running looser than before. Yay.

My husband got orders to Korea for a year starting in November. I really hope my left nipple is healed by then because as I said I can't look at it because it's depressing and currently gross.

I hope everyone is doing well.mthank you for all the support.

My left nipple is healing very poorly. It's open...

My left nipple is healing very poorly. It's open in 2 spots. It's still leaking a lot. I went to my dermatologist for a follow up for an entirely different reason. She prescribed 2 different ointments pending what surgeon says. He agreed its ok to try which I will start today. The dermatologist also did a swab and detected a fungal infection that the surgeon has now treated. Thank God I showed my nipple to the derm.

The surgeon said he may stitch it up before my husband leaves for Korea in less than 2 months. I am still looking at scar revision somewhere around the year mark give or take.

The nipple is gross to the point I'm still not looking at it. My husband is caring for it.
I sure hope the Dr. Closes it before my husband leaves.

My nipple burns a lot of the time which is uncomfortable.

I'm ready to heal. It's been 7 weeks already and very frustrating.

The positive news is that I can fit in most DD bras. That's the size I wanted. I'm so thankful they went down. I wasn't happy when I was a DDD. I'm happy the Dr. Went with the large CC amount.
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