Time for a Little Enhancment...San Antonio, TX

I am a transgender woman I've been on hormones for...

I am a transgender woman I've been on hormones for 8 years I'm so excited to finally have earned an saved the money for this procedure I am so excited I have to say again I will be getting 550cc transaxillary submuscular saline implants 5 days away, my boyfriend of 5 years is as excited as I am my mom is amazed to see the day it's almost here I will be posting post op an sharing my experience with my BA!!!

Easter Sunday

So my man an I have prepped grocery shopping, washed laundry it's Easter Sunday Easter egg hunt for the little ones. Happy Easter y'all 48 hour till surgery day tomorrow my nurse will call to tell my surgery time for Tuesday an as excited as I am it is a moment in time that will mark my final steps to fully transition I have lived as a girl for 23 years yes girl I am 28 ive been fortunate to have a supportive mom she has let me express my self an always told me what ever makes you happy she has been more excited for this moment then me I love her sooo much! It is crazy I am nervous but happy nervous I will post pre-op before I have my girls much love thanks for the support ladies I have found comfort in having y'all post to my booby blog muah

Big Day

So I slept really good Jacob took the day off to take me to the most happiest day of my life or one of the moments moms ready we read!!!

Heres a little update

So had surgery at 930am was out by 1 made it home I can breath it isn't as painful I was mentally prepared for the good the bad it's "all good" a quote I always love to say so here's the new me

I Did It

Dr Gary Lawton is amazing he made me,feel fabulous during consult, to the surgery day amazing doctor, I have been on hormones for 8 years is it not need a,letter of referral he new I am a woman with my life as,living full time, I felt respect from day one.I will never forget the day we met in December of 2013 to now I knew he would be my plastic surgeon love to him, the staff!

Day 2 post-op

I'm be checking in this afternoon with Dr. Lawaton 230 I'm feeling pretty fabulous not to much nausea I'll be able to see them today f or the first time slept pretty good set alarms to take pain meds every 5 hours I'm so happy words can not describe ...

Its been a fabulous day

So went to My follow up had me my wrap taken off an I love to see me girls an a week I'll go back to learn massages and the drop an fluff babe-bay it is surreal that this happened still smiling from ear to ear

Day 4

Day 4 healing fabulous It's all been a dream to be careful with myself my boobs are here I will tell anyone what my aunty an lol cousin told me beauty takes pain since I was 3-5 always said
I'm a girl my dad would an did try to conveinve me otherwise but by 9 he left he had addiction problems cocaine an woman cheatin on my mom... The day she started living i began to live a
She always told,me whatever makes you happy we were so crying when I can out is d
Surgery all smiling she new this was the happiest moments or
One of them it's like a dream love ya 'll look at my girls

my boobs

Yes, yes, yes my girls are so Fabulous it's Monday 6 days post op, pain for going from a AA to a full D has been tolerable the doctor an RN told me to wear no bra an each day they seem to just become more relaxed every shirt I put on babes like damn ya look so good I love him I love my boobs so Wednesday will be a,week the day they took of my bandages they'll take off the sutures, I've showered being gentle dressing is easy just so happy Gary Lawton is amazing. He couldn't believe I was so happy day 1 post op everyone be happy life is to short being a Texas girl it was hard for me to keep my clothes,on with Texas's hot as weather I will try not to show to much side boob or my boobs in general butt no promises lol

I week post op Dr Gary Lawton

He's so amazing I just can't stop gloatong learned,massages girl I can finall play with the it's so natural they feel like I've always had them but having them makes me feel so complete next my pu@$#/ babe-bay just updating for me peeps love y'all

2 weeks post op hairstylist

Motion picture
Took a month off to recover I'm a cosmetologist just to be safe here's my fabulous girl if ya consult for breast argumentation always do your research I love Dr. Gary Lawton!!!!

One month post op

My first Bra!!!! Just Fabulous I know I'm still settling into my new boobs but I will want to go bigger in the future... But for real though

5 months anniversary

It is still unbelievable to have accomplished life's fabulous journey I am 5 months postop I love my girls I do think I will go a little bit bigger in a couple of years

Dreams come true but may be its too good to be...

So I'm about 6 months post op I do love my boobs my whole life I have been flat so I've been content but the more I wake up everyday I regret my BA I wouldn't have these thoughts if my breast would be closer an not under my armpits .my own complications my caretaker left me unattended the first 5 days after surgery so I caused CC in my right breast but I had to eat wipe ect. Money I worked hard for, to come back to square one, not wanting breast but fix my BA I have never had it easy I shouldn't have thought anything would be easy we live an learn but I am unhappy

Too Far Apart

I initially loved the fact I had breast augmentation just finally
having boobs but for 6000 I should have the most beautiful outcome to
have boobs that are too far apart an I left my review to find the doctor
totally wiped out the last review just yesterday I am reluctant to
speak up because I just went in showing pictures an of course I could go
bigger to be closer but if rather have the same size wider base an less
projection I am at a loss for words with how I speak up an they shut
you down

7 months post op

Here is a few pictures I am of sound body an mind with no shame to always be an advocate to live an be in your own skin love ya self live an learn love me


I am pleased to say with communication comes understanding my goals are as strong an fulfilled I will be having a consult with Dr. Lawton10-28-16 I meant everything about finding the most professional, compassionate, an above all else respectful staff an Doctor. I do believe he is an amazing plastic surgeon he has given me,everything I wanted an is willing to create my image of my breast he is attaintaive to make sure I am happy as a client an a staple to his work

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

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