Breast Augmentation & Hematoma - San Antonio, TX

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I am 4 days out!! Thursday is the big day. Trans...

I am 4 days out!! Thursday is the big day. Trans axillary, 450cc saline is what we decided at my post op. I'm currently a 34B and expecting to be around a D. I've been watching videos so I know what to expect on the day of. Tried looking for low suppression sports bras today but they were all ugly! :( Hopefully I can wear pretty bras sooner rather than later.

Hematoma drainage, 4 days post op.

BA recovery was going just fine. On the 4th night I started getting a terrible pain in my left breast. It felt like a muscle cramp that would not stop tightening. It was so swollen, I could see my muscle through my skin. I called my surgeon and he told me he'd want to see me the following morning. I woke up with a horrible black and purple bruise covering part of my upper left breast and going up to my armpit, which is where I had my incision. I was soooo bummed!!!! Dr took one look and said it was a hematoma so he had me return the following day to drain it. The procedure went well, I woke up from it better than I did from the BA. I'm not as nauseous. My breast already looks so much better and I'm so excited about that! Dr said he removed 250cc of old blood which seems like a lot to me considering I had 460cc in that breast. I have a stupid drain I will be wearing for the next week and will have to continue to drain, but I'm thrilled I'm ok and I'll be back on the road to recovery in no time!

Hematoma + Drain = No Fun

Here's the pic of my little drain I had to keep in for about a week after the drainage procedure. Removing it was a little painful. So glad I'm done with this dreaded thing!

5 weeks post op BA - 450 saline unders

Went out over the weekend with friends and decided to let the girls out.

1 year post BA & hematoma

Despite all of the pain and trouble I experienced, they're looking great! I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!!
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