Boobs and Belly Button Seek Divorce - Post MWL - Dr. Peter Fisher (Esq.)

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Through VSG, therapy, diet and exercise I have...

Through VSG, therapy, diet and exercise I have managed to lose ~215 lbs. Of course, with this amount of weight loss on my resume, this left me looking like a deflated mess that nothing but surgery will fix. There is rib cage and skin where the tops of my boobs should be and my nipples seem to be diligently looking for a quarter on the floor.

December 27th 2013, Dr. Fisher performed a Lower Body Lift, Brachioplasty, and Whole leg liposuction (in part as a staging for the thigh lift). You can see my review and more pictures of my surgery by clicking here.

I live in Atlanta GA but chose a doctor in San Antonio because he was the absolute BEST for what I wanted done and a specialist in MWL patients. I will be in San Antonio from July 27th - August 22nd - staying at a Homewood Suites Extended Stay hotel. Hubby will be here taking care of me for the duration. I count myself as very lucky that he works from home and we can afford for him to be here with me for the entire duration of the recovery.

On July 29th, (yes Tomorrow!) I am going for my 2nd round of surgery - having several different procedures performed in one 10 hour operative setting:
• Thigh Lift (Long + Spiral + Calf Skin excision), click here to read my review.
• BA/BL - Anchor Incision or Lollipop (will be decided interoperatively)
• Bletheroplasty (Eye-Lift) - upper and lower lids
• Minor revisions to Arm lift (little sag on the left near the elbow, little more skin off of the right)
• May have one hip re-pulled a bit tighter - lateral thigh (this tissue naturally relaxes after LBL, especially with the compromised post massive weigh loss skin quality!)

The BA/BL, in many ways, is the one procedure I am/have been least concerned about as it is more “routine” than the other corrections (yes I am still MWL and have MWL breast laxity - but seriously this is the easy stuff compared to LBL and thigh lift). During today’s markup, Dr. Fisher informed me t that the implant size he chose was 400cc and 425cc - no clue of profile, but assuming HP. This was **larger** than what we had last talked about…so a little nervous but choosing to trust hin. During the consult I displayed for him my “wish pics”, so he knows the look I am after…

But Honestly? I will mostly I will be happy if my breasts are **not** half way to my belly button as they are currently reside….Seriously not too picky on the boobs beyond this point (maybe I am nuts…but I am just not too concerned….). I trust Dr. Fisher to the point that he will do the best job possible given the confines of my preexisting laxity and anatomy. I trust him to know what would be aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

Other interesting conversations with Dr. Fisher have been around my chest wall and BWD - I have wide-spaced breasts (affectionately coined “East - Westers” by my girl redwinelover ;-) ) - My chest is somewhat convex and my sternum not entirely symmetrical (right side is pushed out more)…

Part of the point of this is that I can select “wish pics”, but at the end of the day, there are serious constraints to the “look” I can actually achieve. I have always felt Dr. Fisher has been “prescriptive” on the Boob Front… but I guess I do not mind as I trust him.

Wish Pics: I was “guilted” (or maybe “guilted” myself) into going through the motions of this exercise by the BA/BL forum folks -( “you HAVE to HAVE wish pics!”)…but to tell the truth I always felt a little silly doing it…like I am going to take a picture of some 20 something year olds boobs who has never been obese (or even has implants) and realistically expect a surgeon to be able to add those babies to my wide-spaced 43 year old MWL chest? Seriously…. felt sort of idiotic. BUUUUUUT…during that exercise I did fall in absolute infatuation with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Emily Rajakowski’s breasts….so if PS really WERE magician and DID have wands….(or maybe came from magic lamps)….oh well I guess this is why they are called “wish pics”….interested to hear who ya’ll think has the most perfect breasts? The” if I could have anyones” wish.

My RS buds AZdee and RedWineLover have both stated that I have no idea how getting boobs will change me - and indeed I don’t - I don’t have a “boobie vision” right now really. I certainly had no idea how much the 1st round plastics (Brachio/LBL/Liposuction) would change me, but it certainly did….

So…tomorrow is the big day! And by the time you read this I may actually have boobs!! ….and new thighs…and new eyelids….whew! makes me tired..... and I get to sleep through it all!

Keep you posted with updates

Boobie pics - Two days post op

Getting released from hospital today....doing amazingly well...feeling great two days post op! Thighs and boobs are looking good! Will post more details when I have a real laptop and less drug induced brain fog ;-)

Three Days Post Op - Not sure how i feel??

Examining the snaps i took today at docs office during bandage changes. I always targeted BA/BL simply because the alternative - lift only - i knew would NOT leave me happy with the shape of my breasts. Do i identify these as my breasts yet? I do is weird to see something on your chest and not quite recognize your own body. I **think** i will be happy with how they look eventually, and technically constitute a good result, but for now? They just look weird - like someone drew breasts on my body (almost like drawing the classic mustache on someones facial photo)...definitely going some body dysmorphia! Any thoughts my RS sisters?

7 Days PostOp Update - Boobie Edition

Please click to see my more extensive review updates on the thigh lift And body lift:

Sooo onto the boobs! They are doing fine. I think they look better than I anticipated they would at this stage. I am still not **used** to them - they have yet to feel like “mine.” Everyone assures me that they do not look too large but look “balanced” on my body. My hips are (when not swollen) 39” - so with a 34” band, I assume the “balance” for the hourglass would be a DD cup. I am pretty sure I will get used to them and probably even grow to love them. I totally like them….a lot even…and I know it is an excellent job given my chest landscape….they just look foreign to me right now….I am a bit shocked every time I walk past a mirror.

I tried on some dresses and holy guacamole, I really do fill up the bust of a dress way better than I used to.

Notes from Surgery: My boobs also terrorized Dr. Fisher a good deal, apparently, and took longer than anticipated. I have a “convex” chest with the right side (sternum??) protruding further than the left. Apparently I am more “lax” in the chest than he anticipated (not sure why with 215 lb weight loss and the legs this surprised him, but apparently it did.
Dr. Peter Fisher

Dr. Fisher is simply "the best" when it comes to MWL plastics! My breasts were extremely disfigured and very lax. In addition i have very wide spaced breasts and a convex chest which is sloped differently on each side! Not the ideal landscape for sure...Loving the new breasts and he absolutely does some of the most beautiful symmetrical lifts I have ever seen. Given my existing chest, my new breasts look absolutely specular & i could not be happier!

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