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Hi ladies! Well, to start off, I had my breast...

Hi ladies!

Well, to start off, I had my breast implants done exactly 2 /12 years ago to this date. I just had my breast lift surgery this morning! 11am to be exact! I didn't fully wake up until around 3. I was in a lot of pain when I initially woke up, much different pain than when I got my implant. With my implants, the pain was comparable to being sore after a hard chest workout, but this is more of a burning pain around my incisions. I took a long nap and woke up about 30 minutes ago. I don't feel as dizzy and the pain is a lot more tolerable now. My biggest problem now is how dry my mouth is. I have been trying to eat since I returned home but my mouth is so incredibly dry it's virtually impossible. I have yet to take a peek in my compression bra yet. My post-op is Monday. I will update some pictures later. Feel free to ask me any questions! These reviews always help me so I hope mine will help you!

5am first night

quick update. been sleeping all day so i'm up right now almost wide awake. i woke up with virtually 0 pain, maybe a 1 out of 10, mouth still super dry. so far all i've eaten is part of a sandwich and some ice cream, which was the easiest to eat. I've been drinking tons of water and gatorade so I'm hoping I'll be able to return to regular food later on today. I've also been consistently taking my meds in order to stay asleep. I have a feeling I'll just switch to ibuprofen tomorrow since the pain isn't that bad. I've had to be getting up a a LOT to pee but sitting up or doing much of anything really isn't a challenge, i'm guessing because my implants aren't new. My boobs are swollen and kind of high as if I did just get implants though. I'll update some pictures when I take my first shower later, as well as my before pic which I've been reluctant to share. Night!

before/ day 1 post op pics

Just took my first shower after surgery. wasn't bad. putting the bra back on wasn't fun but besides that everything seems okay. the pain is still minor. since my surgery was on friday my first dr appointment won't be until monday, but he has called me to check on me! The before pics were a few days before sugery. My implants are 2 ½ years old.

forgot to add pics

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